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  • This show has become a favourite for many across the world including me.

    South Park is huge success among many countries who have paid the rights to air this show. South Park is known for pushing and breaking the boundaries where no other show will go before. Sometimes I reckon in some episodes when the topic or moral is about a celebrity who ever it is directed to like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears or Church of Scientology they deserve it. Good on Matt Stone and Trey Parker, 2 friends who created mini-cartoons shown around Hollywood then given a chance to have their own show which is South Park. They are geniuses. Cartman, one of the main characters has become a cult icon among many fans. He antics, classic lines and a possible homosexual love for Kyle (another main character). I love that fact South Park is different from others and style of comedy is really clever. I was only a toddler when I saw some episodes, even though it was not for me due to the language and violence I loved it and have been watching ever since. Well done, keep it up Matt and Trey!
  • Best show on tv

    Stan: You know, somebody once said, "Don't try to be a great man, just be a man."
    Jesus: Who said that?
    Stan: You did, Jesus.
    Jesus: You're right, Stan. Thank you, boys!
    Kyle: Wow, did he say that in the Bible?
    Stan: Nah, I saw it on Star Trek.
    ////Kyle: Wow! That's a lot of seamen, Cartman.
    Cartman: Yeah, I bought all that I could at this bank, and then I got the rest from this guy Ralph in an alley.
    Stan: That's cool.
    Cartman: Yeah, and the sweet thing is, the stupid **** didn't even charge me money for it. He just made me close my eyes and suck on a hose.
  • Best comedy show ever.

    Since its beginning this is by far the best satiric comedy show on television. Though my personal opinion is that the show is getting somewhat worse as the seasons move on, well since the 10th season to be exact. Season 1 to 4 are absolutely great and have a lot of the 'South Park spirit' that it just lost as the episodes moved along. Then going on in season 7-9 it got a new dimension. The 'Make love not Warcraft' episode made the season 10 work and pushed the series forward, but season 12 was a complete mistake. I just hope that the next 2 seasons catch that old flare that made this show what it is.
  • Fantastic Episode. How they made it is just as impressive as the writing.

    South park always pokes fun at things that are happening in the world. World of warcraft has millions of users. It was inevitable that south park would eventually get its hands on it. I was excited for the episode when i saw the promo for it. i tuned in the following wed. and im glad i did. At the time i was a big WOW player. I expected for south park to bash on WOW harder than they have anything in a long time, but they didnt. I find it to be more of a tribute episode. while they do poke fun a at mmo's in general, they never straight up attack WOW. Most of the jokes they use in the episode are commonly used around around the game. In fact luves2spooge or any variation of the name is takin on every server. This episode was embraced amoung the WOW community. Using actualy game footage and getting full support from blizzard, south park dishes out one the greatest parodys on the mmo's genre i ever seen
  • Oh my god you killed Kenny...

    This show is one of the best ever made. I know it is a little more than disturbing, but if you understand that South Park is a little more than just one of the best comedy shows ever but a show that delivers serious messages that are not entirely comical, then you can really enjoy the show, if you can just see past the cursing and aliens you will find the truth that everybody tries to deny or hide put into the mouth of four 4th graders (really three, kenny doesn't count), that will stop at nothing to protect their own truth.
  • South Park still and will be the greatest show on Comedy Central!

    South Park. I remeber when I started watching this show, it was around 2005 at that time and I was so bored on that Wednesday at my house. There wasn't a good show to watch on any channels, so I click on Comedy Central ( I used love watching Dave Chapplle show ^_^) to watch the Chapplle's show. It wasn't on yet, so I watch couples of shows like The Daily Show & some other show until Dave comes on, they show a preview of South Park when it was a commercial. I was like, " Hmm. This South Park should be interesting" so I give SP a chance.

    And that how it started. Ever since I watch " Gaint Douche & Turd Sandwhich" I'm lovin South Park more then ever.

    My favorite character are:
    And much more! South Park is such an inspiring show to watch. People should watch it, like I did ^_^!
  • Can you say perfect?

    Putting smart humor with dumb is beyond impressive and that my friends is why I love South Park. It is fun, funny, and just over all interesting to watch. The characters compliment one another and they are sure as hell a great way to get a laugh. The outer design of the show is also creative. Who knew stick people could look so interesting? South Park is South Park and some people can say it goes to far, but I believe because of that it makes itself stand out.

    I don't know about you, but I love South Park for what it is.526525
  • One of the most offensive shows on TV it can take controversial subjects and make them hilarious.

