South Park

Season 1 Episode 7

Pink Eye

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 1997 on Comedy Central

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  • Kenny turns into a zombie and turns most people into one

    The first Halloween episode starts off with the failure of the Mir Space Station, which crashes right on Kenny. An ambulance comes and takes his body off to the morgue. The boys start to brag about their Halloween costumes. At the morgue, a freak accident involving a bottle of Worcestershire occurs, and next thing you know Kenny is a member of the undead. Kenny breaks free and wanders off into the night. This episode was ok but not much that much funny moment. It was funny but strange to see Kenny get killed by a space station very quickly at the beginning. Kenny biting the scientist was very funny. Everyone as Chewaba was very funny as well. Two scientist coming as zombie was super funny. I laughed at the part when Stan and Kyle found Cartman's mom on the cover of the W*** Magazine. Last, the ending was funny. Overall, this episode was just okay, but it was often boring. 6/10
  • good

    In the first Halloween episode of south Park, Kenny becomes a member of the undead, and soon others do too. The only way to stop the undead is to kill the person who started all this; Kenny. Will Stan, Kyle and Cartman be able to stop the undead in South park, or is this the end?

    I generally like Halloween episodes of shows, but to be honest this one bored me a little. Not really anything real funny and the plot did not interest me a lot. Because of all of this my final grade for this episode is a C
  • Not my favourite of Season 1, but fairly solid.

    This episode has an excellent storyline, but not as many hilarious quotes as other season 1 episodes. The storyline is the most obvious ob all the season 1 episodes, being that the story isn't sidetracked by conversations and interaction, which can be a good thing, but can also be a bad thing. For me it was so-so. The fact that it was the first South Park halloween episode might be the reason I am being so lenient, but I sincerely that there are a fair few season 1 episodes that are better than this. Probably only did it because it was the season, so I'll let it go.
  • Another dramatic South Park episode.

    This episode, along with a "Pig Makes Love to a Elephant" are episodes that have plots that are imaginable and good.

    This episode had full drama, the zombies attacking, the boys trying to defend the town and themselfs. Fantastic.

    It had great humor, it was pure excellance.

    The look on the character's costume suit is amazing. For a show like South Park to have "less" graphics. It was amazing how they pulled this stunt of.

    This also had plenty of gore. Which many past South Park episodes did not have. Many people like gore.

    It also had the brilliance of Chef's singing skills. That added the comedy and drama.

    In the end, this episode was a great one. It had everything, even romance put into it. Its a fantastic episode.

    The reason why I gave it a 9.3 is for one reason. I did not like the scenes with the class. It bored me quite frankly.

    I'm gonna be honest with ya, season one of South Park is not my favorite season, but, I love Pink Eye. I love it because it's a halloween episode and because it has Zombies!! Kenny is going around biting random people and turning them into zombies, while Chef and the kids try to stop everything thats going on. I loved the Thriller spoof at the end. I thought it was funny how all they had to do was kill the original zombie which was Kenny, and they go and kill a bunch of citizens. One of the strongest episodes from season one by far. I give it a 9/10.
  • Wendy got what she deserved for potraying Stan.

    This is my 2nd favorite episode of Season 1.Okay,so Kenny gets hit by a satelite and now he turns everyone into zombies.The best parts were Chef singing Thriller,the guys killing the zombies and Cartman's mom on a magazine.Now,Wendy totally ruined Stan's Halloween because she dressed up as Chewbacca when she promised Stan as Raggedy Ann,which is ANOTHER reason to hate her.She deserved that Stan wished she was dead.But the ending was sweet.Stan barfed on Wendy again,which is totally sweet.They are totally ment to be.Anyways,this episode was the best.And I loved it because Wendy learned a lesson and Chef does a Michael Jackson tribute.Loved it.
  • Pink Eye

    Hitler and Chewbacca, zombies and South Park just do not meet up with eachother and even if Chef becomes one of the nervous zombie creatures you just cannot understand the plot. Silly and dumb, the nightmare of a plot just isn't good enough. The parodies in this Trey Parker/Matt Stone Season 1 episode are OK but if you do actually want to watch a good episode of South Park then skip to the entertaining Cartman's Mom Is A Dirty Slut nearer to the end of the original season of South Park. This episode is below average, worth a miss. :(
  • The first (and so far only) Halloween episode of South Park!

    The town comes down with a bad case of pink eye, but this pink eye turns people into zombies. Chef tries to alert the townsfolk, but no one listens.Kenny, who dies early on, returns as a zombie and spreads pink eye all over town. Chef and the boys go to the mortuary to get to the bottom of this mess, and Kyle has to kill Kenny again in order for things to get back to normal. Meanwhile Stan gets upset with Wendy because they were meant to go to school as Raggedy Ann and Andy but Wendy came as Chewbacca. Wendy turns into a zombie and then turns back to normal.

