South Park

Season 3 Episode 1

Rainforest Schmainforest

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 07, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • sadsad

    i so want see this but.....does not appear in Finland :/
  • perfect

    What I liked: Cartman beating the animals with the stick, the name of the choir being "getting gay with kids", Cartman making fun of Kyle for being Jewish and supposedly that being why Kyle can't get the choreography down, the revamped lyrics to the song, "Oh my God they killed Kenny!" "Who?" "What?" "Who killed Kenny?" "They did!"

    This episode was pretty much laugh a minute and although the plot did not interest me a lot, I can't bring my grade down because of how funny I thought the episode was, and so because of all of this my final grade is easily going to be an A+.
  • One of the most ignorant episodes

    This is a horribly written episode that ignorantly tries to make fun of everything unAmerican - a recurring theme in South Park. The writers show their genuine ignorance of all things Central American and Costa Rican by including several blatantly incorrect "facts".

    It is also incredibly obvious that the writers of this episode are guilty of the exact same thing they accuse their targets of: ignorance about the rain forest and Costa Rica. If you've never been out of the US, don't target others who haven't been out of the US because it makes you look like an ignorant know-it-all moron. This is a truly embarrassing episode of an otherwise good series and one of many low points where the writers happily show off their ignorance, small-mindedness and utter stupidity.
  • Cartman and his best and the Writer's hatred at their best

    The boys get recruited to join a choir group performing in Costa Rica to help save the rainforest. The choir leader, Miss Stevens (Jennifer Aniston), wants to teach everyone how wonder the rainforest is, and leads the group on a nature tour, only to get hopelessly lost in the wilderness where they fall victim to wild animals, quicksand, violent natives and rebel troops. Only Cartman, who sneaks away after getting fed up with Miss Stevens' love of nature, can save his classmates. This episode proves that South Park can poke fun at a country just as well as the Simpsons can with their satirizing of Costa Rica proving just as funny as The Simpson's lampooning of Australia, Canada, England, Brazil, Japan and France. The sub - plot with Kenny and his sweetheart adds a bit of depth but Cartman all - around steals the show as he reflects the immature, cynical and often prejudice brat in all of us.

    Aside from Cartman's antics; there are other hilarious bits but overall the subtle gags are the ones that work best. Both of the songs are also pretty funny. The episode portrays Costa Rica as dingy slums and although the animation is often a little too cut and paste; it's a lot smoother in its presentation than usual. Trey Parker is scene - stealing as Cartman and Mr. Mackey who gets to show his Spanish tongue in this episode but there are other great performances like Jennifer Aniston as Miss Stevens who is very belivable at being both sweet and hot - tempered. There are also some other South American stereotype voices and some work better than others.

    Overall this is just an underrated classic episode which should please all fans no matter how faithful they are to the show.
  • One of the very best episodes of the series.

    The episode "Rainforest Schmainforest" was the turning point for the series. In the first two seasons, Gnomes was the only good episode, but Trey and Matt got off to a hot start in Season 3. Trey Parker has stated that he visited the Rainforest in Costa Rica. He apparently hated it so much that Trey and Matt made this episode to show their thoughts on the Rainforest. Trey even stated that "the only people who want to save the rainforest have never been there." He also said that everything Cartman thought and said about the place was how he [Trey] truly felt about the Rainforest and Costa Rica. Their episode sured slapped the activists right in the face. Now remember this: "Join the fight now and help stop the Rainforest before it's too late."
  • Kenny falls in love!

    This one is one of the best episodes in my opinion.In this one the boys get in trouble and end up having to go on the choir tour Gettin Gay With Kids!Also in this one Kenny tries to gain the love of a girl from the choir,named Kelly who has a bad habbit of picking her nose,but there is a problem, they both live on oppisite sides of the country,so Kelly fears that having a long distance relationship will not work out.During the choir tour they get lost in the rainforest where they discover rebels and the mysterious people of the Yanagappa tribe.They end up being captured by the Yanagappa who plan to offer Mrs.Stevens to there god,so he can make love to her.They are finally saved by a group of construction workers who were cutting trees down.This experence finally let Kelly open up and become Kenny's girlfriend.This a good episode for fans of Kenny and those who like romantic episodes.
  • gettin gay with kids !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    when the boys are forced to go to costa rica for something to save the rainforest , a tribe kidnaps them! ....... mwahahahahaha this was a funny episode ! one of my top 5s . i srsly recommend it for all south park lovers . my god this was a good episode. a really good episdoe. if your a major , medium , or even a minor south park fan ! you will love this episode. a must watch. a must watch. when trey and matt made this you can tell were geniuses . thanks to the writers for making this epiosde .
  • I believe that this episode signals the beginning of South Park's golden run, which is yet to end.

