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  • Vulgar, ignorant and totally lacking in morals. What could be better?

    South Park is teh awesomenezz. Even after 12 years the show is still going strong. What's good about it? Everything.

    South Park is funny. No, South Park is beyond funny. From dirty humor to near just-happened cultural refrences, it's gut-busting everytime.

    But the thing that's most remarquable is that it hasn't jumped the shark. Yes, you heard me right. The show has done something almost impossible to comedy: Staying consistent. In fact, the show's almost going uphill. In fact Season 11, a recent one, was actually my favorite one.

    My favorite character is Cartman, he's such a bigot that it's impossible not to love. I also love Kenny, because, well, he's Kenny. 'Nuff said.

    My favorite episode is Make Love Not Warcraft. God, that episode's so incredible, I had to watch it 10 times just to control the awesomeness.

    Do yourself a favor. Watch South Park now.
  • A lot better than Family Guy.

    Okay,this is one of the most funniest shows of all time.The show's about four boys:Stan,the good one,Kyle,The jew,Cartman,The mean and fat one who nobody likes and Kenny,who is always die-prone.Cartman is so funny,Butters is hiralious,but Wendy and Kyle's mom,heck No!Ike is so cute and is the same as GIR from Invader Zim.And they all live in a accident prone city with Pink-Eye Zombies,Canada wars and Hamsters.I totally give it an A.Score:

    Animation:It's paper,what do you think?

    Humor:Lots of it with blood,cussing,gore and violence.

    Voices:Of course,Cartman's voice is annoying and he can't sing.

    Music:Hilbillie music and action music at the same time.

    Theme:It has to change everytime,but the new one is wicked.

    Anyways,this show is so funny and bloody.But it will get canceled in 2012,the end of the world!Oh my god!But it's still funny.
  • Dark humor

    Well, this is quite a show. Some episodes have me blown away in laughter, while others are just plain stupid. While the first few seasons seemed to rely mostly on shock humor and running gags, the show has turned into a brilliantly written 30 minute political cartoon of sorts, lampooning everything from the president to Rob Schneider. The show is quite crude. Strong language is used often and other very suggestive themes come out in each episode. But the show isn't here to just show four of the oddest children, the show takes an in-depth look at violence and politics, the media and many more parts of society.
  • one of the greatest TV shows ever made.

    South Park is a satire,manipulative tv show that contradicts usually at recent matters or so. that is why this TV show is my personal favorite. All the characters have a joke to play, and the satire reaches its highest level when so. It might be too strong for some people, but its unique and dark comedy shows that south park is the only one that has deep satire. Even thought some episodes of south park is kind of bland and not funny, most of them are terrific,crude and memorable. T&M really deserve a wide applause. South Park went a little bit downhill with season twelve, most of the episodes were great but not memorable. But since season thirteen kicked in, i enjoyed 6/7 of those episodes and hoping the winning streak will continue. One of the best TV shows ever made and will be.

  • Hahahahahahahaha finally a funny comedy! :D

    South Park is my favorite comedy. It's so funny because Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Eric are in 3rd grade and they know all of this wacky stuff. And I like it how Kenny dies in almost every episode and how he dies. Season 13 is really funny too. Eric Cartman always thinks that he is not fat and that his fat are his muscles and he thinks he is always buff. Kenny is really funny too. He is only poor because his parents are achoholics. And the busdriver I think her name is Ms.Crabtree is really funny because she yells all the time.
  • A funny satire animated sitcom

    A funny satire animated sitcom featuring four boys in the odd town of South Park. These boys are Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny. The show have been gro wing since the past decade. It was created from a short film created by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. This Emmy Award winning show have been around since 1997, for almost 12 years, and it has created a new way to see this crazy world in which any type of anything happens. The show features a good number of famous guest stars and parodies that make this show funnier and great to remember.
  • South Park is an animated series featuring four boys who live in the Colorado town of South Park, which is beset by frequent odd occurrences. The show grew out of short film that Trey Parker and Matt Stone created called The Spirit of Christmas.

