South Park

Season 1 Episode 7

Pink Eye

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 1997 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

The first Halloween episode starts off with the failure of the Mir Space Station, which crashes right on Kenny. An ambulance comes and takes his body off to the morgue. The boys start to brag about their Halloween costumes. At the morgue, a freak accident involving a bottle of Worcestershire occurs, and next thing you know Kenny is a member of the undead. Kenny breaks free and wanders off into the night.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Kenny turns into a zombie and turns most people into one

    The first Halloween episode starts off with the failure of the Mir Space Station, which crashes right on Kenny. An ambulance comes and takes his body off to the morgue. The boys start to brag about their Halloween costumes. At the morgue, a freak accident involving a bottle of Worcestershire occurs, and next thing you know Kenny is a member of the undead. Kenny breaks free and wanders off into the night. This episode was ok but not much that much funny moment. It was funny but strange to see Kenny get killed by a space station very quickly at the beginning. Kenny biting the scientist was very funny. Everyone as Chewaba was very funny as well. Two scientist coming as zombie was super funny. I laughed at the part when Stan and Kyle found Cartman's mom on the cover of the W*** Magazine. Last, the ending was funny. Overall, this episode was just okay, but it was often boring. 6/10moreless
  • good

    In the first Halloween episode of south Park, Kenny becomes a member of the undead, and soon others do too. The only way to stop the undead is to kill the person who started all this; Kenny. Will Stan, Kyle and Cartman be able to stop the undead in South park, or is this the end?

    I generally like Halloween episodes of shows, but to be honest this one bored me a little. Not really anything real funny and the plot did not interest me a lot. Because of all of this my final grade for this episode is a Cmoreless
  • Not my favourite of Season 1, but fairly solid.

    This episode has an excellent storyline, but not as many hilarious quotes as other season 1 episodes. The storyline is the most obvious ob all the season 1 episodes, being that the story isn't sidetracked by conversations and interaction, which can be a good thing, but can also be a bad thing. For me it was so-so. The fact that it was the first South Park halloween episode might be the reason I am being so lenient, but I sincerely that there are a fair few season 1 episodes that are better than this. Probably only did it because it was the season, so I'll let it go.moreless
  • Another dramatic South Park episode.

    This episode, along with a "Pig Makes Love to a Elephant" are episodes that have plots that are imaginable and good.

    This episode had full drama, the zombies attacking, the boys trying to defend the town and themselfs. Fantastic.

    It had great humor, it was pure excellance.

    The look on the character's costume suit is amazing. For a show like South Park to have "less" graphics. It was amazing how they pulled this stunt of.

    This also had plenty of gore. Which many past South Park episodes did not have. Many people like gore.

    It also had the brilliance of Chef's singing skills. That added the comedy and drama.

    In the end, this episode was a great one. It had everything, even romance put into it. Its a fantastic episode.

    The reason why I gave it a 9.3 is for one reason. I did not like the scenes with the class. It bored me quite frankly.moreless

    I'm gonna be honest with ya, season one of South Park is not my favorite season, but, I love Pink Eye. I love it because it's a halloween episode and because it has Zombies!! Kenny is going around biting random people and turning them into zombies, while Chef and the kids try to stop everything thats going on. I loved the Thriller spoof at the end. I thought it was funny how all they had to do was kill the original zombie which was Kenny, and they go and kill a bunch of citizens. One of the strongest episodes from season one by far. I give it a 9/10.moreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Mary Kay Bergman

Mary Kay Bergman

Voice of Wendy Testaburger; Liane Cartman; Sheila Broflovski; Sharon Marsh; Mrs. McKormick; Mayor McDaniels; Ms. Crabtree; Princ

Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes

Voice of Jerome "Chef" McElroy

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (31)

    • This is the first time Bebe and Clyde were identified individually, as mentioned by Mr. Garrison during the bobbing for apples sequence.

    • After principal Victoria dressed Eric Cartman up as a ghost, he rather looks like a Ku Klux Klan member.

