South Park

Season 4 Episode 10

Probably (2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 26, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • Probably

    Saddam Hussein is one of the most annoying people on South Park and Chris is probably the puff of all of the South Park episodes. I love the conversation is hilarious between the devil and the funny little rat creature Jesus (or God). Is it God? I think it is God!
    Eric Cartman is so funny but he is a spoilt brat as well... I think Kyle is the best kid but why the hell is Saddam in love with Satan? "You are a **** Chris I don't like you and go away" and "Saddam Hussein is an **** A very funny episode, a classic.
    :D "Probably" is a fantastic conclusion, probably.
  • Just a little better than its predecessor.

    I came into this episode expecting great things and all that came out of it were good things. Cartman's plan to earn 10 million dollars was pretty funny and I liked how they turned Kenny's story around, no-one was expecting that. Cartman as a faith healer was pretty funny, and I liked especially how he helped Timmy to walk. I also liked the boy's reaction when they realized what Cartman was trying to do and it was funny how he then got banished to Mexico. Jesus came through in the end to save everyone from what would surely be an evil cult led by Cartman.
  • The second part of this fourth season two-parter continues the homosexual love triangle story between Chris, Satan, and Saddam Hussein, and also continues with Cartman as a southern Baptist "televangelist."

    The second part of this fourth season two-parter continues the homosexual love triangle story between Chris, Satan, and Saddam Hussein, and also continues with Cartman as a southern Baptist "televangelist." While this plot line sets up some great Cartman scenes, it also makes a comment about televangelists and their need for money. Because, of course, Cartman isn't preaching to help people, he is preaching so that he can make money. Is this what is REALLY going on behind televangelism??

    Overall, this episode does a great job of finishing off the story, and even puts an end to the whole Satan/Saddam plot arc. Nicely done.
  • The exciting conclusion, in which it is revealed that in Hell, everyone speaks Spanish.

    This episode, while somewhat more lighthearted than part 1, is still sharply satirical. The boys continue their Evangelical movement; Satan is having relationship problems (again); Kenny is stuck in Mexico; and it turns out only Mormons get into Heaven. Go figure.

    By the point this episode opens, Cartman's new church has attained cult status - the town's children are refusing to go to school, having completely devoted their lives to this new religion. Of course, as it turns out, it was just a big scam in which Cartman was taking the money of the town's youth for personal purposes.

    Oh, and after getting some sound advice from God, Satan decides he's better off single. You go, Satan. You go.

    This episode wasn't so much a tirade against religion, but a warning against letting religious zeal get out of hand. Also, you're reminded what a terrible, terrible human being Cartman is. Great episode.
  • "Probably" is the conclusion to one of my favorite episodes of South Park.

    Ah, what can I say about "Probably"? Besides being a quite humorous conclusion to one of my favorite episodes of season 4, I also found the episode to carry on the message of the first part: it continued along the path of poking fun at religion, with the Catholic faith taking the brunt of the writers mocking.

    The episode opens up with Cartman receiving a call from Kenny, thinking he arrived in hell, and when he begins to hear Kenny's description of the area, Cartman fears that the afterlife for the sinning children of South Park will end up there. However, what was slightly comical was that Kenny was alive and well south of the Border and didn't understand the language of the native Hispanics of the area. I thought that it was kind of quaint and fitting that Cartman decided to share his conversation with the "deceased" Kenny with his congregation about how horrible the afterlife is; fitting since Priest Maxi did the same thing in the first part of the episode.

    Another thing that I enjoyed about Cartman's church was how the adults of the town was able to break his strong hold on the other kids, by bringing in Jesus and the church's nun to talk sense into the youngsters. What I found truly comical was how Jesus, the nun, and ultimately Kyle and Stan decide to send to send Cartman to "hell", only to in the same place that Kenny is at, for his punishment.

    One thing that I found to be an improvement over the previous episode was Satan's storyline and how he went about to fix his love life. I thought that it was kind of fitting that he went up to Heaven to discuss what he should do with Saddam and Chris. What I found to be quite funny was how the viewers learn that only Latter Day Saints are the only group of people who truly arrive in Heaven upon death, despite what other religious groups said in the past. Back to Satan seeking advice from God, I thought it was a nice twist to the lessons people learn in church: that God and the devil are enemies. I also thought that it was kind of funny that Satan decided to get rid of Saddam by sending up to heaven to have to deal with the Mormons who are having a blast in the afterlife.

    In all, I found "Probably" to be a great episode. It certainly kept me laughing through the course of the half hour.