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  • Went from the funniest animated adult show of all time to disgraceful shit that really needs to get cancelled ASAP

    Back then this show was the king of all adult cartoons! Even better than Family Guy & The Simpsons! It had a bunch of hilarious lovable characters, original interesting plot lines, phenomenal jokes and gags that kept all people over 15 laughing nonstop to the point of stitches.

    But unfortunately, nowadays it's represented as something entirely different. It is now no longer a unique animated adult comedy, but now a blatantly worn out PC propaganda that relies way too much on current events for their unintersting plots and constantly gets rid of their characters that helped make the show funny back in the day while replacing them with this new obnoxious character who claims himself to be PC all the fucking time, like enough we get it!

    2014 it started slowly declining in quality with its annoyingly repetitive plot lines which led to the crappiest season finale I've ever seen, but right when PC Principle was introduced in 2015 is when South Park entered the shithole it is in today. The jokes got very repetitive (when they criticized Family Guy for doing the same shit back in the day), it now relies too much on Politically correct shit and shitty repetitive humor nonstop, and worst of all, since PC Principle started stealing the show they started getting rid of their funniest side characters for no reason! For example, in seasons 19 & 22, they got rid of some of the funniest classic characters of the series! They wrote out Officer Barbrady In season 19 when Pc Principle started stealing the show, they wrote out Mr Hankey in season 22 and replaced him with Jeff Baesos for some reason (like seriously, come on!), and they killed off Satan who was a big part of the movie! Wtf, what has happened to South Park? Like if killling off Mrs Crabtree, Chef and Pip wasn't enough! Why tf would u get rid of Mr Hankey, Satan and Officer Barbrady?!?!?! They were some of the most iconic characters of the whole franchise! What makes it worse it that when Mr Hankey was kicked out of South Park for good, he suffered a horrible case of character derailment, reminiscent to the post movie SpingeBob episodes written by Zeus Cervas and Casey Alexander. He went from the nicest, jolliest and cheerful piece of poop to a pure Jerkass who shits on everyone, and the depressing part is him and Kyle turned against eachother when they used to be such close friends in the earlier seasons. Honestly I died inside after seeing that episode, & I had hope that he would come back and redeem himself by the season finale, but nope, instead we get Jeff Baesos as the South Park Christmas icon when it was once Mr why? Just why? They still did keep some of the funny side characters like Towelie, Ned and Al Gore, but come on! Why would you get rid of such fan favorite characters for no reason? & replace Mr Hankey with fucking Jeff Baesos? I'm sorry but that's very cringeworthy. They should have gotten rid of PC Principle, not Mr Hankey, Officer Barbrady and Satan.

    There was also this appalling episode in season 21 where Kyle, who was a huge fan of Terrance and Phillip sine the show began, tried to get the Terrance and Phillip Netflix spinoff show pulled because he "feels bad for people being farted on" I thought Kyle was supposed to be one of Terrance & Phillips biggest fans! Not only that, but that means this episode shits all over the movie, South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut. Kyle actually suffered a big case of character derailment aswell, he went from a hilarious wiseass-but well meaning Jew kid with rage issues to a complete pansy!

    This show really needs to end now. It has really overstayed its welcome and it becoming almost as horrific as the new Simpsons episodes!

    What was once the king of adult animation has now died a fiery painful death.
  • it's goos but

  • South Park is one of the greatest shows ever.

    As a huge fan of both Family Guy and South Park, I love both shows equally because I like the controversial differences between the two shows. Even both movies of each shows were amazing. Both are original and creative. Each shows pushes shit to the limit so bad that is awesome and hilarious. They're both superior in their own ways. People they're cartoons. They're not real. Grow up and accept them for what the hell they are already. It's Apple & Samsung all over again. Happy 20th anniversary South Park. You rock!
  • South Park. The new Roseanne