    As one of the most controversial shows on television this show certainly has its detractors but I am certainly not one of them. Its ability to take sensitive subjects and lampoon them so creatively is pure genius. The characters each have their own brilliant personalities and have been developed so well that you are drawn to love each one. Though everyone has a favourite and mine has to be Cartman. Easily the most offensive character in the show cartman's ability to manipulate situations and constantly surprise the view with his diabolical and sometimes downright insane schemes has produced one of the most twisted and comical characters ever. The show has grown up over the years not just in animation but in its element too. Nowadays its plots can be much more complex with much more emphasis on current events and satire yet this is what makes it so brilliant. Its ability to constantly evolve and stay fresh over the years has lead to it becoming one of the best shows on TV. With amazing characters, original and offensive plots and hilarious celebrity spoofs South Park has forever cemented its place in the hearts of anyone with even a remote sense of humour (which rules out the PTC).
  • South Park is a must watch show

    South Park is an adult oriented cartoon comedy show set in South Park, Colorado. It stars four main characters (Cartman, Kenny, Stan, and Kyle) and involves them in countless hilarious situations. The main reason for my love of this show is what seems to be an unbiased attack on the obsurdity of the entire world. After all, people everywhere do stupid things and continually act like children. If you have ever watched this show then you've noticed that there seems to be a bit of role reversal when it comes to parenting and lessons learned. The adults in the show take the role of ignorant and even naive imbeciles. This makes for a truly epic and hilarious stage to set up the theme of the episodes.

    South Park is not about pushing views onto its audience (though some may see it that way), but rather it's a TV series to show us just how stupid we are really acting.
  • This show is a show that you would watch when really in need for some out of the blue humor.

    When I first watched this show I was like htis is pretty awesome! What teen doesn't like watching shows like this? My mom doesnt approve of it but I cant help but ask how. I have friends who enjoy this show also and soemtimes we will just watch it and then more and then more! I really enjoy laughing and this is one way to do that. People who think themselves too good for this show can just go talk to a pole because they are missing out on major humor! I understand that some can find it offensive but i truly believe there is always something in us that we have to laugh and make joke at. Whos with me? Become my friend, 'cuz i think like u guys!
  • South Park is Hilarious!

    South Park is about 4 friends who live in a town called "South Park" in Denver, Colorado.

    The storyline to this show is fantastic. You never know what will happen. Celebritys will come to town, Eric Cartman will shove random objects up his ass to prove a point. It's pretty funny sometimes with some of the ideas they come up with. This show is very raunchy though, so I would totally not say for anyone who doesn't like crude jokes should watch this.

    The animation is acutally kind of cool I think. It's made of paper basicly. The characters are really funny. There's Mr. Garrison, the gay school teacher. There's Cartman a over-weight, spoiled brat who always rants on jewish children. There's Kyle, one of the people Eric makes fun of, ect. Lots of characters. Tons.

    Very good show basicly. Althought, very disgusting sometimes.
  • funny

    I certainly love south park. Cartman is just so funny hes what makes the show funny! The rivalry between kyle and cartman keeps me laughing! I liked the gayfish episode with kanye west in it! I sometimes can get the gayfish song in my head sometimes whenever I hear it. I cant stop thinking of this show that whenever I feel like wacthing it I go to and watch whatever episode I want to watch. I just wish chef and his voice actor didnt die because there could have been a chance if chef came back to south park and whats wierd is that I havent seen robochef in the show afterwards.
  • South Park

    South Park has been on TV for a long time now but it has never lost its charm, the show is just hilarous it never fails to make me laugh. There is so many episodes that are memorable and I think the prevous season season 12 was one of the funniest yet. The character are all great I think Stan's dad is one of the funniest characters also like all of the lads, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. This is proabaly better than all those other animation shows out there, Futurama, Robot Chicken, American Dad, Family Guy and The Simpsons, it is better by a long way, South Park has never lost its charm.
  • If you don't like this show...You're wrong!

    You know, I like South Park.It's hilarious, especially Kenny and how he dies all the time randomly, but why doesn't he die anymore?! Thanks Trey Parker and Matt Stone, you've betrayed me!:cry: :evil:. Except this show has weird graphics...for some reason, it reminds me of Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends,these 2 shows are flash cartoons. Flash cartoons are bizarre. It also has a lot of jokes and references that keep us fans watching. I like Towelie, he's like "To solve mah problems, I'm gonna get hagh!" He's really funny, I even lol'd at this show with his episodes. It's really obvious that South Park is created by two people that write and direct films. I even loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove their movie, "Bigger, Longer, and Uncut" Especially Cartman's song, "Kyle's mom is a big fat *****", that was originally sung on Mr. Hankey, The Christmas poo though. Overall, this show's funny and I lol at it while watching.
  • If you put South Park on Fox, what would happen?

