South Park

Season 4 Episode 14

Pip (a.k.a. Great Expectations)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • Pips own episode. WHY!

    Tisk Tisk Tisk, What a terrible episode. Not good at all. It was truly painful to watch. First of all its not called Great Expectations, Its called Pip, i have the DVD. Second of all, who in the right mind gives Pip his own episode. Hes not a well liked character. Very bad decision on their part.
  • This episode was terribly boring.

    I love South Park but I don't know what happened with this episode. I've read Great Expectations and I've seen the movie. However, that did not help me at all. This episode was hard to follow and tremendously boring! As if it wasn't bad enough, the screetching of that woman made me want to destroy my t.v. It was so painful to watch that I had to make myself sit through it. It took me three separate sittings to get through the whole episode. I don't care how much of a die hard South Park fan you are, I recommend skipping this episode!
  • This ep is more stupid than A Million Little Fibers

    Seriously, this is the most stupid ep of South Park. First of all, I hate Pip, he doesn't even deserve to be on the show, let alone get a very own ep. Second, all the jokes weren't funny, if you here Pip speak you hear this ep is crap. Take my advice, don't watch this ep. Pip isn't funny at all and the only time it was funny with him was when he was set on fire by Damien and ripped on by Cartman.
  • Lets just face it: Never before have I've been so bored with a South Park episode.

    Seriously, typing a review of this episode seems to be a waste, but I'll do it anyway: Nothing about this episode is good. Jokes are small, lame and pathetic, not a single joke can crack me up, unlike many other episodes, the story is truly bizarre like other South Park episodes, except it sucks really bad and it's boring to watch, and Pip along with other characters are not funny or interesting, just annoying and unlikable. It's sad that an episode like this had to be made, it could had worked, if it were written better(even dumb monkeys can write better than this). The first episode to not feature the 4 main characters isn't the last one, but it's also one of the worst episodes of all time, period. The only good thing is that after this episode, Pip is no longer in South Park, and this episode is proof that he shouldn't return there as well. This is an embarrassment with the South Park name.

    Great Expectations? More like Poor Expectations. This is one of my top 5 worst South Park episodes of all time, and you will save your self time by avoiding this one at all cost.
  • Surely they weren't being serious.

    I knew this episode was bad, so I put off watching it. I did not get comfortable because I knew I could walk out at any second, but I managed to sit through this, just. This episode was a huge mistake and I think it's obvious that nothing like this will happen again, except maybe as an April Fool's joke, except no-one would be laughing. I suggest anyone who has this episode to dig a deep hole and chuck it in, never to see the light of day again, maybe if they random things that didn't make any sense were made more obvious, this episode may have warranted a 5 or 6.
  • The worst episode of South Park.

    This is easily the worst episode of South Park. It is about one of their characters Pip who noone likes and some old English play called Great Expactations. From that episode you couldn't even tell what it was about. He gets a crush on a girl whose Grandma is going to possess her body to break more boys hearts. Pip gets a crush on the girl but she needs to break his heart. Pip also frees a prisoner who than becomes a millionaire. This is also very confusing. To sum it up this episode sucks I don't recomend you watch it.
  • The worst episode of South Park.

    This is easily the worst episode of South Park. It is about one of their characters Pip who noone likes and some old English play called Great Expactations. From that episode you couldn't even tell what it was about. He gets a crush on a girl whose Grandma is going to possess her body to break more boys hearts. Pip gets a crush on the girl but she needs to break his heart. Pip also frees a prisoner who than becomes a millionaire. This is also very confusing. To sum it up this episode sucks I don't recomend you watch it.
  • why did the writers of south park waste their time on this!

    now, most south park are fair at lowest and most never fail to diassapoint but god this is episdoe was just plain horrible. it was very stupid and didn't have good humor or plot. it's about pip receving "great expectations" kind of like the charles dickens novel of the same name. i honestly didn't think it would be a bad a episdoe but boy was i wrong! this has got to be the poorest if not most poor episode of south park ever! it has nothing, comedy,plot,charm, wit, none of what i just listed. this is sucicde trey and matt major suicide.
  • God, this was so much better than reading the book.

    I wish I had a copy of this episode during Advanced Placement English in high school. Superb! Malcolm McDowell is excellent as "A British Person", and the rest of the South Park gang is in top form.

    "And everyone lived happily ever after...except for Pocket, who died of Hepatitis B."
  • Funny and clever...

    One of the better episodes of South Park with great dialogue and sciptwise it was fantastic !
    Great touch to have Malcolm McDowell to recite parts of the original story !
    Those unfamiliar with Great Expectations will learn a thing or 2 even if the finale is completely made up (though pretty funny and inspiring ! ) .
    Hopefully episodes like this one will be added through seasons 12 and so forth , they really distinguish South Park from other standard comedy shows . . . . Overall, great episode and under appreciated by many . . . . . . . .
  • I loved this episode!

