South Park

Season 6 Episode 6

Professor Chaos

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • Some episode this is I like it

    In this episode Cartman,Stan, and Kyle want to replace Butters with a new best friend. How can Kenny still be dead he somehow comes back to life. Then Butters is mad and goes to the dark side and becomes Professor Chaos. Then Cartman,Stan, and Kyle do a parody of those shows that a person gets something to still be in the game When I saw this episode I thought of Flavor of love, rock of love and others but does show didn't come out when this episode aired. The Professor Chaos tries to do bad things but no one takes him seriody then this kid Dougie joins Professor Chaos and becomes General Disarray and Tweek is Cartman,Stan, and Kyle new best friend
  • Professor Chaos

    Butters is fired as the boys fourth friend and they start a search for a new one.

    Meanwhile Proffessor Chaos (butters) and General Disarray plan to destroy the world through various means.

    The reality show like contest for the fourth friend is downright hilarious and has a fine conclusion. I really like this episode and it places among my favorites, introducing Proffessor Chaos who is used throughout the series. If you don't want spoilers read no further.

    The boys end up choosing Tweek. I really like Tweek and how he plays out in the next few episodes, unfortunately they dump him with no real explanation before he really becomes an integral part of the story. I'm glad they brought back Kenny, but I wonder what South Park would be like if he had stayed dead and Tweek had become the permanent fourth friend.
  • If you researched "Classic Animated Episode"; the first link would be:

    In it; Cartman, Stan and Kyle are tired of having Butters as their 4th best friend so they dump him and hold a Bachelor - style contest to find their new replacement for the late Kenny. Meanwhile Butters, dejected after his rejection, creates a new alter - ego; Professor Chaos who is the new villain of South Park.

    During the period where Kenny was killed and Butters the pansy took his place; it was becoming evident that no episode will ever be the same quality without him while this episode is firm proof to the opposite. The send - up of the Bachelor show is side - splitting in itself but you're also keen to see it all unravel as their decision will have a semi - permanent effect on the show. The Butter/Professor Chaos sub - plot takes a little while to find it's feet but once he sets out on a doomed mission to destroy the world; you'll need a tow truck to get you away from the screen.

    This episode is also one of our last chances to see Pip as a main character as he's gone by the next season and what seems like a take on TV cliffhangers actually sees one recurring character killed off forever. It just goes to show how the ever - expanding development of the four boys is taking its toll on the appearences of the side characters. The episode looks and sounds terrific and this time pistol - slinging Matt Stone delivers the best performance of the episode with a superb vocal routine as Butters.

    Professor Chaos is a classic example of how good South Park can be; it's a winner on all counts.
  • Funny. Plain and simple.

    This episode is about Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny all buying weapons and acting like japenese warriors. They go to Craig's house, where him, Clyde, Token, and Jimmy are, they don't want to fight. After Butters is turned down to join by the four, he becomes Professor Chaos and fights them. Kenny takes it seriously and actually throws a star at Butter's eye at cuts his eye open. Later, Clyde, Token, Craig, and Jimmy come back and fight them. Butters escapes and makes it to a hospital. The eight boys look for him. Craig, Clyde, Token, and Jimmy ditch them. They go back to the fair where they bought the weapons and want their money back. They can't though. Cartman walks through the crowd naked and everyone gets angry. Overall, I give this episode a 9.2.

    Another great episode. After being taken out of the south par boys group Butters becomes his evil super villain ego Professor chaos. While doing simple crimes that seem to not affect anything the boys look for a replacement for Butters. Dougie joins up with Butters. In the end the boys pick Tweak to be the new replacement. Id say this is a good episode their is a few twist at the end like Ms Choksondic dying. Butters evil plan apparently fails in the end and all and all i would say this is one of the best episodes of season 6.
  • One of the true greats of South Park, I've never laughed harder.

    Arguably the best episode ever created, it really captures how stupid and childish Butters really is and Towelie makes a guest appearance which really put the episode over the top. The game show was one of the funniest things ive ever witnessed and i love how it satirized the cheesiness of the Bachelor. Any episode where Cartman has a central role is always hilarious and this episode is no different ("get the fudge out"). But the ending definately takes the cake, the way that they made fun of those cheesy cliffhanger endings was the one of the best moments in south park history, I've never laughed harder in my life.

    In this episode, the boys make a parody of "The Bachelor" and try to find a new 4th friend because Butters was to "lame". Also, Butters becomes Professor Chaos and tries to screw with everyone, but Butters couldnt do anything. I liked all of the stuff with the friends in the "auditions" but the one I liked the best was Towelie trying to play "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zepplin while high. Great episode.
  • Butters is an outcast, so he vows to get revenge and becomes a corny super villian: Professor Chaos. Meanwhile, Stan, Kyle, and Cartman look for a replacement for Kenny since Butters stunk. Tweek is chosen as the 4th friend, and Mrs. Choksondik dies.

    This episode is very veru funny and yet it is also a turning point in South Park. The boys' teacher Mrs. Choksondik dies, and they finally have a replacement for Kenny, because Butters just simply didn't cut it. Tweek is chosen and I was very happy about this because it seemed that we would finally get to see mroe of Tweek. Tweek is my favorite character (as you may have guessed) and I was dissapointed when he didn't last long as the 4th friend. However, the boys DID actually like Tweek, but the return of Kenny in season 7 put Tweek back at the role of a minor character. I am glad that Kenny is back though!
  • 85th Episode

    Butters is a hilarious character to be chosen as a superhero, and this episode shows the true mind of Butters the outcast, aka Professor Chaos.

    Not only is this one of the best Butters-featured episodes, it is also a classic fourth friend competition with great scenes involving Token, Tweek and Jimmy.

    Professor Chaos' evil schemes to hide erasers, swap dinner orders and flood the Earth with a hose is very funny as is the fact that most of the town don't realise he's just Butters with alfoil surrounding his head.

    Overall, this brilliant episode introduces Butters' alter-ego in a spectacular way that will become even funnier in a later episode.
  • The greatest South Park episode ever.

    Lmao!!!!! This show was almost perfect until season six when Professor Chaos came out. Now it is perfect. Professor Chaos is the funniest episode ever, or at least tied with the lord of the rings one. This episode made Butters my favorite character also.

    Anyways, after Kenny\'s death the boys chose Butters to be their new replacement for Kenny and in this episode they decided to replace Butters for being so...lame...Butters becomes angry at the world and unleashed his alter ego...Professor Chaos. He tries to take over the world and unleash his evi. And oh my god he is so pathetic. And that is why he is so cool. Meanwhile the boys choose who their new friend should be and they try to make it like a gameshow. It\'s funny.
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