    • This is the fastest Kenny has ever died in an episode. Only surviving for 27 seconds after the opening theme song.

    • In the scene where it shows the kids as Chewbacca at the costume contest for a split second, Wendy's buttons disappear.

    • While wearing the Chewbacca costume, Mr. Hat's eyes are in the normal position on his head, not on top of the hat's rim.

      The magazine title goes from "Crack Whore" to "Naughty Mom" for a moment, when Chef approaches Stan.

      In the Mir space station scene, the astronauts are seen with the Dutch flag, instead of the Russian one, on their chest.

    • While decorating her house for Halloween, Ms. Cartman puts a poster of Richard Nixon on the front door.

    • Mr. Garrison says that Jackie Collins is a famous horror writer. Collins actually writes fiction which revolves around the decaying underbelly of glamor and fame, often involving lurid scenes of sex and violence.

    • In the scene where Chef is watching the news broadcast in his house, a poster of Isaac Hayes (the voice of Chef) can be seen in the background.

    • When Cartman makes fun of Stan's costume, he refers to him as Howdy Doody, Holly Hobbie, & Pippi Longstocking.

    • Tina Yothers (who played Jennifer Keaton on Family Ties) gave out the costume awards (and was believed to be dead by everyone in South Park.)

    • This is the first episode in which Kenny dies and the boys actually think twice about it.

    • In this episode we see Kenny's mouth for the first time. It can be seen when he bites people around.

    • Cartman hacks and slashes through an army of zombies but he doesn't have a single stain on his completely white costume.

    • There is a payphone in the middle of the cemetery and it can be used without any coins being inserted.

    • The cover of Crack Whore Magazine says: "Back Do' Ho. Five on One Action!"

    • In the principal's office, there is a poster of a gorilla that says: "Hang in there, baby."

    • Mr Hat's eyes are on normal position the whole episode. This is the first time that that happened. In the previous episodes there would always be one or more scenes when his eyes would be on top of hat's rim.

    • South Park Morgue sign is behind the brick fence and later it is a little bit in front of it.

    • When ambulance arrived for Kenny, cosmonauts were still in the station which was on fire. They didn't try to save them.

    • This is the first episode where Kenny dies three times.

    • The Russian that is spoken by the Mir space station cosmonauts is complete gibberish, as is the Russian below the warning light on the space station. The word "Stuhl" means "chair" or "feces" in German, but since the subtitle reads "crap" it is most likely a humorous euphemism for s***. Similarly, in the video Principal Victoria shows to Cartman, Hitler's speech consists of German words arranged together nonsensically, while Cartman's speech is a collection of English phrases (including "You don't know s***" and "Seriously, you guys") and random German spelled backwards.

    • On the shelf in the principal's office there is a picture of Kathy Lee Gifford.

    • The title of the movie is "That Guy Hitler."

    • At dinner Stan says "Kenny hasn't moved an inch today." But how could Kenny get to the bus stop, in the bus, to the classroom, to the cafeteria when he didn't move.

    • When Wendy walked away from Stan after being puked on, she already passed him but in the next scene, she passed him again.

    • If you look very closely when Kyle came into view with a chainsaw, you can see blood oozing from a tombstone!

    • Just before Principal Victoria made a ghost costume for Cartman, he has no yellow mittens on but when Principal Victoria finished making the costume, his mittens are on!

    • When Kyle arrived with the boys in the classroom, He has his Chewbecca mask on, then he'd threw it on the floor in rage, then he'd has it in his hand but if you look closely when the kid take their seats, it dissapeared but when he said "I'll never win that candy looking like everyone else", the mask is back on again!

    • The dead astronauts come out of the crashed spaceship. The apple tank is first on the stage, then on the floor.

    • When Wendy's head is shown front, her hair is long. When her head is showing from the side, her hair is little bit shorter.

    • After Kenny is killed, and comes back as a zombie, he goes to class with the other children. During the class, his right arm falls off. When shown eating lunch later, both arms are back on. Later the arm is off again.