    I never really saw who Pip was. But this episode, explained to me who Pip really is. Pip Pirrup is a young England boy that has a nice life. Well, to him anyway. He is a very nice person and always deals with his problems. He is never angry. This episode was great in so many ways. Perfect episode. Even that Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick did not appear in this episode, this was still a perfect episode. It definatly focused on Pip. Big character development episode for Pip. Overall, I give this perfect episode a 10!
  • Pip

    Not the best ever episode, btu Pip (Great Expectations) is a thrill ride with laughter btis and revealing scenes all about younbg Pip's past life. An entertaining experience with happiness, sadness and more British old-time Londoner stuff than ever before in a S P episode. Funny, but underappreciated by the whole audience of South Park lovers.
    Pip is a little git that is very polite just like Stan and Kyle but he is picked on by other kids cause he is from Britain and because he speaks poshly. The United Kingdom aren't all posh!! ;D One of the most offensive episodes.
  • Pip is a very underrated episdoe.

    I know wat you are thinking after you watch this episode. Why the hell did I just watch that episode. And if I wanted to be borde to death why didnt I just read the whole dam book. This is 75% of south park fans least favorit episode. The thing is that if you actually read great expectatons(like I did)you would that this episode isnt all that bad. I is a fair episode. And as said in the commentary for this episode Trey and Matt worked really hard on this episode. And if you worked really hard on something and people say it was the worst episode I would be pissed off.Besides wats so bad about pip he always was funny.
  • And they all lived happily ever after. Exept for Pockets who died of heppititus B.

    This episode shows that the creators were running out of ideas, but it was still not one of the worst episodes. I liked the narration at the start, but the first half of the episode was really boring. But after Pip went to London it changed, Pocket as Pip's roomate was good and The boy who 'was 17 and had a car'. The middle part was good but it still couldn't live up to South Park's normal standards. But that changed in act three, Pocket was great trying to stop the men from crying and the bunnies were excellent. This episode was good but Pip should never be a main character.
  • Very Under-rated Episode

    I was surprised to see this episode with such a low score.
    It's certainly not the usual South Park, but it's one of the most beautifully done. And the fact that they actually fit the storyline of "Great Expectations" into 21 minutes is astounding - not since the old animated show "Gigantor" have I seen so much story get crammed into so little time.
    It might have something to do with old British classical literature being used in American comedies - one of the lowest-rated episodes of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" was "Hamlet".
  • The history of Pip's characture type is fully explained in this version of the classic "Great Expectations".

    In this episode, an impoverished Pip is an angelic little child in jolly old-time England. His family suffers from the stigma of being low class on the economic scale and they don't seem to have any prospects knockin' down their door. ******* SPOILERS!!! ********

    Pip is such a good-hearted child that he naturally practices random acts of kindness throughout the story and it all comes back to him ten-fold in the end. He finds himself enthralled by a pretty young blonde whose mentor is equal parts evil and conniving for no good reason. Some parts of the plot make very little sense, such as the "17 year old with a car" and the futuristic "genesis machine" since this episode was shot as a period piece. I won't really give away too much, but tune in for some real good nonsense based (very loosely) on the writings of Charles Dickens.
  • It may not be perfect, but it\'s still a good episode.

    So they four boys didn\'t appear in this one. Big friggin\' deal. This has got to be the most underrated episode in South Park, ever. What is there not to love about someone introducing himself as \"a British person,\" a blacksmith who can make metal fuzzy dice, a girl who goes out with another guy because he\'s seventeen and has a car (in the 19th century, mind you), and evil robot monkeys. Also, the animation was wonderful. You have to watch this episode a few times a appreciate it and catch all the funny parts, but it is worth it.
  • I didn't enjoy this episode very much as a whole and of the general view of South Park, but it did get me sorta interested in the Dickens book "Great Expectations"

    Basically this episode parodies the Charles Dickens classic novel "Great Expectations" from the South Park P.O.V. I didn't really like this episode, it just was pretty weak and silly, especially that old British guy who was narrator. In addition, it's not the best episode in the series but it's sorta funny, in fact, the death of that one dude near the end fighting the Robot Monkeys is sorta like how Kenny gets killed every episode. If you want SP to it's fullest potential, watch ANY EPISODE BUT THIS
  • "Hello, I'm a British person..." What's not to love about this episode? From Pockets to Malcolm McDowell's narration, this episode takes the piss out of high society. Superb!

    I thought this was one of the funniest episodes out of the early seasons, and it's one of my favourite episodes of all time. Stands up well against 'Starvin' Marvin' Is From Space'. I'm surprised more fans haven't 'gotten' this episode. What's great about South Park is that where most people won't cross a line (Simpsons, King of the Hill, etc.) which makes for mundane and dull watching. Matt and Trey not only cross a line, the cross several per episode. Miss Havisham taking over the world, Pockets and his bunnies, etc.. This episode shows why South Park is miles above the rest.
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