    Great episode :)
  • George A Romero, eat your heart out!

    Being a George A Romero zombie freak from day one, this one really did it for me. Killed by a falling space station and reanimated by a bottle of worcestershire sauce by a pair of clumsy embalmers, Kenny goes on a trick or treat Halloween rampage literally biting the hands that feed him as an unholy member of the legions of the walking dead. This one goes down as one of the best Halloween specials of any animated series of all time! Nobody does Halloween like the producers of South Park. Nobody! Four great big gold stars for this one. A South Park masterpiece!
  • Season 1's Halloween episode...the town turns into zombies. Fun is had!

    This is definitely a classic "South Park" episode and probably the best episode of the first season. Trey and Matt rise to the occasion delivering a hysterically funny episode complete with Mrs Cartman's merry greeting to brain-hungry zombies as she hums her "I'm gonna decorate the house for Halloween" tune, Chef's "I'm gonna make loooove...even when I'm dead" Thriller music video spoof, evil Worcester Sauce and a hilarious call-centre woman ("do NOT go decapitating zombies left and right!") and of course Kenny's multiple deaths (him being a zombie means there's even more opportunities for gruesome offings).

    A great Halloween episode and a classic from Season 1.
  • Great episode..

    This was the first Halloween episode of South Park, and it was pretty good and funny.. it starts of with a Mir Space Station, which crashed into Kenny, and an ambulance comes and takes him to the morgue.. Stan told Wendy that they both should be dressed as Raggedy Andy, but instead she comes to school as a Chewbacca, which everybody is dressed as, and she wins the costume contest. At the morgue, a freak accident involving a bottle of Worcestershire occurs, and next thing you know Kenny is a member of the undead. Kenny breaks free and wanders off into the night.
  • The boys of South Park are looking forward to another Halloween full of lollies and costumes. Waht they don't is that they people will become the very thing they dress up as. So its up to the boys to stop this from happening, they must also

    This is a fine example of the South Park sereis, it is silly and it is good and humorous. I liked the fact that Kenny died earlier in the episode only to come back as zombie and start killing everyone.
    This was a funny episode but at the same time theyshould've done somethignlike Cartman turning into Hitler or something. That would have made the episode so much better and it would be funnier.
    Another suggestion I have would have been to make Mr./Mrs.Garrison to utrn into Michael Jackson, that would have been hilariously... well hilarious.
    In all Pinkeye is good segment of the South Park series!
  • "My mom is not on the cover of Crackwhore Magazine!"

    When South Park's local doctor mistakes a case of flesh-eating zombies for pinkeye, the entire town is quickly turned into a feast for the living dead, and only the boys can stop the epidemic. Hands down the best episode of the first season, this episode of South Park takes parody to new heights and does it in a fresh and funny manner. Cartman dresses up as Hitler Kenny dies multiple times, and we learn that there is a pay phone in South Park's graveyard (go figure) as South Park turns into your average horror movie from the 1980s. This is one you can't afford to miss.
  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    A great episode for the first season of South Park? Is that possible? Well, after watching this episode, I say, "yes". Although, this is my opinion and not everyone, whatever. I enjoyed this episode. This episode had great humor and the plot was well written. If this episode was written after an episode had not been made for months, I would have understand why the episode would have been good since the creators would have time to work it out, but this episode was still just wonderful.

    There's an epidemic going around called, "Pink Eye". But, this isn't pink eye. It's zombies! The media is lying and saying it's Pink Eye. Not even the characters are aware of this. This was a great Halloween episode that aired on the first season of South Park!

    I enjoyed the scene where there is the Michael Jackson parody of his music video. It was hilarious.
  • Kenny comes back to life as a zombie on Halloween...

    Here is my review for this Halloween-related episode of "South Park". It is about a Russian space station called MIR crashing down onto Earth after some technical difficulties. The space station lands on Kenny, killing him when the episode starts. Kenny's body is taken to the mortuary to get embalmed, when all of a sudden, a bottle of Worcester sauce is left open and it spills into the embalming fluid. When the sauce gets injected into Kenny, he comes back to life as a brain-eating zombie. The next day, the other boys are dressed up for Halloween: Stan as Raggedy Andy (because his girlfriend is going to be dressed up as Raggedy Ann), Kyle as Chewbacca (later as a vampire, because all the other kids are dressed up as Chewbacca), and Cartman as Adolf Hitler (later as a ghost, because his Hitler costume had to be covered up). At school, Wendy is dressed up as Chewbacca like everyone else, which really discourages Stan, even when she wins at the costume contest (She obviously won because she was the only girl dressed up as Chewbacca). Meanwhile, Chef (dressed up as Evel Knievel) learns about everyone acting strange by eating the brains of other people. When the boys are out trick-or-treating, Chef tells the boys what is happening, and they decide to go to the mortuary to find what had caused the people to become zombies. The zombies then go after the boys and Chef becomes a zombie (When this happens, he imitates Michael Jackson and sings his own version of the song "Thriller"). Kyle tries to call the number on the Worcester sauce bottle as Stan and Cartman decapitate the zombies with chainsaws, and he learns that he needs to kill the original zombie in order to stop the other zombies. Kyle immediately figures out that Kenny was the original zombie, so he slices him in half vertically with a chainsaw (Afterwards, he replies "Oh my God! I killed Kenny!"), and then everything goes back to normal. After Kenny was buried, he comes back to life again and a statue and plane fall on him. This is one of the best episodes I've ever seen for Halloween; I even liked the jokes about Chef not liking Cartman's new costume because the ghost costume actually makes him look like a member of the KKK (a group of white men that hate black people). A very original episode of Season 1 of "South Park".
  • this is about kenny dying and gets pink eye and who ever he bits turns into a zombie.

