South Park

Season 8 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 10, 2004 on Comedy Central

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  • A ghost from the past haunts the boys.

    A fearful bully (& the episode's main antagonist), Trent Boyett, is released from juvy and seeks revenge for the incident that happened in preschool. He has attacked Butters, injured all the sixth graders and now will destroy Stan, Kyle, Cartman & Kenny. The ending was funny when Trent again was blamed for harming Miss Claridge, and Cartman taken away from the sixth graders.

    how do you actually watch the video
  • Funniest At End

    The boys and Butters are feared for the release of an old bully from pre-school from juvenile. The bully, Trent, was accused of making a small arson that burnt their old teacher, which was actually somewhat of the boys' fault after encouraging him to do it, and fueling the burn with pee. So now Trent first does almost every bully tactic imaginable to Butters. Then the boys hire help from 6th graders to protect them, except payment is needed, a picture of Stan's mom's boobs. So the boys make Cartman's ass look like boobs and take a picture of it and give it to the 6th graders. hey believe them and try to help, except they all get mega-bullied by Trent, including some nasty "Texas Chili Bowls", in which it involves a telephone, chili, and the anus.

    So in the end, the boys try to set things right and apologize to their old teacher, who is badly crippled and in an unusual electric "chair" that runs out of battery in the middle of the street. Trent finds them there and almost gets to them, until Cartman pulls a tazer, except cartman misses the shot and shoots the teacher. The electric blast recharges the battery of the chair, and the chair goes wild and bashes into everything. The teacher gets even more crippled, and then the two funniest parts-

    Since the teacher's only way of communication is one beep for yes and two beeps for no, the police officer asks the teacher if Trent was the culprit for what happened, and the teacher beeps twice....But the police officer just says- "Yes, yes" (for one beep each...LOL)

    And then in the end, when trent looks out the police car's window, Cartman flashes him and shows his ass that is still set to look like boobs. The 6th graders walk out and see Cartman's ass and Cartman gets scared they might find out they were fake boobs. Instead, the sixth graders think they are still boobs and carry Cartman and his ass behind some bushes... LOL..
  • perfect

    Trent Boyett, a boy from the kids' pre school, is released from juvenile hall, and the boys fear he is going to want revenge on them (it was their fault he was sent to juvenile hall in the first place). Will he get his revenge on them, or has he forgiven them?

    Good episode. The scene of them in pre school was funny, and the ending was also really funny (will Trent get his revenge!). Overall no real complaints about this episode. It might be a little boring near the end but overall it is really enjoyable, and gets an A+ from me
  • Good, solid episode.

    I found this episode of South Park to be a pretty interesting one to say the least. The story was pretty funny, it was cool to see the kids 5 years ago when they were in pre-school and hear their voices. But the part that really got be laughing was the ending when the police officer asked that teacher if that kid Trent did that to her and the button beeped twice and the officer said "Yes,yes" when in fact it was said that one beep was yes and two beeps was no. This was one of the best episodes from season 8 in my opinion.
  • texas chili bowl

    the main plot is a boy from preschool is getting parole scaring the boys and butters. this happened when the boys accused of him of arson ( even though it was there was plan)and butters for not sticking up on him. once he is realeased he plots his revenge on the boys. all i have to say is this was a perfect example of what an episode should be. it had everything. humor , a good plot,charecter devolpment. all the neat crap you can get and wrap it together. this episode is a definite must see for any type of south park fan.
  • The boys learn that a bully from preschool is being released from juvenile hall...

    Here is my review for this really great episode of "South Park". It is the episode "Pre-School", and I decided to make a review for it because it was on mind after watching it a few times recently. Anyway, it is about the four boys (Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny) and Butters learning that a bully from their preschool days named Trent Boyett is being released from juvenile hall. They know that he will be getting revenge on all five boys because of an accident that the four boys were also responsible for. You see, when the boys were young, they had Trent make a small fire in the room so they can play "fireman", where they try to put out a fire by peeing on it. Unfortunately, their teacher, Ms. Claridge, gets too close and catches on fire and the boys [sort of] blame Trent for what happened and he is sent to spend five years in juvenile hall. Shortly after his release, he hurts Butters very badly. After the boys see what has happened, they decide to hire the sixth-graders to protect them. Unfortunately, in order for them to help them out, they need a picture of Sharon Marsh's (Stan's mom) boobs. Stan didn't want to do it, so they decide to draw on Cartman's butt to make it look like a pair of boobs and take a picture of it. Luckily, it works out well for them. But then, the next day, the boys see that all of the sixth-graders were badly hurt the same way as Butters, only with Trent torturing the leader with a "Texas Chili Bowl" (which involves Tabasco sauce, a telephone, and the anus). And so, the boys learn the only way they can deal with Trent is by telling the truth of what happened a long time ago, which they've been hiding to themselves ever since. As they talk to Ms. Claridge (who was put in a machine after recovering from the accident), they encounter Trent. As he's about to hurt them, Cartman pulls out a tazer that belongs to his mom and fires it, causing the machine to go haywire and send Ms. Claridge crashing into all kinds of buildings. When the police arrive, they immediately believe that Trent was behind the incident and is arrested again, which relieves boys. This episode cracked me up the first time I saw it; it is another great episode of Season 8 of "South Park".
  • It involves Tabasco sauce, a telephone and the anus.