    I thought that this episode was extremely funny and I really liked it a lot. What a great way to start the third season!! I thought the idea of the boys becoming activists was hilarious and I just knew that Cartman and Costa Rica weren't going to mix all that well. I liked how easily swayed the choir teacher was in the end, that made me laugh a lot. But I think the funniest scene of the whole episode was Cartman asserting his "authoritah" to all the native animals of Costa Rica, "That's a bad three-toed sloth!!" The song at the end was pretty good also.
  • Best Episode Ever

    I don't tire of this episode. I've seen it so many times and it just gets funnier each time.

    For those of you who haven't seen this episode, I suggest you do. Basically, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are rude in class and as punishment are sent to go and sing with the kids choir, "Getting Gay With Kids". They get lost in the rain forest when their tour guide is eaten, and the rest is history.

    I can't see Jennifer Aniston anymore without thinking of this episode. This has got to be her greatest work ever.

    I'd highly recommend this episode to everyone.
  • "Join the fight now and help stop the Rainforest before it's too late."

    In this episode the kids are forced to go on the Activists kids Choir "Getting Gay with Kids" to save the Costa Rican Rainforest, Cartman hits stuff with a stick and insults the Country [based on when Trey Parker went there], Stan screams, Kyle has no rhythm [because he is a Jew] and Kenny is trying to get boinked. How the Choir teacher Mrs. Stevens went from loving the Rainforest to telling people to tear the ******* thing down cracked me up, this is why all Activists are wrong, tear down the Forest, and you can do that by voting Republican ;). Very funny episode.
  • In this season premiere, South Park has finally begun to reach its stride. Rainforest Schmainforest is a great episode.

    In this season premiere, South Park has finally begun to reach its stride. Rainforest Schmainforest is a great episode.

    GGWK are here to take the boys away to the rainforest. It is in need of protection, and what better way to let people know than a big group of kids getting gay!

    There are many great moments in this episode, including Cartman bashing a sloth on the head with a stick. Jennifer Aniston makes an appearance as the leader of GGWK. Her performance is good, but it is easy to see that she does not do voiceovers very often.

    This episode is very good, and does well to show what is to come.
  • The boys join a choir and get trapped in the rainforest.

    A FANTASTIC episode about the boys joining an activist choir because they think it is gay and Mr. Mackey makes them join. They go to the Amazon but their tour guide is eaten by a snake. They try to get out but they are soon caught in a debacle full of crazy midget men, large bugs, and guerilla war groups. Cartman is the only one to find a way out and Kenny meets a girl whom he really lieks and the two become boyfriend and girlfriend. A must-watch and this is the first real Classic of South Park. You have to watch it!
  • A "naive" (to put it politlly) choir teacher takes the kids to the rain forest where they discover what they are really trying to save.

    This episode begins with the kids having to listen to a presentation by the Getting Gay with Kids Choir G.G.W.K.'s. As usual the kids, especially Cartman, are making fun of the group. Mr. Garrison sorta comes to the aid of Mrs. Stevens and sends the kids to the Counselor. I still don't know exactly Mr. Makey was able to force the kids on a field trip of this kind since it would normally take parents permission first a quite a bit of money per kid which Kenny definatly could not afford. The kids group getting lost in the forest is hysterical from the Guide getting eaten, cartman hitting things with sticks, the bug, Tony Danza, and the Wannagoppa. The end song was good and the message at the end was hilarious.
  • Oh my God...

    I remember watching this one when it first came out with three of my friends. It's a half-hour show, less commercial time, so it's probably 22, 23 minutes of actual show.

    That 23 minutes took us damn near 45 minutes to watch, because we were all laughing so hard and had to keep rewinding. I mean, we were crying, almost howling with laughter. From Cartman's attitude, to the surrealism of the rainforest scenes(the coral snake springs to mind), it was just great. I still watch it about once a month.

    This episode shows the essence of South Park, and is definitely one of the best ever.
  • This episode was bust-a-gut funny. My favorite episode, to say the least.

    This episode always reminds me why I watch South Park, due to its funny plot, hilarious lines, and always laugh out loud ending. Always funny, whenever I watch it. The best part of this episode, in my opinion, is when Ms. Stevens finally admits her true feeling about the "f**king rainforest".
  • The boys take a trip to a Central American rainforest with their school, to learn about how they must try to preserve rainforests around the world.

    This really is a series classic as this episode involves Mexicans, rainforests, activists, and Tony Danza. When a group of young activists vists South Park as part of a "Getting Gay with Kids" program, the boys are taken away to Mexico to try to spread the word about saving rainforests. Meanwhile Kenny falls in love.
  • I found this to be one of the funniest episodes of South Park ever.

    I watched this episode the other day, and i found it really hard to not laugh at the top of the lungs for the whole thing, which was annoying as it was about 2 in th morning and i didnt want to wake people up.

    I cant remember why i found it so funny, but all i can remember is that it was sooo good.