  • QUOTES (31)

    • Stan: I learned something today. Halloween isn't about costumes or candy. It's about being good to one another and giving and loving.
      Kyle: No dude, that's Christmas.
      Stan: Oh. Well then what's Halloween about?
      kyle: Costumes and candy.
      Stan: Oh yeah.

    • (The MIR space station crash lands on Earth, killing Kenny.)
      Stan: Oh, my God! They killed Kenny!
      Kyle: You bastards!
      Cartman: What the hell is that thing?
      Kyle: It looks like a UFO.
      Cartman: There's no such thing as UFOs!

    • Principal Victoria: Good morning there, children. I love the Elvis costume, Chef.
      Chef: Elvis? I'm Evel Knievel! Why the hell would I dress up like Elvis??
      Principal Victoria: Well, why the hell would you dress up like Evel Knievel?

    • (The boys go trick-or-treating and they stop by Chef's house.)
      Stan, Kyle, and Cartman: Trick or... (they scream as they see Chef hold up two chainsaws in front of them)
      Chef: Get off my property, you brain-eating zombie bastards!
      Stan, Kyle, and Cartman: Chef! It's us!
      Chef: Oh! Sorry, children; I thought you were one of them!
      Cartman: Can we have some candy now?
      Chef: (referring to Cartman's "ghost" costume) Damn it, boy! Why are you dressed up like that?!
      Cartman: I'm trying to trick-or-treat, goddammit!
      Chef: Remind me to whoop your ass the next time I see you. Now get inside before the zombies get you.

    • (Stan barfs at Wendy)
      Wendy: EWW! Gross Stan, SICK!, Barf is Gross!

    • Stan, Cartman and Kyle: Trick or treat?!
      Old Lady: Oh, how cute.
      (Kenny bites her arm)
      Stan: Dude, Kenny!
      Old Lady: Oh, my god! Call 911!
      Cartman: Nice going, Kenny! She was about to give us candy!
      Stan: Yeah, she had sweetie pops.
      Cartman: You owe me a sweetie pop, asshole!

    • Cartman: Too bad drinking scotch isn't a paying job, or else Kenny's dad would be a millionaire.
      (Kenny doesn't respond)
      Cartman: I said, your dad would be a millionaire, Kenny! Kenny?! Your family is poor, Kenny! Hey, your family's poor!
      (Kenny still doesn't respond)
      Cartman: I don't like Kenny anymore; he just doesn't communicate.

    • Kyle: Hey, dudes.
      Stan: Oh good, you're here. Now, let's make sure that we got everything. Flashlight?
      Cartman: (Holds up flashlight) Check.
      Stan: Plastic pumpkin pails?
      Kyle: (Holds up pail) Check.
      Stan: Tazer?
      Kyle: What's that?
      Stan: For shocking people who try to give us granola treats, or something.
      Cartman: Yeah, granola pisses me off.

    • (Kenny bites Clyde's arm)
      Kyle: Oh good, Kenny's back to normal.

    • Cartman: Hey, all of a sudden, my costume is pretty bad-ass, huh?
      Kyle: Dude, dressing up like Hitler is NOT bad-ass!
      Cartman: You're just jealous. Why don't you go back to Endor, you stupid wookie?
      Kyle: Wookies don't live on Endor!
      Cartman: (mimicking Kyle) Wookies don't live in Endor!
      Kyle: Well, At least my mom's not on the cover of "Crack Whore" magazine!
      Cartman: What?? What did you say?

    • Doctor: Very interesting...
      Mortician: What is it, doc?
      Doctor: Well, your temperature is only 55 degrees, you have no pulse, no heartbeat, and your eyes are all puffy and sticky...
      Mortician: Oh no! You mean...?
      Doctor: Yeah, I'm afraid the two of you have pinkeye.
      (The mortician and his assistant both gasp in horror.)
      Doctor: I'd give you topical medicine, but I don't wanna touch you.
      Assistant: Oh, I'm so hungry, and all I can think about eating is...brains!
      Doctor: Yeah, well, for God's sake, don't touch your eyes. I'll prescribe some antibiotics.