    Awesome show!

    One of the best comedy shows out there.

    Great Characters,great plots.

    Extremely funny.

    Cartman,butters,randy and kenny rule.

    At first when I saw it, it sucked I thought it was boring,offensive,crude,vulgar,and (when i saw the earlier seasons) full of fart jokes.

    But Now it's more developed and less childish humor,more satire,more funny,and unlike other shows like Family Guy,it actually has a plot and a point and teaches a lesson.

    Seasons 4-7 were the best.

    But it's still has some downs as well:

    Unlike the mid years which were perfect,the jokes now are repetitive.
    It's still offensive, crude and vulgar.
    But hey! that's south park for you.

    But despite all this it's still good.
  • My favorite cartoon, along with the simpsons

    South Park is a show about four young little fourth graders who have crazy adventures in the town of South Park. This show has a variety of episodes, from kids pretending to be ninjas, to meeting a talking towel who likes to get high, to getting revenge with a bully, this show always has something different. There's only a couple really s****y episodes like, A Million Little Fibers or Brittany's new look, in the whole series. Overall, this show is and always will be my favorite show of all-time, along with the Simpsons and would definitly suggest it to you. Seasons 5-8 would be the best place to start, as every episode from the time period is flawless, it's just perfect comedy. It may be dirtier than the simpsons, and smarter than Family Guy, but it's as great if not better. 10/10 A+
  • The boys decide that imitating Peruvian flute bands is a great way of making alot of money, they enlist Craig's help, but as usual things go horribly wrong.

    My last review of a South Park episode was less than stellar and I had worried about the direction Season 12 of South Park was taking, but with its usual Parodying style South Park has created a cliffhanger for what should be an excellent couple of episodes. Coupled with Craigs reintroduction to the main cast list (allbeit without him and his family flipping the bird all the time)is a refreshing addition especially with his views on why the rest of the gang are disliked by all at school for constantly getting themselves into grandious trouble all the time. To some the story may be sketchy, wierd and a little silly, but frankly it is typical South Park formula and will lead into a second and probably third installment which if it matches the previous Tri-episode glories of Go God Go, Cartoon Wars and Imaginationland should be the key to making Season 12 another succes for Matt and Trey.
  • Running out of ideas.

    the older episodes are funnier. I think that starting last year they just made episodes like 1 week in advance. THey are just taking stuff that people like and making stupid plots. they need take more time on an episode instead of waiting til the last second. Like the episode with Barack Obama they did in less then twenty four hours. COME ON! I only gave this show a seven because the older seasons were better. they even have to have episodes with three parts because they ran out of ideas. In conclusion, Seasons 1-10 were much better than 11-12.
  • This is one of the greatest comedy shows that are still airing on tv, this beats most the boring and dead comedy shows they are showing right now. But they are still good, like The Simpsons, American Dad!, King Of The Hill, and Futurama.

    I love this show, this would be my very first favorite TV show on earth, this show gets fresh every season, I love it!, this is exactly why I watch this TV show. This beats The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad!, King Of The Hill, Futurama, Malcolm, and all the other comedy shows on television right now by a long shot. I don\'t really watch Family Guy that much because their new season sucks, seasons 4 and 5. I don\'t get the new King Of The Hill now, and Malcolm in the Middle is weird, but Family Guy is just dead now, because it SUCKS NOW!

    this show never ceases to surpise me agin n agin n agin n agin! cause it always makes fun of todays retarded issues perfectly unlike lil snips tht fam guy does! i cant get enouggh of it! im glad its still not canceld! yeaaaaaa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a!! 100 words biatch!!!! ! @ snookie humpz!
  • You can't find such creativity anywhere else

    Many cartoons rise, then fall after producing episodes for a long time. This is an exception.

    The plot, characters, current affairs etc. are what makes South Park episodes so good to watch. Almost every single episode kept me to the edge of the seat. Almost nothing bores me out, from the rivalry between Kyle and Cartman, to Kenny deaths, to seeing the whole message that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are trying to convey.