    This episode is brilliant I wish more episodes could be like this one because it is spectacularly brilliant in every way. I give this episode the highest rating ever a 10. no matter how many times I watch it I never get bored of it, it is probably because nit has curst me, either that or it was the first episode of southpark I had ever watched.

    I have to say that everybody who likes a really good halloween southpark episode then you have just got to watch this because it is brilliant ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • This is the first SP episode that i saw, and it's very special to me.

    This is the first SP episode that i saw, and it's very special to me.
    The story is set at Halloween, and it's about Kenny who gets killed and turns into a zombie. The other boys only cares about candy, and they get into trouble when they discover that the whole town is gonna turn into zombies. Cartman dressed like Hitler yelling at zombie- Kenny that hi is poor is the funniest part. At the end, they manage to save the world from zombies by cutting them, and everything turns into normal.
    I was just a little girl when i watched this episode for the first time, and i remember thinking that it's probably wrong to laugh at all this, but i could not help myself.
  • The writing has been better, but it's still good

    “Pink Eye” was yet another decent outing from Season One. It was hilarious following the kids as they trick-or-treated. Cartman’s costumes were innocently evil, and very funny as a result. It didn’t end very gracefully, though—I found it relied too much on ultra-violence and too little on a clever script.
  • Halloween in South Park.

    Just another ordinary day in South Park. Boys prepare themselves for Halloween and one of them is determined to win while one mask is extremly popular. Eric dresses himself like Hitler but principal Victoria found that offensive and she gave him a ghost costume but he looks like KKK memeber. Kenny died in the episode but he is later turned into zombie and starts biting everyone around and spreading the epidemic and it will all lead to boys saving South Park for good.
    Amazing and one of the best episodes ever. Series classic and Season one must watch episode .
  • The first Halloween episode. Everyone is turning into zombies.

    A spread of "pinkeye" is coming through South Park, only this isn't pinkeye. Everyone is becomeing zombies. The boys must help Chef stop the zombies. Meanwhile, Stan deals with problems with Wendy, since she promised to match her Halloween costume with his, but then didn't. A great episode for Season 1. A good amount of jokes. I loved the end when the boys are over Kenny's grave. A must see episode!
  • Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen! And everyone has pinkeye!

    South Park's version of the zombie genre.

    And this time, it's the fault of... worchestershire sauce!

    This was the first Halloween episode done on South Park, and probably one of the best. Kenny dies immediately and becomes a zombie, going on a brain-eating rampage. I find it especially hilarious that Zombie Kenny still goes to school! Some other priceless moments include: "To which the President replied: Screw those Commie bastards and screw their wussy little space station."

    Cartman as Hitler, and later KKK member

    Chef as Michael Jackson in Thriller

    "Oh my God! I killed Kenny!"

    Warning: Do not use as embalming fluid.

    "And the award for the worst costume goes to Stan, for his stupid clown-thing costume. Let's all point at Stan and laugh."

    "That's it, Bebe. Use those mouth muscles like the girls in Beijing."


    Overall, this episode was very good. Thank God for South Park on DVD!
  • Halloween in South Park.

    This was the first episode of South Park I saw and I was hooked. The fact that is was a special holiday episode gave it another layer. I loved seeing all the characters in costumes, since their clothing doesn't change otherwise. The plot is so out there it is funny. On one hand there is the costume contest which is pretty standard in schools, but then they throw in the living dead part and killing zombies with chainsaws. Who would think that wosteshire sauce could be used as embalming fluid and that would start a whole epidemic?
    An added bonus was the Chef as Michael Jackson "Thriller" allusion.
  • South Park Halloween Special.