    • Stan: Oh, look, Kennny's not dead.
      Kyle: You forgot to wear a costume, Kenny.
      Stan: Yeah, what's the matter? Couldn't your family afford a costume for you?
      Kyle: Why is your family so poor, Kenny?
      Cartman: Kenny's family is so poor, that yesterday, they had to put their cardboard box up for a second mortgage.
      (Kyle, Stan and Cartman laugh; Kenny doesn't respond)
      Cartman: I said: Your family had to put up a cardboard box for a second mortgage! Hear that? I'm talkin' to you, Kenny! Come on! Poor piece of crap.

    • Kyle: (sees Stan's costume and laughs) You look like a pansy!
      Stan: Shut up, Kyle!
      Kyle: Dude, what are you supposed to be?
      Stan: I'm Raggedy Andy.
      Kyle: Why did you dress up like Raggedy Andy for?
      Stan: Wendy's coming to school dressed up like Raggedy Ann, so that way, we'll win the costume contest as a pair.
      Kyle: No way, dude; I'm going to win the contest with my sweet Chewbacca costume.
      (Cartman shows up at the bus stop.)
      Cartman: Hey, dudes.
      Kyle: Cartman, what kind of costume is that?
      Cartman: It's an Adolf Hitler costume. (imitates Adolf Hitler)
      Stan: Where'd you get that?
      Cartman: My mom made it. Isn't it cool?
      Kyle: No, it's not cool!
      Cartman: What're you supposed to be, Stan? Howdy Doody?
      Stan: No. I'm Raggedy Andy, fat-ass!
      Cartman: Oh, you look pretty cool...
      (Cartman and Kyle both laugh.)
      Kyle: (to Stan) Sissy!
      Stan: I'll kick your ass, Kyle!
      Cartman: Oh, look out! Holly Hobbit's all pissed off!

    • (The kids are at Kenny's grave)
      Kyle: He was too young to be taken away from us.
      Stan: Dude, you're the one who cut him in half with a chain saw!

    • Cartman: Where is Kyle?
      Stan: He'll be here any minute... I bet I'll get more candy than you
      Cartman: No way, dude; I'm the candy master!
      Stan: No, you're the ass master; there's a difference.
      Cartman: Hey! I'm not the one who spent all day dressing up like Pippy Longstocking!
      Stan: Oh yeah? Well, at least my mom's not on the cover of Crack Whore magazine!
      Cartman: Goddammit, my mom is NOT on the cover of Crack Whore magazine!

    • Wendy: (Waking up from being a zombie) Oh, what happened?
      Stan: Don't worry babe; everything's gonna' be okay.

    • Carman: (Seeing the zombie form of Pip) It's the British kid; he's a little, limey zombie now!

    • Cartman: Damn it! We'll never get any candy if Kenny keeps eating people!

    • Chef: (Chef barely dodges a pink eye-infected zombie) Get the hell outta' here Johnson; I don't want any Goddamned pinkeye!

    • Chef: (after seeing Cartman's hitler costume) Boy, what the hell are you doing dressed up like that?
      Cartman: Eating Kenny's pudding.

    • Chef: (in the tune of "Thriller") I'm gonna make love… even when I'm dead… my body might be cold, but it's always hot in my bed.

    • Chef: Hello there, children.
      Cartman: Hey, Chef.
      (Chef sees Cartman's "ghost" costume and screams.)
      Cartman: Whoa, Chef must really be scared of ghosts...

    • Officer Barbrady: You're probably wondering why we're standing here with a pile of money and no pants on.

    • (while Bebe is bobbing for apples)
      Mr. Garrison: That's good, just use those mouth muscles like the girls in Bejing.

    • Mr. Garrison: And the award for worst costume this year goes to...Stan, for his stupid little clown thing costume. Let's all point at Stan and laugh, children.