    While South Park used to be extremely funny. It's fallen into the "Roseanne" episodes. When Roseanne first came on the air they covered just funny topics that made people laugh. Leaving politics and all of that crap out. Then when Roseanne herself got to be producer, she went ahead and turned the show into a gay rights show. It just went political and made people stop watching. Don't believe me? Look how many gays there were in season one to how many in the last season. While having one or two can make a show funnier. She went and made or brought in a large %. Don't try to make an already successful show go in a new direction and have "a message". Most of the time it's dumb! South Park used to just cover random subjects but still stay up to date. And take a jab at this or that out of current events. But now the show has turned to straight political BS. And each episode is getting dumber than the last! I'm still trying to stomach the new episodes hoping they'll get back to just being about fun. But it's looking like we've lost South Park too. Seems it's gone the way of Roseanne.
  • One Of The Funniest Animated Adult Shows Of All Time

    South Park is an absolute classic, I honestly think it's even better than some of the other animated sitcoms as it literally goes above and beyond with its humor. The show is about four 4th graders that go on strange adventures in their town. The boys include: Stan, who I would consider the most main character of the group. Kyle, who is what I would consider the smartest of the group. Kenny, the mainly silent one. And finally, the completely different one of the group, Eric. Out of the four characters here, the two that are the best to me are Eric & Kenny. Eric is this likable scoundrel who in my opinion is even better than Stewie from "Family Guy" because he wants to gain a lot of the power in the world & make other peoples lives miserable. Kenny is a great character too as he(and Eric) get the funniest reactions from the other two. Plus, the amount of times Kenny has died in this show is a highlight in the show. Kyle & Stan have actually a good friendship with each other, out of the 4, they probably have the best bond, the ways they react with each other is also a strong point of the show. The characters seem very complex, all of them in their different ways. The side characters are all memorable, are all funny, and all have distinctive personalities. The animation of the show is very unique, in the beginning it was stop motion, but now it's computer, it still looks very interesting though as it is its own thing. The show is a very quiet show in my opinion, not that much music really goes on, and I honestly appreciate that. One thing to note is that the show is very offensive, and people may get really offended. However, that's exactly what I meant by how the show goes above and beyond with its humor, it's not afraid to show off what they think is funny. Overall: South Park is one of the funniest, most well written, unique, and entertaining adult shows of all time, it is absolutely worth checking out in my opinion.

    4/4 Stars
  • Good, but over the top, but no one seems to mind, which leaves other shows shat on for offensiveness.

    I like South Park, but (and I'm not easily butthurt before you think I am) but it does go over the top sometimes and doesn't seem to get dumped on for it when other shows do, for showing less offensive content than South Park. One of the reviewers already said this and I agree with them. How come this show, as funny as it is, seems to be praised for the most disgusting, offensive humour ever that no one minds, yet its not tolerated from other shows? Makes no sense to me.
  • excellent series

    as many notes I can give
  • One of the best adult cartoons ever, but it is starting to jump the shark

    South Park is a classic, especially seasons 1-17. It knows exactly how to be strongly vulgar to the point it's hilarious. Except it began to go downhill in season 18 quite a bit when they added this annoying continuity arc which is a buzzkill imo, and then in season 19 they seemed to have finally jump the shark when they started to change the style, such as adding this annoying PC character and put even more emphasis on the continuity arc and reusing the same gags in every episode of that season, aswell as turning Cartman into a wuss, completely rredsigning the town of South Park (which is really unnessesary),firing Principal Victoria, making Officer Barbrady into a regular citizen rather than a police officer, and making Randy "PC" and less of an oaf, but I do like how they made Mr. Garrison completely knock-off Donald Trump running for election. Thats hilarious.

    I miss when South Park had original plots and when it did not rely too much on a story arc to the point it fills up the entire season. I love episodes like Cartman gets an Anal Probe, Mr. Hankey, Chickenfucker, The Simpsons Already Did It, A Million Little Fibers, Medicinal Fried Chicken, Cream Friache, The Poor Kid and Broadway Bro Down. Those episodes only have 1 unique story each, while the past couple of seasons seem to be trying too hard to make the show seem like an animated version of a Soap Opera with a long story per season. South Park was already amazing as it was prior to 2014 and there was no reason to change the style of the show.

