South Park

Season 7 Episode 14


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • favorite episode of south park? it's quite up there for sure

    Wendy breaks up with Stan. The guys bring him to Raisins (South Park version of Hooters), but it does nothing for Stan, who continues to be depressed and eventually becomes goth. Butters however met a girl at Raisins whom he falls in love with. But does this girl really love him too?

    I think this is one of my favorite episodes of South Park, if not my all-time favorite. There are some sad scenes/moments, and a lot of hilarity, and it is overall just a sheer pleasure to watch. Definitely giving this episode an A+. Perfect episode in every way!
  • Butters finds true love... Stan's heart is broken.

    This episode is so great because clears up one thing... Butters is not gay I love how he doesn't realize that Lexus, the raisins girl, talks to everyone like she talks to him. All of the raisins girls say sweetie and hunnie to customers for extra tips. I also liked how Stan went into a deep depression after Wendy broke up with him. When the Goth kids bring him in, he has to wear black to be one of them, but they always talk about how conformists are bad and they always dress like eachother. This Story has a good moral, "You need something really special to make you sad after you don't have it anymore." Stan and Butters really develop in this one.
  • Wendy breaks up with Stan and Butters gets a girlfriend... might not sound much, but it's probably my favorite episode!

    The episode begins with the boys playing football, when Bebe stops the match to tell Stan that Wendy's breaking up with him. Stan is shocked and depressed for days. To try to cheer him up, the boys take him to Raisins, a fast-food restaurant where the waitresses are young girls that tries to flirt with boys to get tip.
    While they were there, Butters meet Lexus, one of the waitresses, and falls in love. Stan, however, only feels horrible. To make things worse, he finds out that Wendy is now together with Token.
    Stan eventually joins the goth kids, seeing as they would be the only ones who understand them.

    I just loved this episode because it gave Butters a pretty good role and the whole thing with Wendy breaking up with Stan was a good way of introducing the goth kids (and I found it quite loveable that one of them was just six years old or something)! So yeah, it's probably my favorite episode!
  • I'm pretty sure this is my favorite episode.

    It's hard for me to pick just ONE episode of South Park episode as my favorite, as all of them are perfect and/or special in there own way. But, I think this particular episode might be my favorite, as I feel I can really relate to it.

    Yeah, when I was a freshman in high school a few years ago, I hate to admit it, but I was goth. It's not very uncommon though at that high school; it is mainly composed of those kind of people and rockers and stoners and stuff, so wothers weren't really that concerned if you chose to be goth, Kyle with Stan. And no, we didn't write poems about pain, go to graveyards at night, or call people "conformists," but we did wear the same clothes and drink coffee and listened to weird music, as depicted in this episode.
    I also feel Butters pain... I know what it feels like to think that a girl really likes you, but it turns out that shes just a slut and attention whore. Stan's too, how when your girlfriend leaves and all you want to do is lay down and die. I almost cry every time I watch this episode because it reminds me of my own experience.

    But anyway like I said I can really relate to this episode. And I think if someone asked me what my favorite episode of South Park is, I'd probably say Raisins.
  • Another great episode that I'm sure is well liked. The gang is broken as kyle goes through the worst period of his life.Also "Raisins" is a wonderful take on an american institution.

    The heartbreak that Kyle goes through is completely funny and gets to the point. Going goth, is the perfect angle for Kyle to get all his misery out. Butters persuit of his "girlfriend" is reall funny. He is so honest about it all, when he lets her know that he doesn't have the money becouse his parents already gave him his allowance for the week is sincere and makes it all the more funny.Sometimes they don't take on anybody, they just instead try out making fun of the crazy things we do as humans.Love included, there is sometimes no better teaching tool then humor, and this show proves it.
  • I'm not living with the conformists

    In this episode, Wendy breaks up with Stan and starts dating Token, causing Stan to be a "***** goth kid" [prety dead on with the Goth kids], and Butters thinks he is going out with a waitress at the Hooters for 9 year olds, Rasins! But the girl [Lexus] is just screwing him for the money. Silly and funny episode.
  • Who follows me around?

    When I was in college we used to go to Hooters on a regular basis. One of my friends thought the waitress was hitting on him because she asked for his license when his credit card was declined. Just like Butters thought the Raisins girl liked him just for being nice. Since Raisins is suppposed to be Hooters, I swear someone follows me around to write these shows.
    Can I ask why they allow 9 year olds to work as waitresses. They aren't old enough to drive.
    The goth kids remind me of my high school days.
    Also the reference to Say Anything. South Park has a lot of John Cusack references.
  • “Wendy you’re a bytch And Token, right here man.”

    Raisins is actually South Park's version of Hooters. I’ve been to Hooters and it’s so true. The girls are sluts that want tips. I witnessed and also have fallen pray to some of the tricks mentioned on the show. The whole girl sits at the table and pretends that she’s interested, so has happened to me. But it was great to have Butters tell Stan, “I’d rather be a crying lil p*ssy then a f*ggy lil Goth.” That was just too funny. I’m not saying that all Goths are bad, but the ones portrayed on South Park are f*ggy Goths.
  • 110th Episode

    Even my stepsister, a goth/south park fan, enjoyed this episode and it's not hard to see why with the terrific humour and brilliant plot.

    Stan looks very cool as a goth and his transition is great, especially the goths being nonconformists by dressing alike and listening to the same music.

    Timmy has a priceless moment in the episode, his stuttering making things with Wendy a little worse, though the end is teriffic, Stan dealing with things the way he was meant to - by hating the ex.

    Butters' plot was very funny too as he is the perfect gullible target for, uh, Raisins waitresses.

    Overall, this episode is a very good example of South Park humour and I advise everyone to see it.
  • Season 7: The Decline

    Season 7 includes a great episode, "Cancelled," and two of the greatest episodes ever, "Casa Bonita" and "Christian Rock Hard." Once you look away from these three episodes and witness the rest of Season 7, it's pretty much a season void of laughs and entertainment. At the very bottom of this much less than stellar season you have a little disaster called "Raisins." While, no doubt, this episode brings up a good message, it is absolutely boring and lifeless. Butters just can't carry an episode by himself (see the horrid "Butters' Very Own Episode), and melodrama on "South Park" is never a winning formula. "It's Christmas in Canada," the proceeding episode, is only a minor improvement to a season worse than Season 5.
  • Another spot on episode

    This one is another of my favourites, and definitely one of the standouts of this season if not the series itself.It's amazing how late in the life of the show such great concepts like Raisins (an amazingly accurate spoof of 'Hooters') and the goth kids (again, accurate to every parody detail) can be added. It actually depicts the loss of young love quite well, with poor Stan suddenly being dumped by his longtime girlfriend Wendy. His reactions are actually quite heartbreaking, and his catharsis and response to his former girlfriend and her new beau is classic. Keep 'em coming, I say!
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