South Park

Season 5 Episode 7

Proper Condom Use

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 01, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • Decent Episode But Honestly there's too much Gross And Disgusting Moments.


    I Have to say this is a good episode, But what really caught my eye was the Gross sex talk and Footage, and Not in a good way.

    When i saw this episode i thought it was going to be good just like most south park episodes but it looked more disgusting then hilarious, I swore to myself that i would never watch this episode ever again, but besides that i really liked this episode, the battle scene was probably my favorite part of the episode.

    ill give it a 6.0/10

  • superb

    What I liked: Garrison and the kindergarten class going over different sex positions/moves he had taught them, the camera panning to him when Chef says 'creepy pervert', the girls and boys waging war, the girls upset because the boys weren't wearing condoms, 'red rocket', amongst other things.

    Besides Mackey and Choksondick having sex (that scene is disgusting), this was a pretty funny episode. That one scene is the only thing I did not like, the rest was really nice, so my final grade is going to be a B or so, I think is fair
  • Have to say this has got to be my favourite South Park episode. There are plenty of great episodes but this one has to be up there with the best.

    This episode really has some of the best gags going. Starting off with the whole milking the dog/red rocket scene the episode just builds and builds. Best lines............................

    Mr. Mackey: I'm pretty sure I took...yeah I took the penis and I...well what the hell did I do with that damn thing?

    Butters: Oh it's sticky.

    Butters: Just walk away, you can put a stop to all this. Just walk away and we will spare your lives. Just walk away.

    Chef: But if you leave it up to the schools to teach sex to kids, you don't know who they're learning it from. It could be someone who doesn't know. Someone who has a bad opinion of it. Or even a complete pervert.
    Mr Garrison: What, why did you pan to me just now, what the hell's that supposed to mean?

    Stan: But Chef, when is the right age for us to start having sex?
    Chef: It's very simple children. The right time to start having sex is...17.
    Kyle: 17?
    Chef: 17.
    Sheila Broflovski: So you mean 17 as long as you're in love?
    Chef: Nope, just 17.
    Gerald Broflovski: But what if you're not ready at 17?
    Chef: 17, you're ready.

    Mr Garrisons voice over the final credits.

    Best scene............................

    When Mr Mackey and Ms Choksondik start going for it, the shot with Mr Mackeys scrawney butt popping up from the bottom of the screen is just great.


    Great episode, should be much higher on the list of top South Park episodes.
  • Proper Condom Use

    A highly hilarious episode, spilled over with gigantic laughs and superb characters involved with the season five treat. If there was ever a fantastic and entertaining episode, then this Proper Condom Use would be an example.
    Though not the best episode, this certainly shows a triumph as Mr. Mackey finally indulges in some good old buckaroo with that creepy crawly Ms. Choksondik. Before she dies later in South Park, I mean.
    So, I enjoyed this episode. I hope ya do too. And to be honest, fair's fair. This sure is a hell of a laughing out loud episode
    ;D Enjoyable and superb !
  • "The right time to start having sex is...seventeen."

    Here is my review for this good episode of "South Park". It is called "Proper Condom Use". It is about the children of South Park Elementary being taught sexual education after Stan was caught beating off his dog Sparky (He didn't even know that what he was doing was sexual, especially because it was Cartman and Kenny that taught him how to do it). The boys of fourth grade were being taught by Mr. Mackey (who was having a lousy time teaching them, since he knew nothing about sex), while the girls of fourth grade were being taught by Ms. Choksondik (who was scaring all the girls by telling them all the negative things about sex). The girls believe that all the boys need to wear condoms when they hang out with them, so they get condoms and wear them. But then, when the teachers learn what is happening, they decide to teach sex-ed to the kindergarteners. When the boys learn that they don't need to wear the condoms, they believe the girls were to blame, and they battle each other ala "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior". When the adults see what happens, they learn that it wasn't at all right for the children to be taught sex-ed at a young age, as Chef tried to tell them earlier in this episode. The first time I saw this episode, I thought it was the episode "Cartmanland", because of it opening with Stan and Kyle torturing an action figure of Jennifer Lopez (until I saw how they tortured it). I really liked this episode ever since I saw it on TV, and I still like watching it now that I have it on DVD. It's very, very good.
  • The first time I saw this episode I learnt things...terrible things.

    This episode made me laugh a lot, but it also disgusted me a fair bit. I didn't like the whole 'red rocket' thing at the start of the episode, I'd prefer if they didn't show that kind of stuff. But the kids acting like kids was hilarious, especially when they thought they were going to get diseases just like that. It became a bit out of hand later on and I thought Butters' speech to the girls towards the end of the episode was very good and well planned out. Then Chef made me laugh at the end of the episode and it all balanced out.
  • 72nd Episode

    Definitely a memorable episode, Proper Condom Use also has scenes that you would rather forget, namely the inappropriate scene with Mr Mackey and Ms Choksondik which would have been better off mentioned than seen.

    However the "red rocket" scenes and Chef's outrage aswell as his lecture that kids should be 17 before they have sex (and not a year older).

    My favourite scenes involve Butters putting on his first condom and Mr Garrison's lesson to the kindergartners which as Chef points out later is done by a complete perv ("Why'd you pan to me when you said that?)

    Overall, a disturbing episode which would be rated much lower if it didn't have so many laughs in it.
  • The kids all get sex ed and the teachers implement scare tactics in teching them. This leads the boys to be convinced the girls are responsible for STD's, while the girls think it's the boys fault they get STD's.

    Such a good episode. Mr Garrison teaching the kindergarteners sex positions is hilarious and Butters first putting on his comdom had me on the floor laughing. The best part of this episode is how it progressed from the kids "milking" the dogs "red rockets", to the boys and girls waging war on each other. What a great plot.
  • The kids learn sex ed, with hilarious results.

    This is unquestionably one of my favorite South Park episodes, and not just because of the gross-out humor (although there is plenty of that). As my mother, a career schoolteacher, has pointed out, the wonderful thing about the kids in South Park is that, despite all of their "mature" jokes and experiences, they still react as kids would (and do) to the world around them. This episode is one of the best examples. Who here doesn't remember knowing more about the world than their parents wanted?

    The episode's classic moment is when the boys are trying on condoms at the bus stop. I recommend this episode on the strength of that scene alone. A true South Park classic.
  • South Park parents get a sex-ed scare and start demanding that the schools teach it to their children. The lessons only cause confusion to the kids, who end up creating a gender battle to stay clean of STDs.

    This episode was banned I guess in the U.K. by a station, as well as given a higher rating in Austrailia, and it really shouldn't be too surprising. As always, Matt and Trey push the limits whenever and however they can, this time in a sexual nature. Some scenes are just down-right disturbing; namely when the kids begin giving the neighbourhood dogs 'red rockets'. Mr. Mackey and Ms. Chokesondic having sex wasn\'t really eye-candy either - it wasn't that it showed too much or anything like that...but really, who wants to even have the idea of those two going at it in their heads? It definitely had more than it's fair share of funny moments, specifically the scene 'borrowed' from Mad Max when Butters uses dialouge from the movie. Not the greatest episode the season produced, but not a bad one by any means.