    Although South Park is starting to jump the shark, I am still giving it a high score for its amazing 17 seasons and the hilarious Movie they made in 1999. If South Park continues to jump the shark and keep changing the style, I will stop watching for good.
  • best idea for a good randy episod or just a good side story with a lot of symbolism

    Randy is tired of his work and his social life so he decides to spent some time in nature where he can finaly renew with his wild side. He builds himself a tree house and decides to fish and hunt for survival. Then he fall in love with a wolf and decides to go live among them. Or he goes in the woods but he gets bored after an hour and he ends up drinking beer with this new caracter that personified jean jacques rousseau. A lot to think about... hahahah
  • Screw you guys i'm going home

    South Park is the worst cartoon ever they have the nerve to call family guy lazy in "Cartoon Wars" when this show is even lazier they recycle all their animation, they only spend 6 days on an episode, Most of the episodes plot was recyled from "The Passion of the Jew", all the characters are one note exactly the same the same they all are either evil incarnate like Cartman or they are nice like Kyle, the entire episode is one joke and it gets old fast it would be one thing if the episodes when short like Teen Titans go or the Fairly Odd parents (they repeat jokes too), but when you say the same joke over and over for 22 it gets very irritating. For example if you were watching tom and Jerry and Jerry hits Tom with a frying pan it would be pretty funny but if he hit tom with the same frying pan over and over the same way for 22 minutes it would get old That is South Parks Biggest problem the trilogies are even worse for example the Black Friday special started out funny but then it got old fast it makes me want to scream WE GET IT WRITERS BLACK FRIDAY IS VIOLENT AND YOU LIKE GAME OF THRONES MOVE ON THIS IS GETTING OLD . The voice acting is good but Kyle's voice gets very grating. And when it isn't one joke the whole episode it is one message that they scream for for the entire episode its not satire its abunch of guys screaming their opinion
  • south park

    when will they show south park in outer space on tv?
  • Absolutely Genius

    South Park is perhaps the most misunderstood show out there: it is seen generally as a potty-mouthed immature comedy, but in fact it is a comedy filled with deep political and social insight that presents itself with a vulgar delivery to remind people that the characters are naive children. It is also a show that critiques modern day life more thoroughly and interestingly best adult cartoon comedy since the golden age of the Simpsons.

    The comedy crosses the lines of convention combining highly adult themes and jokes with a crude animation style as well as telling stories from the points of view of innocent children, to add a gloriously intelligent perspective to some of the more colourful themes.

    Overall, South Park is a unique show with brilliant well developed characters, every episode is filled with satire involving twisted paradoxes, and metaphors you need to twist your mind around before you make assumptions and it has proven to be fast paced because 3/4 of America is still to slow to understand the satire and call it 'stupid' or 'immature' because that's how deep the meaning is, never take it to face value.
  • South Park Failed When It Stopped Trying to Be Funny

    Many believe that what made this show funny was (1) its irreverence, the way it went to absurd extremes, and (2) the way it lampooned various issues. Not true: it was funny because (3) it used creative comedic devices to be funny; the issues were hit-and-miss, and the absurd extremes put a delicious edge on the comedic devices. However, the show's creators seem to have bought into the idea that the first two things made the show golden, and abandoned the third; they seem to think that in order to be funny, all they have to do is go to extremes lampooning subjects, and that's all they need to be funny. And it's obviously not working.

    In essence, they've allowed their politics to take over the show. As Matt Stone attested, they loathe liberals; this clearly shows in their episodes. Where they let politics in, they usually flounder; "ManBearPig" was a confusing mess, for example. What kept the show funny was that the boys got into hilarious escapades. However, now the entire show has become the politics, and the boys have faded into the background. So, instead of the boys believing they are Anime characters, or Cartman believing he's dead because everyone is giving him the silent treatment, or the boys getting lectured on porn when they think they're trying to return a "Lord of the Rings" DVD, we get episodes that essentially are based upon extremist libertarian/conservative memes, magnified into exotic realms of near-psychotic unreality, and then beaten the death like the straw men they have become.

