South Park

Season 6 Episode 19

Red Sleigh Down

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • One of my all-time favorite episodes.

    Cartman knows he has been bad this year and has to do something super nice to be able to get the present he wants from Santa. He desides to try to deliver presents to Iraq. With the help of Mr. Hankey, Cartman, Kyle, and Stan go to the North Pole where Santa loves Cartman's idea. However, Santa's sleigh is shot down and all the reindeer die. The Iraq's capture Santa where they torture him, trying to make him tell what the Americans are planing. The Underpants Gnome's let Mr. Hankey, Cartman, Stan, and Kyle use Santa's second sleigh and they go get Jesus. Meanwhile, Jimmy is singing his favorite Christmas song, which is taking forever. Jesus, Mr. Hankey, and the kids rescue Santa, but Jesus is shot and killed. Santa uses Christmas rockets to blast Christmas to the Iraqs. They go home where Jimmy has finished his song, but the town's Christmas tree's lights are dead. Santa makes a speech to the town of South Park, telling them Christmas should be about remembering how Jesus had saved him. Then he uses a rocket to make the Christmas tree beautiful again and tells Stan, Cartman, and Kyle to look under the towns Christmas tree and they discover Santa has given all three of them the present Cartman wanted. Cartman is mad that Stan and Kyle also got the present he wanted. All of a sudden, Kenny reappears after being gone for a whole season and 1 episode and the four bys walk away.