    It would kick (***). While shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons tend to have uninspired plots and even more uninspired jokes, South Park tends to have the ability to connect with everybody in some way. To that effect, it completely blows your mind. If you can't laugh at and episode of South Park, there is something wrong with you. I would give this series a ten, but if I did, not only would I seem like a little f*g who goes out and gives perfect scores to every show that they liked, but I also wouldn't be acknowledging this next part.

    South Park has been going downhill. At high speed. The last perfect season (in my opinion) would be season 6 or 7, and the last good season would be season 10. People need to accept the fact that, albeit one of the best and most successful cartoon series on the planet, has turned into more of a cash cow than a good show. It seems that all extremely popular items eventually lose their novelty and start not being as original and fun. Think of the show Spongebob Squarepants. What was the last episode you saw that didn't suck or wasn't a special? I rest my case.
  • Great Show

    My favorite animated comedy :) It actually stayed fresh longer than the Simpsons did. word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word a word word a word word word word word word word word word word word word a word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word
  • Great show!

    Personally I think the show is great and they should keep making it because it goes where the shows "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy" never dared to go with the crude humor. Those two shows are very funny and I like them a lot, but I think South Park is the best one out of the three shows. Their humor tops the any other show that is on TV right now and I have watched most of the episodes and I still see repeats and think they are still funny. Family Guy and The Simpsons do not have the humor that I like as much. I like the crude jokes and making fun of people that south park has instead of the dry humor of the other two shows. I would definitely recommend South Park to other people because I like the show and anyone is able to watch any episode online. If you like the kind of crude humor that makes fun of people, then you should definitely go and watch an episode or two and see how funny it really is. South Park is one of the funniest shows I have ever watched and I have never laughed as hard as I did after some of the episodes, so you should watch it the next time it airs on Comedy Central.
  • Animated show that relies largely on satires for its humour

    This is an absolutely brilliant show. Over the seasons it has only improved, and mostly goes with story lines that reflect somehow on current events in the real world. More often that not the satires and ironies are extremely blatant but that adds to the fun of it.
    You could watch each episode a few times and discover little jokes you previously missed too.
    The story always flows and for everyone who is a fan of Family Guy, you should go watch the Cartoon Wars episodes of South Park and see how they completely rip on Family Guy, you'll laugh yourself sick.
  • Comedy value worth every cent...

    Bored of the simpsons terrible plotlines? Wondering which goon ever gave family guy 9 seasons?! Well look no further. South park's hysterical sense of humour centres on openly mocking current events, which are spun in hilarious ways! Celebrities, watch out. you could be next. Although personally, i feel Justin bieber got off too lightly. One of the great things about South Park is that because the show is so quickly and crudely produced, they can have episodes on the air that often comment on headlines that just occurred.

    So after 14 seasons;

    Still funny? Yes. Still Racist? Of course. Still one of the funniest animated comedies on television? Damn straight.
  • Absolutely Fabulous.

    Awesome show with a wicked plot.South Park stars 4 friends Eric Cartman,Kyle,Stan and of corse the one who dies in most old episodes kenny.South Park is comedy centrals most popular series and it has many fans nationwide.I started watching it in september 2003 and I loved it ever since but before then i wasn't able to know when it came on because i didn't look it up in the tv guide too much but i have watched it before sept 03 when i saw it when flipping through channels but i've always liked it.
  • Managed to stay interesting for 11 years, now it's slowly fading

    South Park has always had its ups and downs and has never, or at least in my opinion, been really consistent.
    For example: in season 5, you had the wonderful episode 'Scott Tenorman Must Die'. One week later, you've got 'Behind The Blow', one of the lame Terrance&Phillip episodes. Next one is the funny 'Cartmanland'. And this list goes on and on, just like this season (13). You have 3 good/magnificent episodes, or at least for its current standard, and then there comes 'Eat, Pray, Queef', the worst episode in years.

    You can feel they're running out of good ideas and that it's starting to repeat itself. Of course, 13 seasons is a long time and it's hard to keep the good quality, but the inconsistensy of the episode quality is pretty disappointing. However, I still enjoy watching it as one of my favorite shows. But what would I do without Cartman & Butters? And if you compare it with The Simpsons, which has lost 'it' years ago, South Park is frickin' good.
  • Just like Whisky it get's better with age.

    South Park at first felt like it was only trying to shock people instead of making them laugh. The movie really changed the style of the show dramatically and for the better. The show has very limited to no fart jokes and the jokes actually have to do with the plot (unlike Family Guy.)There's usually two plots in each episode which keep the episodes entertaining. South Park knows how to deliver a joke. You can barely even tell that's it's trying to be funny since the jokes are so cleverly put in and they'll stop at NOTHING to make great jokes no matter how bad and racy they really are. Many people avoid this show because of it's Racist and Gross style of humor and they're missing out. Overall, a great show that's under looked.
  • I don't know what the shows appeal is. The few times I watched it I thought I was my intestines were going to rupture.