    Which would be okay... if the show's creators remembered to be funny. They forgot that part, so now all you have is a bizarre mess that looks like some radical Tea Party whackjobs took control of the show and are holding Parker and Stone tied up in a basement somewhere. It's not the orientationit would be just as much a failure if it were doing the same thing pointed in the opposite direction. It simply needs comedy to be appealing again. Current rating: 2/10, for a show that used to be at least 9/10. Sad to see it disintegrate; maybe they'll remember what made the show funny and return to it at some point.
  • Ehhh PC South Park sucks monkeys balls

    This PC South Park sucks big time. Loved it. 14 season was aaaamaazzzing !
  • South Park Bounces back in episode 4

    After being extremely disappointed in the first 3 episodes of Season 19, I was glad to see the boys start to get back on track in Episode 4. The introduction of "PC Principal" and his friends and the build up of a trendy restaurant district, in addition to the serial links of the episodes were all poor decisions in my view. Frankly they all seem out of place. Episode 4, in which "Yelpers" and their restaurant reviews take over the town, unfortunately continued the season-long theme but at least Parker and Stone got back to their edgy ways, especially the slightly immature but hilarious "buggers and cum" closing song.

    As someone who has greatly enjoyed this show since the start I can only hope Principal Victoria is restated, with PC Principal and pals chased out of town. Likewise I'm hoping the owner of City Wok soon blows up the entire trendy district.

    While attacking the politically correct . is a great idea, I just don't care for the way they've done it, and the episodes certainly don't need to be In other words, if it isn't broke (which it wasn't the first 18 seasons), don't "fix" it.
  • What the Fuk has happened to Cartman?!?!

    South Park has been in my top three favourite shows of all time since it started in 1996; but there's something very wrong with Cartman!! He does NOT obey the rules - when ppl tell him off, or try his patience, he has their parents killed & eaten or whatever! Cartman's inimitable, & utterly unapologetic, outrageousness is what makes him one of the absolute most hilarious characters in the history of Entertainment & the Arts! I hope ardently that his inner psychopath comes back up to the surface before the season's out; otherwise South Park runs the serious risk of actually losing its way - & a world without South Park would be a terrible loss indeed!

    PS - in reply to 'benderisgreat': No, of course SP is not for kids - that's why it's on at 10 o'clock! If your son is too young to watch South Park, then put him to bed well before it starts!
  • i thought this show would be appropriate for kids but i saw satan appear this show is not a christian show

    i was watching this show with my son and i thought it would be great but it sucked. the episode i had watched had satan having sex with saddam hussein and it was horrible and not good, please don't watch this show along with rick and morty and the simpsons if you want to see your kids alive
  • SOUTH PARK- THIS IS IN RESPONSE TO > kawaiimilksha

    Thoughtless, inconsiderate bastards. One isn't simply butthurt if you hate this show. The-majority of the people who give this show perfect ratings are the type of people who couldn't give a damn about people themselves. {kawaiimilksha} ,


    Personally I find Trey Parker and Matt Stone very considerate in the ability to provide me with the proper entertainment I am looking for. I am not sure what your experience is with the show, (how many episodes you gave a proper chance, which episodes you saw) but I am sure that you are jumping to conclusions when it comes to your short analysis on South Park. If some of the cameos that they cover are respectfully supporting the show after the "inconsiderate" things said about them then surely we have a chance to get you to come around. Yes it is addmittable to say they do stretch the boundaries but proper analyzing the details in why doing so we come to conclusion there is reason for it all. The point being hasty generalizations such as "people go give this show perfect ratings don't give a damn about themselves" are offensive and are doing far more damage than any content Parker or Stone put out originally. I urge the people to not take this slippery slope banter seriously and go into South Park with an open mind and let the difference perspectives of this work of art wash over you, you might even learn something.

  • South Park Season 19, Episode 1 "Stunning and Brave": A Review.

