South Park

Season 5 Episode 7

Proper Condom Use

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 01, 2001 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • When Cartman says "Red Rocket", his mouth moves but he doesn't speak.

    • Mr. Adler, the shop-class teacher reappears in this episode. It is the first time he appears since "Tweek vs. Craig."

    • Hepatitis actually is not considered an STD, contrary to what Ms. Choksondick said.

    • The hospital in South Park is called "Hell's Pass Hospital." The ambulance seen in the background says "South Park Hospital" on it.

    • Why didn't Mr. Mackey's head deflate like it did in "Ike's Wee-wee" when he took off his tie? He said that he had no self-esteem, so it couldn't be symbolism that gives him a swelled head.

    • It is impossible for a boomerang to cut through the skull like that. With weight-to-density ratios, bone is harder than wood, and so the boomerang would crack well before it split Kenny's skull.

    • When Mr. Mackey is talking to the boys, he is standing in front of the projector, but the picture does not show up on his face.

    • Mr. Mackey said he hasn't done "it" in a very long time (like 12 years or something), but in "Ike's Wee Wee" he does "it" with that one chick when he was high. The reason he doesn't remember doing it is the fact that he was high.

    • Although Sky One banned this episode, it once had a trailer that contained clips from this episode.

    • The words "Sexually transmitted diseases" appear on the chalkboard before Miss Chokesondick writes them (in the closeup shot) and in the wide shot, they disappear.

    • This episode hasn't aired on the British channel, "Sky".

    • Mr. Mackey said he never had sex since like college, but in "Something You Can Do With Your Finger", he was getting kinky with Cartman's mom. When he was abusing marijuana and on his downward spiral (even becoming a hippie), he was intimate with a hippie woman (even eventually marrying her).

    • In episode 204 "Ike's Wee Wee," Mr. Mackey's head shrunk back to normal size when he took off his tie. In this episode however, his head stays the same when he's going to have sex with Ms. Choksondick.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Mackey: Penis or vagina! Right, oral sex. Mmkay.

    • Ms. Choksondick: Here's a little picture of Herpes...
      (She shows the picture and the girls scream.)
      Ms. Choksondick: And here's a little Syphilis for you...
      (She shows another picture and the girls scream again.)
      Ms. Choksondick: That's right; unless you get your boyfriends to wear condums, you can AND will get these diseases!

    • Sheila: I think my boy does need to learn about sexual education………from the school.

    • Cartman: That's what it's called when you milk a dog; Beating it off. God, don't you guys know anything?

    • Stan: Cartman, what the hell are you doing?
      Cartman: I'm milking the dog. They make dog milk.

    • Stan: Don't look at Butters' schlong, gaymo!
      Cartman: (in panicking voice) I wasn't looking as his schlong, I was seeing how to put the condom on!
      Kyle: Sure.

    • Butters: Oh geez, I don't wanna get the AIDS fellas.

    • Mr. McCormick: Yeah, why just this afternoon our son was caught beating off our dog.

    • (Stan & Kyle torture a Jennifer Lopez doll)
      Stan: So, we meet again, Jennifer Lopez!
      Kyle: (voicing Jennifer Lopez) No, no, please! This time I swear I won't make albums or movies.
      Stan: That's what you said last time, but obviously we must now resort to more drastic measures.
      (uses magnifying glass to burn the doll)
      Kyle: (voicing Jennifer Lopez) Oh God it burns! It burns!
      Stan: Scream for me, bitch!

    • Cartman: Just tell them that if they leave town peacefully, we won't have to resort to violence.
      Butters: [wearing mask; deep voice] Just walk away. You can put a stop to all this. Just walk away and we will spare your lives. Just walk away.
      Kyle: [to Stan] Man, he's pretty good.

    • Stan: But Chef, when IS the right time for us to start having sex?
      Chef: It's very simple, children; The right time to start having sex is…seventeen.
      Kyle: Seventeen?
      Chef: Seventeen.
      Sheila: So, you mean seventeen as long as you're in love?
      Chef: Nope, just seventeen.
      Gerald: But what if you're not ready at seventeen?
      Chef: Seventeen. You're ready.

    • Ms. Choksondik: Alright girls. Yesterday we went over the myriad of diseases you can get from boys, but today we're going to talk about the most horrible they can give you of all. Pregnancy!

    • Filmore: Can we do fingerpaint?
      Mr. Garrison: No, we can't do fingerpaint! You kids wanna get herpes? Huh? How about a nice bucket of AIDS? Sound good?

    • Cartman: Butters, will you stop filibustering?

    • Chef: Hello there, children.
      Boys: Hey, Chef.
      Chef: How is sexual-education class coming?
      Stan: It's dumb. Mister Mackey didn't teach us nothing.
      Chef: Yeah, I don't think ol' Mackey knows a hymen from a hysterectomy. And Ms. Choksondik? I'd be surprised she's ever been laid in her life.
      Kyle: Yeah. Chef, what's "laid"?
      Chef: Oh, nothing. Now move along, children, you're holding up the line.

    • Ms. Choksondik: You think that sex is about fun and games and love? Wrong! Sex is about disease!

    • [Mr. Mackey doesn't know about sex]
      Stan: Dude, haven't you ever had intercourse, Mr. Mackey?
      Mr. Mackey: Well, sure I have! It's just I was about 19 at the time, so it's been about 21 years, m'kay. Let's see, uh, I'm pretty sure I took the -. Yeah I took the penis, and I but what the hell did I do with that damned thing?

    • Sharon: Stanley, what the hell are you doing?
      Stan: I'm beating off the dog.

    • Stan: I had no idea dogs made milk. Do it again.
      Cartman: Dumbass, you can only milk a dog once every few hours. It doesn't work if you beat off the dog again right away.

    • Chef: Look, schools are teaching condom use to younger and younger students each day! But sex isn't something that should be taught in textbooks and diagrams. Sex is emotional and spiritual. It needs to be taught by family. I know it can be hard, parents, but if you leave it up to the schools to teach sex to kids, you don't know who they're learning it from. It could be from someone who doesn't know, [pans to Mr. Mackey] someone who has a bad opinion of it, [pans to Ms. Choksondik] or even a complete pervert. [pans to Mr. Garrison]
      Mr. Garrison: What? Why did you pan to me just now? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

    • Sharon: Stanley, do you know why we grounded you for a month?
      Stan: No.
      Randy: Beating off the dog is never appropriate when we have company over. (glances at Sharon) I mean EVER! Beating off the dog is never appropriate ever!

  • Notes

    • In Australia, this episode received an MA rating (as opposed to the usual M) and as such its screening time on SBS was pushed back from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.

    • This episode was banned by Sky in the UK during the initial series run, and hasn't shown it since. Channel 4 in the UK has shown it.

    • Stan and Kyle continue to torture the Jennifer Lopez doll after they began to torture it in "Cartmanland".

    • The end credits feature Mr. Garrison going over more sexual positions with his kindergarten students.

    • Butters uttered actual dialog from "The Road Warrior" in the sequence where Kenny died.

  • Allusions

    • Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior:

      Butters: Just Walk Away

      Butters delivers a warning to the girls to "just walk away" this speech is from the 1981 film Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, and Butters is also wearing a mask like 'The Humungus,' the man delivering the speech in that film.

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