South Park

Season 6 Episode 19

Red Sleigh Down

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 11, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • It's Christmas time in South Park again and for those who can't wait to see Kenny return or to see Jesus killing Iraqis, this episode is ideal.

    In this episode Cartman has to redeem himself for a year of evil by doing "the nicest thing anyone has ever done" so he decides to bring Christmas to Iraq with the help of Jesus, Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo and of course Santa. As a very funny sub - plot; Jimmy the kid with cerebral palsy is singing the "12 Days of Christmas" at the annual tree - lighting ceremony and with his chronic stutter it takes longer than expected. (Yes, i hate myself for thinking it's funny too.)

    This is probably the first Christmas episode of South Park that isn't totally sugar - coated; there's violence, scenes of torture and death and even our savious Jesus dying and Santa getting his genitals shocked. These scenes aren't intended to be funny but give us a break from the cliché - ridden Christmas episodes from other TV shows (Although the moral lesson at the end is touching.)

    As far as humour goes; we see some cruel jabs at Iraq which is cruel but funny especially since their language is depicted as gibberish but apart from that the jokes are pretty much the standard South Park gags. As it's a Christmas episode; the Writers have been very generous with the appearances of the side characters: People like Chef's parents, Ned Gerblanksy, Big Gay Al, The Underpants Gnomes and Dr. Mephisto who are the definitions of minor chracters all appear in this episode, our beloved Kenny returns in ironic circumstances and Santa is given his most prominent appearance since the Jesus. Vs. Santa short. Although there is the element of loss too; Jesus is killed off and Mr. Hankey hasn't been seen since this episode. As far as looks go Red Sleigh Down is very good but the crowd scenes have awful continuity. The vocals are alright; Trey Parker has expanded his range by using a very high - pitched voice (Mr. Hankey), voicing a character being excruciatingly tortured (Santa) and playing someone like Cartman would naturally be difficult as he's such a complex kid. While Trey Parker has more aptitude as a voice artist; his friend and fellow creator, writer and voice actor Matt Stone has had more stability in his voices over time as Parker's sound terribly different nowadays.

    All in all; Red Sleigh Down is a prime example of why South Park is a legendary series.
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