    There is a fear surrounding the term "being PC" or politically correct. Many people are afraid to say or do anything out of ignorance or general nitpicker anxieties for fear of possibly offending someone, and being considered a bigot/bad person. Many want to be seen as good human beings and thus when fingers are pointed at for daring to make comment about something, particularly outside of personal experience, they are disturbed into silence. The South Park Season 19 premiere episode "Stunning and Brave" (written by Trey Parker) touches on that anxiety.

    In this episode PC Principal is a testosterone riddled jock-ish aggressive PC-er, who confronts the main characters, their parents, and most of the town about their discriminatory insensitivity. He is the embodiment of those "privilege police" that go around denouncing people's opinions because they are making it from a position of a particular privilege.

    This episode does a self-poke at the show, mentioning various situations through PC principal that would be considered discriminating during a parent teacher conference night when the character is introduced. This can be seen as the major clue that this is an episode more from a personal reaction by the show's creators with aggressive PC critics then critics and more general society. There is also the veiled defense of the show in the climax of the episode through Cartman when he uses a few ethnic stereotypes and offensive images as a weapon against the PC Frat house, then one of PC Principal's friends mentions " yeah, I would have never thought to use offensive imagery and outrageous stereotypes to provoke someone to open their eyes" which is basically what South Park generally does when they use offensive imagery and outrageous stereotypes through parody to illicit awareness to the issues an episode covers.

    Granted, the episode could have done without that explanation at the end, having a point explained takes away from the impact of thinking about the lesson, but it could have been done by the creators to make absolutely sure that their critics get the point and can't further misconstrue this particular theme.

    Outside of this, the show also parodies aggressive PC'ers in general as by providing an exaggerated stereotype that they are all privileged university/college students who take their criticism a little too far to the point of mimicking what they are policing without any real understanding or personal experience themselves of the issue because of their own privileges, making them come across as hypocrites. It was an interesting attempt at exaggerating the negative qualities of aggressive PC'ers through a potentially offensive generalization.

    South Park also used Kyle particularly well as the besieged straight-man in all this, the more sober sort of tragic element in the issue of being politically correct for the sake of it. Kyle has an opinion that is not politically correct, that he is not fond of Kate Jenner, a visible trans woman previously known as Bruce Jenner from the Kardashians, a prolific figure and advocate within the trans community. In the show, the point is that often if someone has a negative view of someone its because a person with privilege is having issues with someone elses lack of privilege of that privilege or some physical difference, such as being trans. Kyle disagrees with this, stating that he was not fond of her when she was Bruce Jenner and the fact that Bruce is now Katie, doesn't change his opinion of the person, Katie being a trans woman or her actions as a trans woman, has nothing to do with it. Kyle represents the correct was of thought, in that it is about the individual person themselves and not what they are that should matter, the thing that people should have a problem with is people themselves not their outward appearance or identity.

    This was a good episode, a good layering of themes for the most part. PC Principal will likely get old fast if he is used in more episodes then this, and it was a surprise that they kept him on at the end, but that could perhaps be the point. The episode worked the mentioned themes well, and Kyle's progression with this was well utilized, though some of the characters were rather underutilized and just there for the sake of them being there. Randy's arc was unsurprising, considering his previous record of getting sucked into things, but seemed rather pointless overall, though it could be an avenue for something in later episodes, and like with most other good South Park episodes, there is likely more to unpack from it, but for the new season, it's a great start for season 19.
  • Funniest show ever.

    The funniest show ever created. It also has nice life lessons a lot of the time.

  • Awesome

    As far as adult cartoon goes, it's my favorite. Sure it's offensive, but it can also be funny and heartwarming when it needs to be. Everything else in this show is so memorable, especially the characters. There are people that said the first few seasons were the best, but i think this show has gotten better as it continues. Actually, I'd heard that the show's creators Matt and Trey say they didn't really like the old South Park episodes. I remember them saying this when talking about best and worst episodes. But hey even if a show has bad episodes, so what? it's more about the experience watching it....................... AND DO I EVEN HAVE TO MENTION THE EPISODE WHERE KENNY ACTUALLY DIES BEFORE SEASON 6?
  • Trapper Keeper 2000

    I love all your shows except for a few like A Bom in Snoot, Britney Spears, the Britney character with her head blown off was too gross to look at or listen to. And Oprah's Snoot comes to life. I thought that was too ridiculous, not funny, because I couldn't see the point of it. But those are the only 3 I didn't care for. Everything else is just great.