    This was the first ever South Park Halloween Special and Matt and Trey sure did not dissapoint. This was easily part of the class of the first season. Numebr 2 on my list. It is pretty humorous how everyone is being turned into zombies and everyone thinks that it is a virus called "Pink Eye." This causes the doctor to go crazy about his" Topical Cream." Chef and the bosy seem to be the only ones who arent turned into zombies. Overall the episode was probably the best Halloween Special after Spooky Fish. I can't wait until the 4th for new episodes!
  • The best episode of Season 1.

    This episodes is about people who catches a disease called "Pink Eye" and turns into zombies. Kenny dies early in this episode than any other episode but he does play an important role later as a zombie. At the Morgue Kenny starts out by bitting both of the Morticians who go sees a doctor who tells them about Pinkeye and then eventually they become zombies too and then most people in town become zombies. This episode really does stand out with all the zombie action. What I don't get is why didn't Kenny go after Stan, Kyle or Cartman as zombie? In one scene he's even sitting right next to Cartman where he can easily be bitten. I like the part Stan and Cartman start chainsawing some of the zombies to pieces. Eventually Kyle finds out that Kenny is the original zombie so he cuts him in half. For those of you who hasn't seen this episode I don't want to spoil you on what happens next! Overall this the best episode of Season 1.
  • During Halloween, zombies are roaming South Park, and it\'s up to the boys to save the day.

    It is Halloween, and the boys are at the bus stop. Kyle dressed up like Chubocka, Stan dressed up like Raggity Andy, and Cartman dressed up like Hitler. Stan dressed up like Raggity Andy and Wendy was going to dress up like Raggity Ann. Kenny is killed at the beginning and taken to the morgue, where he becomes a zombie and bites the mortiction and his assistant. Wendy doesn\'t dress up like Raggity Ann. Instead, she dresses up like Chubocka, along with everyone else. Kyle changes his costume to the solar system, and Cartman is forced to change his to a ghost (which is really the KKK.) Wendy wins the costume contest, and Stan says she can\'t go with them to get candy. Kenny bites someone and so do the other zombies until half the town of South Park are zombies. Wendy is even bitten. Chef tells the boys what had happened and they went to the morgue to see how to stop the zombies. They find a hot line number, and Chef is bitten. He turns into a zombie. While Kyle calls the number, Cartman and Stan are using chainsaws to cut up the zombies. Stan sees Wendy as a zombie. Kyle learns that to stop the zombies is to kill the original zombie. Right before Stan cuts up Wendy, Kyle cuts Kenny is half. Everyone returns to normal. Stan says he is sorry to Wendy and then he throws up. At the end, the boys are at Kenny\'s grave and then they leave. Kenny comes out of the grave, but then a statue hits him. Then a plane crashes right on the statue.
  • A South Park Halloween episode.

    A Space station falls onto Kenny and he is brought to a morgue and Worcestershire sauce is accidentally injected which turns him into a zombie and while being with his friends (They think he's not dead) bites other people and soon the whole town os South Park is zombified. Great! Nice job creators.
  • Very funny show!

    Again this was a very funny show with the Michael
    Jackson take off of Thriller in which Kenny turns into
    A zombie and the other neighbors do the same. Briefly Stan
    And Wendy break up. Very funny as well as I LOL
    Throughout the show. One of the greatest episodes of the series if you ask me IMO!
  • A disease spreads around the town that turns everybody into zombies.

    This is one of my favorite South Park's of all time. Cartman's costumes are hilarious and since I'm an avid fan of zombie movies and videogames, this episode was just a little more entertaining to me then it probably is, but oh well. The "Chewbacca costume" gag is great, as is the little sub-plots each character has. I think the shows are better when each of the main characters have their little thing going on. For example, all the costumes Cartman wears ends up being offensive, Kenny is turned into a zombie, Kyle tries to win the costume contest and Stan is faced with the decision of killing his girlfriend, Wendy, who is a zombie. A great episode.
  • 7th Episode

    In the first Halloween epiasode of South Park, Kenny dies much sooner in the episode and this coincidentally starts the plot of zombies, chewbaccas and raggedy andy (okay, not so much the last two) but the town's idiocy when it comes to the zombies and brain eating, believing all are symptoms of Pink Eye is a typical South Park ignorance which is indeed very funny.

    Zombie Chef still wanting to dance and make love and Cartman's mum on the cover of CrackWhore magazine are great additions to the episode, contributing to the hilarity that is this episode of South Park. While other early episodes have failed to entertain, this is definitely not one of them and is a great halloween installment.
  • The best ep of season 1 and one of the best eps around.

    This ep is one of my favorites, everytime I watch it, it gets funnier. There are a lot of funny moments: Cartman dressing up as Hitler and KKK Member, Wendy winning the costume contest eventhough she looks like everybody else and Cartman is evil as always.
    A must see ep for all South Park lovers, and if havent seen it before, watch when you get the change.
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