    Running a show for many years while trying to get viewers to enjoy it isn't an easy task. This is where South Park could outnumber other shows like the Simpsons and Family Guy. I hope the producers can keep up their legacy with future episodes.
  • good turning kinda bad in a way

    i have always liked south park was always funny except making fun of god not funny at all.i thought the most funny episode was the 1st one it was started sucking with season 12 it old and annoying like gorge Lucas raping Indy thats not even funny its stupid but mostly i still like this show still good i liked the Barbra Streisand episode thats a classic.i wonder if theirs gonna be season 13 that would be coolio but here a mystery is it still gonna be sick or is it gonna be more funny??????????????1 episode i hope they make a other guitar hero parody
  • An absolute classic! Many may dislike this show for being crude and for airing many offensive things, but that is exactly why I love it!

    South Park continues to be fresh and unique after 14 series - a rare achievement for any T.V series! The show's main characters; Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny are all able to bring a certain charm to the show. Whether it's Kenny's many deaths, Cartman and Kyle's rivalry or even just Stan's normality! The supporting characters are just as great too, and the antics the boys get caught up in are almost always hillarious! South Park is, in my opinion, one of the few cartoons left that still has the same quality episode as the earlier ones. This show has always been, and hopefully will be, a classic show to remember.
  • Annoyingly boring.

    This one falls under: “What do you put on TV when you know that nobody is watching”?
    I’ve tried, but I cannot find this show funny. Not even close to interesting. It’s a bunch of foul-mouthed kids, with conservative attitudes from 1922. Um, I think we are beyond that now. I think this show would be better with some tuning. (1) Better animation. The animation looks like it was produced on a Commodore 64. (2) Clean up the language. Let’s be honest, kids that age don’t talk like that, and if they did, their parents would soon take care of it. (3) Funnier. It’s not really all that funny.
    South Park is one of the worst things on TV. I realize this show has a "point", but it is presented in an offensive way. With a little work, it could be much better.
  • my favorite cartoon

    this is my favorite adult cartoon on comdey central and my favorite character are Cartman Jimmy Kenny and some other characters and I love the adventures the boys go on and some of the things i hate about this some is the insults on God and reglion fith and insults on famous people and that creators matt stone and trey parker voice all most all the main characters and new characters and they hired people to do cheap voice impressions of famous people and the character walking drawing it poorly done but they use real live drawing like the drawing design of war of warcraft and that it
  • Finally, we needed some feedback making fun of Jersey Shore and all it's fans.

    They've done it again, made great fun of another irritating thing in the world. I mean, Jersey Shore is such a bad show, the people even look horrible, they also have the most irritating personalities and are complete spoiled brats.

    It gave me those laugh out loud moments once in a while throughout the episode. Especially when they made fun of the over-spoiled Snooki. Making her somewhat of a sex hound, Star Wars creature made my night.

    It's not a classic for sure, but it managed to give me a chuckle thinking of the episode the day after. I leave this one off with an 8. Pretty good score, I might say.
  • south park is a great show

    in south park they have great plots and characters and jokes and the show has gotten even better since it started off. a funny thing about this show is the kids are the only smart ones and the parents and adults are idiots. a good thing is the show keeps on getting better and better every season is better than its last. one thing that i dont like is of how long it takes for episodes to come out they have 6 episodes than take a five month break which sucks i wish it could be like family guy where it goes from october to may but that isnt really a flaw. i would reccomend this show for ages 14 and up.
  • Possibly the funniest show ever made.

    Week-in, week-out, South Park is hilarious. Yes, sometimes it can be a little immature or a little harsh, but who cares. It doesn't matter when your laughing your a** off. Some shows are funny the first time you watch them, but then when you watch them again you think they are boring. South Park is NOT one of these shows. I have probably watched some episodes 10 times and they are still funny. Its is one of the most creative shows I have ever seen. After watching an episode, I always say to myself, "How did they think of this?". Also, all the characters are funny. I can't think of one character that I dislike in any way at all. This is how it differs from the Simpsons. I can think of many characters in the Simpsons that are constantly annoying.
  • South Park. This is real humor right here. An amazing show with a storyline that's alot deeoer than most poeple think. All of the characters feed off one another and make a great show. Let me just say... No one is safe from the jokes on this show.

