South Park

Season 4 Episode 14

Pip (a.k.a. Great Expectations)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2000 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

A live action British person sits down on a chair and tells us that that this is going to be a different episode, as the creators of South Park are letting him read the classic book "Great Expectations", by Charles Dickens. This episode is about Pip and the setting is Drop-A-Chair-Upon-Top-Snot, which is a small town in England…

Pip visits his parents' tombstones. He tells them that his sister is taking very good care of him (if smacking him in the face and telling him he's worthless is good care). An escaped convict then grabs Pip and rather than run away, Pip breaks his shackles (Pip is the apprentice of a blacksmith) and gives him a sandwich. Pip tells the man that it is not right for him to judge him and he heads on over to the blacksmith's house, who's name is Joe. Joe is kind but his wife is very mean to Pip and wants him to get a job. Joe makes a metal newspaper and they look in an ad that will pay up to 20 quid a day if Pip could play with Ms. Havesham's lonely daughter. He goes to her house where he meets Estella, the girl of his dreams. Pip then meets Ms. Havesham, who never seen the sun in 20 years. Pip plays with Estella for a little bit and Ms. Havesham to come back the next week so they could 'play' some more. Pip dreamed about Estella every night. On day while Estella was hitting Pip with a log, Pip finds out that he is not her only playmate. Ms. Havesham just watches, as she knows Estella will break his heart. The British person takes a break from the story to tell us that a person like Estella would never love an apprentice of a blacksmith.

Pip tries to find out things about girls from Joe to no avail. A lawyer from London comes in the house saying that a client wants to give Pip a better future and then will one day inherit a handsome property. Pip will get to go to London to learn how to be a gentleman. Pip thinks that the client is Ms. Havesham. Pip takes up the offer and moves to London. His roommate is another playmate of Estella's and his name is Pocket. Pocket tells Pip that he has nothing to do with Ms. Havesham anymore because she is mad. Pocket tells what happened to her (with all of Pip's interruptions): Ms. Havesham grew up to be a spoiled brat. A man came into her life and they both fell in love. They were going to have a wedding but the groom never showed up and he only gave her a letter, which she got 20 minutes before the ceremony. She then destroyed the house and never saw the light of day again. The British person informs us that Pip spent months learning how to be a gentleman. After that, Pip went back to Ms. Havesham's house to thank her for her generosity and to see if he was now good enough for Estella.

At the house, Ms. Havesham tells Pip that Estella has been off to school as well. She tells Pip that Estella will be at the Grand Ball (held by Tony Blair) the next day. Pip leaves with Ms. Havesham telling him to love Estella. The next day, Pip and Estella meet up and dance at the ball. Pip admits that he loves her but Estella tells him that she has no heart. Suddenly, an older boy (named Steve) comes over. He is Estella's 17-year old boyfriend who has a car. When Pip tells Ms. Havesham that he has a broken heart, she gets happy. She tells Pip and Steve (who is also in the room) that she will fuse her soul into Estella's body so she can break men's hearts for another generation. However, she needs tears from broken hearted men to get the Genesis device to work. The plan takes action as Estella goes on the Genesis Platform and Steve gets caught in a contraption. To take care of Pip, she sends her robot monkeys after him. Later, Pip wakes up in Joe's house. They (Joe, Pocket, and ex-convict) found him knocked out on the street. The ex-convict tells him that after Pip helped him, he moved to Wales made something of himself. It was he who sent him to London to be a gentleman. He did that because Pip was kind to him. Pip learned something that being a gentleman does not mean good manners or dances, but just being a gentle man; being gentle to everyone. Now, the four of them decide to stop Ms. Havesham's plan.

They make it to the Havesham Estate where the plan is about to take action. Ms. Havesham sends out the robot monkeys to get them. Pip tells Pocket to try to cheer up all of the men whose hearts have been broken (but to no avail). Joe and the ex-convict fight the monkeys. The ex-convict goes over to Ms. Havesham but she spits acid on him and he dies. Pip tries to convince Estella not to go along with it but she still does. She tells him that she has no heart but to prove her wrong, Pip gives her a bunny. If she does not kill the bunny, she has a heart. However she kills the bunny, and the bunnies that came after. When he gets to 26 bunnies, she stops because she finds no point in going on. Pip uses that as an excuse that she has a heart. Estella goes off the machine and Ms. Havesham's plan is ruined and she is killed. Pip and Estella 'begin their life together'.

The British person tells us that they all lived happily ever after except for Pocket who died of hepatitis B. He hopes that everyone will have a deeper appreciation for Pip and the episode ends.

Kenny doesn't die in this episode, as he and the other boys don't appear.