    • (The kids go to Klu Klux Klan members houses and they give Cartman one chocolate bar)
      Cartman: One Tootie Bar, you cheap asses!

    • Cartman: Let us remember the good times. Kenny would have wanted it that wa-ah-ah!

    • Kyle: Oh my god! I killed Kenny! (to himself) You bastard!

    • Cartman: We're never gonna get any candy if Kenny keeps eating people!

    • Cartman: Well let's go home and start eating that candy.
      Kyle: We can eat it at Cartman's house and see more naughty pictures of his mom.
      Stan: Yeah.
      Cartman: Hey! My mom said she was young, and needed the money!
      Kyle: Cartman, those photos were taken, like, last month!

    • Ms. Crabtree: SIT DOWN! WE'RE RUNNING LATE!
      Stan: Ah, we're always running late, you ugly skank.
      Mrs. Crabtree: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!
      Stan: I said I can't wait to own a fishing tank.
      Mrs. Crabtree: Oh. Well, neither can I.

  • NOTES (7)

  • ALLUSIONS (12)

    • Kenny wins a prize for his Edward James Olmos costume.
      Edward James Olmos is an actor.

    • Smokey The Bear:

      The Bear who is in the video is named Puffy.This is a spoof of the Spokesbear Smokey.

    • Raggedy Ann and Andy

      Stan came disguised as Raggedy Andy because Wendy was supposed to dress like Raggedy Ann. Raggedy Ann is a fictional character created for by Johnny Gruelle. it was a series of books for young children. Raggedy Ann and Andy are rag dolls with red yarn for hair. in the sequel Raggedy Ann stories Raggedy Andy is introduced as the brother of Raggedy Ann. his dress is a sailor suit and hat.

    • Return of the Living Dead:

      The entire Zombie aspect of this episode is an homage to the movie Return of the Living Dead. Many aspects such as the doctors describing the zombies symptoms to the emergency hotline number on the Worcestershire sauce bottle is a throwback to the plotline of Return of the Living Dead.

    • Carrie: The scene at the end of the episode where Kenny's arm pops out of the grave is mocking the cliché surprise ending of the film Carrie.

    • I Am Legend:

      The scene where Chef Is trying to explain to the doctor that everyone had turned into zombies Is a parody of Richard Matheson's novel I Am Legend.

    • The Shining:
      During the opening theme song of this episode, you can see the word 'REDRUM' written on the back of the school bus. This is a reference to The Shining (1980), in which the word spelled backwards reads 'MURDER.'

    • Orgazmo:
      In the final scene, in the background, you can see a tombstone statue, which looks like the main character, Orgazmo from the 1998 film Orgazmo, by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

    • Star Trek:
      Inside Chef's house there are many pictures of naked women. There is a picture of two naked women hanging above his stereo and his chair is adorned with naked greenish women, a reference to Orion Slave girls from the Star Trek series.

    • Let's Get Physical:

      When Kenny bites one fat guy he is wearing a t-shirt that says: "Let's get physical."

      In 1982 hit was called Let's Get Physical and it was preformed by Olivia Newton John and on the video there were all fat guys working out and all had the same t-shirt that said: "Let's get physical."

    • Thriller:

      There are quite a few references to Michael Jackson's popular 80's short film "Thriller". The references are:

      1. The way that the zombies entered the morgue were the same way and order that the zombies entered the room that Michael's girlfirned was hiding in in the music video (Through the walls and floor).
      2. When we first see Chef as a zombie, we see Kyle yell "Chef!" and the camera zooms out on him. That's the same way that the camera zoomed out on the girlfriend when Michael turned into a zombie in the video.
      3. Chef basically had the same clothes as Michael.
      4. The whole zombie dance squad was a complete refernece to the video. (There was a huge dance with a formation of zombies.)
      5. The song that Chef was singing was the same as Thriller, except with different words.

    • Evil Dead:
      The whole "kill your zombie girlfriend" thing was taken from the 1981 film The Evil Dead, the cult movie that starred Bruce Campbell.