    This peice of grabage they call a show focuses on four friends in the 3rd grade and there every day lives. South park just dosen't cut it for me. The Charaters are not likeable. The charaters look like they were drawn by first graders. The show is over rated. I'm just glad that there's a mute button and other channels to watch. One gag that got old fast was Killing Kenny every episode. That kid must be part Terminator because he keeps coming back. I rather have Joan Crowford as a mother then watch this show. If you ask me this show is very poor quaity.
  • THIS SHOW IS FUNNY FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS! End it, it's older than Spongebob Squarepants!

    It's been the same thing for almost every episode : Kenny Dies! Until one episode, he went away for most of the season. Then, when he came back, he either died less or stopped dying completely! Anyway, the show is about four boys named Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Eric, AKA: Cartman. They are foul mouthed little 4th graders that share weird adventures as they meet celebs and even sometimes get high! Kyle and Stan are similar in many ways, so nothing much to say about them.

    Kenny is always in his orange coat, so u can't really understand him... EVER! I've only seen his face in the movie "Big, Longer, and Uncut." he has blond spiky hair. he's kinda cute. as i mentioned earlier, he died lots of times before the episode " Kenny Dies ".

    Cartman, he's like the leader of the gang. when anyone calls him fat, he gets upset, even though it's true! He swears the most out of the four boys.
  • I don't loughing, but is funny.

    Like Kenny die, also that the authors always new are to be merrily always seen break in to let. The Southpark is also merry by monsters, dead one, Aliens or other creatures to have been always afflicted and at the conclusion it somewhat have sometimes learned. Many thinks can you lernen was unrecht ist und was recht ist, was wichtig und was unwichtig ist, wie die freundschaft die man nicht aufgeben sollte oder das unrecht nicht lont,das seht man bei Kartman, wie er ein paar mal versucht hatte reich zu werden, er hatte mal bei einer Folge versucht, alls er eine Kirche gegründet hatte wollte er die gleubigen Kinder dazu bringen ihm Geld zugeben, aber Jesus hatte es verhindert.
  • At one time, this show was awesome. Unfortunitly, the writers have run out of good ideas...

    South Park used to be one of the coolest shows on television. It was a different style from most other cartoon shows and it was a cartoon that was mostly geared for teens and adults. Anymore, it's hard to find a good cartoon that people of said age groups can enjoy. However, South Park has lost it's luster over the past few years. It's not that it isn't funny at all anymore. It's just that certain plots and jokes are getting way over-used. It doesn't even have it's originality anymore to draw people in. My advice to them is to cut their losses and start over with a brand new cartoon with brand new characters for them to play with.
  • The older ones were better

    The series used to rock when it first hit our scenes in the late 1990's but now seems to be selling itself short. The antics of the kids are always amusing to watch, and the language is cool, (for the adults I mean) and the cheesiness of the series animation as well is fun to watch but alas I think that there is little more that can be done. Love the way though that Cartman still defends his big boned appearance to this day, and Kenny keeps on dieing, but I'm a little bored, I would probably switch off if does not improve.
  • South Park Never Fails To Impress!!

    This is one of my favorite animated programs. Unlike most like Family Guy or The Simpson's that have gone downhill, it seems south park gets better with age. At the beginning of the series the animation was kind of crude, but the episodes were still funny, being offensive to everyone, but guaranteed to make you laugh. Later in the series it would take on different elements of pop culture, and highlights of the series include taking on Scientology and different religions. Recently taking on Jersey Shore, which was hilarious and show that this show has still got it. I believe it's largely impart to the fact Trey Parker and Matt Stone the creators of the series still write most of the episodes and are deeply involved in their creation.
  • pretty awesome

    south park features 4 kids- stan marsh, kyle broflovski, eric cartman, and kenny mccormick, along with various other kids and adults in the town of south park. various odd things happen in each episode. the show is pretty funny. it's pretty crude in humor and has a lot of language, but it is often times very humorous. if you want a new comedy i recommend giving this show a try. it's pretty great, from the episodes i have seen, and i can't wait to see the rest. my overall grade for "South Park" is a pretty easy A+. Perfect show
  • South Park follows the lives of four young kids from Colorado who get up to lots more mischief then the average fourth grader.

    South Park has still got it, I mean even after thirteen years of it being on the air it still as original and as crude as it was when it first broadcast so long ago. And what amazes me the most is the show has never really gone down hill. I mean they basically used the same writers to write the show from season one and onward. While The Simpson's switch their writers every couple of seasons. But South Park hasn't needed to, and therefor it remains original, and occasionally very fresh. And as long as they remain this way the show will always remain as one of my favorites.
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