    In this episode Trent Boyett gets out of Juvie after 5 years when he was accused of setting the teacher on fire in Preschool by the Boys. So they ask the 6th graders to help who want a picture of "Stans Mom's boobs!", and they drew nipples on Erics ass and took pictures to trick them, and the dumb asses beleived it [one of the funniest moments ever], and Tent beats them up, when Trent confronts the boys Eric hits a cripple with a tazer [the teacher] and she gets badly injured again, Trent is back in Juvie for 5 years, and the 6th Graders worship Cartmans butt boobies.
  • The Revenge of Trent Boyett

    The boys received bad news that Trent Boyett is being released out of juvenile hall. They flashbacked during the time they were little kids. The boys are very cute when they were in preschool. They wanted to play a game called firemen. So they asked Trent Boyett to start a fire. They were peeing on the bonfire, but couldn't put it out. Miss Claridge has suffered a severe burn and was placed in a machine for her to beep once or twice. The little boys sent Trent to juvenile hall. Five years later, the toughest bully in South Park is returning. First he seeks revenge against Butters for wussing out. He gave him the Polish Bike Ride.

    The boys had to find protection from Trent Boyett. So they asked the sixth graders to beat up Trent for a picture of Stan's mom naked. But Stan refuses to photograph his mother nude. He drew nipples on Cartman's ass and puts a necklace around it to make them look like real byoobs. The sixth graders were stupid enough to fall for the fake picture and decided to protect the boys.

    Later, the boys discover all of the sixth graders were beaten severely. The only person who could defend them is Stan's evil sister, Shelley. She wants them to admit what they did was wrong. They talked to Miss Claridge, but Trent found them, and was about to kill them. Cartman brought out his mom's tazer. Unfortunately, he recharged the machine Miss Claridge is in, and goes out of control. Once again since five years ago, the boys sent Trent Boyett away to juvenile hall again. Cartman was mooning the bully until the gullible sixth graders took him to the bush.

    This was the most hilarious episode of South Park. We got to see the boys when they were little.
  • Doctor: This kid had a Texas chili bowl. Stan: What's that? Doctor: It involves Tabasco sauce, a telephone and the anus.

    This is just another great South Park episode.

    Five years ago in pre-school, Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Butters got another pre-schooler - Trent Boyett in trouble for starting a fire and badly burning Ms. Claridge (their teacher at the time). Unfortunately for them, Trent Boyett was the toughest kid in pre-school and vowed revenge against all who betrayed him.

    Five years later, Trent boyett is released from juvenile hall and he's getting his paybacks. Now that Trent is free, the boys have to find a way to protect themselves. The episode follows as boys try everything to stop Trent from hurting them and getting his revenge.

    The flashback scene is hilarious and the ending is one of the best endings in all of South Park's episodes.
  • One of the best flashback episodes, and one the best episodes!

    Once I've seen this episode, it was funny, but kinda slightly nasty a bit, and thry got problems over body parts and stuff. Anyway, Season 8 is good and better than I thought, but Season 9 slightly sucked, and Season 8 is better than that. This is my top 50 episodes so far.
  • Back in pre-school, the boys (including Butters) betray one of their fellow pre-schoolers. After 5 years he his out on parole and looking for revenge. The boys must find help from the 6 graders but to no avail.

    Excellent episode. Strong story line with good character development throughout. Altough not the best in this stellar season, it would still be an instant classic in any other season, fans would kill for an episode like this after the truly terrible \'a million tiny fibres\' and \'man-bear-pig\' during season 10. The scene on the pedestrian crossing with the incapacitated teacher is brillant although a little edgy for my tastes. Always love an an episode with the 6th graders, they always make for an interesting episode like in \'the return of the lord of the rings to the two towers\'. Their appearance in that episode really made that one a true classic.
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