South Park

Season 2 Episode 18

Prehistoric Ice Man

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 20, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • Prehistoric Man

    After the rest of Season 2 I think I needed to see some better episodes and maybe better animation as well on top of that. If you liked Season 2 then you must be a bit mad in the head then because I thought it was not very good at all apart from Ike's Wee Wee.
    Anyway, children let's take our seats we have alot to review today (We sure do, Mr. Hat). Prehistoric Man is when the kids find a man in the snow and find out that he can communicate and that is about that for Season Two
    ;D Family Guy's still better though.
  • Steve or Gorak?: A Dissertation

    Like many of the episodes in Season 2, this episode has many, many great moments, but overall, it just doesn't live up to later seasons.

    Taken on its own, we have Cartman's Steve Irwin impression, a frozen man from 1996, his 1996 habitat, and another appearance of Mephisto.

    All of these elements make for great comedy, and this episode is great for these elements. There isn't a whole lot of social commentary in this episode, though the episode finally examines Stan and Kyle's best friends relationship.

    This episode is not a bad episode, but it is certainly clear that it was the final episode of the run.
  • Now I'm gonna stick my thumb up his butthole. That'll really piss him off!

    This fairly unpopular season finale is not one of my favorites, but I would certainly regard it as one of Season Two’s better outings. I thought the 1996 jokes were a riot, even if the plot got too silly from time to time. Luckily, the action was never repetitive, as is common for this age of the series. And watching Stan and Kyle both trying to be Cartman’s best friend is entirely worth a watch.
  • I think Steve is a good name for a prehistoric ice man.

    This episode was a very funny and lighthearted episode. I liked the obvious parody of Steve Irwin and I really liked Cartman's hero worship of him, it was really funny. The ice-man story took second place to the Steve Irwin storyline, but it was still good, nonetheless. I was glad Mephesto made another appearance in this episode, but it must almost be his last in the entire series. One of the funniest things in this episode was the fact that Gorak was from the year 1996, but they didn't seem to think that he spoke their language or could understand them, when he clearly could.
  • The boys find a prehistoric ice-man.

    The boys, either Stan or Kyle finds a ice man hidden a a large hole when Kyle fell down it. Then Stan and Kyle aren't friends anymore because of their dissagreement over who actually found the ice man. The ice man meanwhile tries to find what is left of his old lfie fro mthe acient year of 1996. He is shocked that the Falcosn are in the Super Bowl and he has no clue what ios gonig on now 2 years into his future. It is a great episode and one of the "underrated classics." I highly suggest you watch it.
  • Is this the end of Kyle and Stan's relationship?

    Could this be the end of Kyle and Stan's friendship
    As they want to claim credit for thawing out the
    Prehistoric man that was on ice and the government wants to
    Use him as a pawn for Sweden for some unknown reason
    What was funny is that Cartman wants to act like the
    Steve Irwin character from the Crocodile Hunter in which I LOL!