    This show is so spot on with its satire and just plain comedy I can't turn away.

    I almost cried when Butters' mother thought she had killed him. The scene where she confronts her husband was shattering. That woman's voice tore me up.
  • South Park

    One of a kind
  • just on season 18

    South park team, you guys have always come with your signature marked bold and shining scripts... but I just felt season 18 was too too incomplete...
  • . too bleh

    Wiki says it may have bad words. Terrible.
  • Slowly got worse

    This show was good at first, but slowly went downhill as time went on. Please let me explain carefully:

    Seasons 1-3 (1997-2000) These seasons are good. A bunch of memorable episodes like the very first episode, Cow Days, and who could forget the amazing Meteor Shower trilogy in the middle of Season 3? Overall, I give these seasons a 7.5 out of 10.

    Seasons 4-5 (2000-2001) Well, to be honest, these seasons aren't as good as the first three, but they're still decent for the most part. On one hand, some gems are hidden in here, such as the amazing Scott Tenorman Must Die. But on the other hand, there are a lot of terrible episodes in these seasons. Mostly in Season 4. Such as 4th Grade, Hellen Keller the Musical, The Wacky *** Adventure, and they're mostly from the second half of Season 4. Season 5 has Cripple Fight, Behind the Blow, Towelie, How To Eat With Your Butt, and Kenny Dies. But overall, these seasons are okay. In fact, they still have the same vibe as the first three seasons. Unfortunately, they're just not as good. I give Seasons 4 and 5 a 6/10.

    Seasons 6-9 (2002-2005) These seasons are okay, but even less so then the previous two seasons. Please don't get me wrong, for they have their gems, like Jared Has Aides, Freak Strike, Red Sleigh Down (a lot are from Season 6) but there are a lot of really bad ones too (A Ladder To Heaven, Christmas in Canada, The Jeffresons, Mr. Garrison's Fancy New ***, etc). For some parts, Seasons 6 and early 7 still had that same feel that Seasons 1-5 possessed, but by Season 8, the feel was entirely gone. Overall, I give these seasons a 5/10.

    Seasons 10+ (2006-present) These seasons are TERRIBLE. This is why I give the show a 1. 95% of these episodes should be avoided and gems are EXTREMELY rare. Seasons 10-11 had a few shining episodes, but by Season 12, it's nearly impossible to find anything good here. The latest season was even worse and is just a sad sign that this is NOT South Park. This is some choppy crap that has little to if ANY substance in it as well. This is an excuse to what South Park used to be. I give these seasons mostly a VERY big 0/10.

    Whelp, there's my explanation of how much the show has changed. Seasons 1-3 were good, seasons 4-5 were decent, seasons 6-9 were okay, but everything after that is an entirely, utterly, completely different show. This me signing out.
  • So Good

    been watching for years and its just brilliant its changes alot but unlike nearly all tv shows it hasnt got worse or ran out of ideas!
  • This show makes me laugh everyday

    "South Park" is one of the most funniest shows I have ever watched. Even though it's nasty, dirty, offensive (and in later seasons they're somewhat trying to turn this show into some kind of soap opera), I still find their series EXTREMELY funny, you rock Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
  • Watch/Download South Park Season 18 in 720p HD quality

    Watch/Download South Park Season 18 in 720p HD quality 18
  • Answer please!!!

    Hi everybody!

    I'm a french student and i have to work on South park. What i need to know is why all the fans here likes cartman,kenny and Butters because they are the most favorite guys in the serie and cartman even if he's awsome he is racist, can you answer the question ? Tell me why do you like them?
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