    I love this show. It has so much to it. The humor that most people would find offensive, I try to see the great... insight... that is given if you look past the "rudeness" (that I must say I find extremely funny) you can really see a message that Matt and Trey are trying to get accross. I know what you're thinking. It's a cartoon about rude little kids. Yes... There are rude little kids, and offensive humor, but if that's ALL you see in this show, you're pretty closed minded. I hope that this show is steady for more seasons, because the fans are right here and ready to watch.
  • This show is about 4 boys who live in a town named South Part. The main characters include Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh and Kenny McCormick. These boys spend their day going to elementary school and hanging out with their frien

    Best show ever in my book, this is my favorite tv show on tv right now. My favorite character is Eric Cartman, one of the 4 main characters who's part of the 4 friends.

    This show is great, South Park has been around since 1999, we even got Stan's Father Randy who also has a big part in this show, he's probably the main parent since he gets the most story lines

    I do think this show is still going strong, episodes get better and better as the show progresses, I hope there will be more seasons in the near future
  • This show is awesome.!

    OK i watch this show a lot i gotta admit not my fav so no 10/10 for it but it is definitely up there in the top 20. So this show mixes nasty humor and foul language and obscene comedy and, might i ask doesnt love that! Of course lots of people, just like with family guy and American dad find this show crude and offensive. If you are open minded and you love dirty jokes you'll love this show. OK first we got Eric Cartman who is kinda the most prominent character on the show, you'll notice that he is always in the front of most south park photo and character shots, (he is the fat one!).
    Eric is a grade school kid who is really into destruction, death, taking over the world, chocolate guns and making fun of Jewish people. He sometimes gets a change of heart and does something nice, but it always turns out that he had selfish means the whole time. Eric hates hippies and his role model is Adolf Hitler so you can guess that this kid isn't the nicest or sanest child in south park.
    next ill talk about kyle the Jewish child in the green hat, he is the most cautious and kind hearted of the bunch. Kyle always thinks before he acts and tries to tell the others who never listen, kyle is the nice kid and gets along with everyone but if you piss him off he'll you know (not that anyones listening).
    Next is Stanley the blue hatted who just doesn't give a damn about anything, he is nice but when it comes down to it he'll call you a douche bag and be on his way. he doesn't care what the others think for the most part, but he seems to have a hero sense about him. Stan does get overly jealous and he has not so good self esteem as you can see when he barfs all over his crush Wendy.
    Last but not least of our four main characters there is Kenny....three word....Kenny always dies, He is a fool hard yet nice kid who always seems to get killed but reappear in the next episode like nothing happened.( Oh, my god they killed Kenny!, those BASTARDS!) is what Stanley and kyle would say when he would die.
    Now this show isn't intended for young people so keep children away from or else they might grow a potty mouth like Eric has. there are a lot of other side characters that you might love but go to Google to look them all up.
    I give this show whopping 9.5 out of 10 due to the fact that it kept me laughing those so many seasons and also for the reason that i love the characters enough to impersonate their voices over and over.
  • South Park is still going strong!

    It's easy to loose your touch after 10 years. South Park is just as funny today as it was back then. The episode quality is fairly consistent, however certain episodes have a bit of a problem with repetition (ie: repeating a certain words over and over in the same episode, such as in "The F Word". It's not a big problem, but it does get annoying after a while. The animation is very unique and allows the show to be animated quickly and be very current. Although some of the humour might be a bit over the top for some, it is an enjoyable show through and through.
  • "Omigod!"

    Few comedy shows are as wildly inconsistent as South Park. In fact, it surely tops the list. Can be either downright hilarious, whether you think you ought to be laughing or not, but also can be painfully immature and unfunny. And that's on a weekly basis! Seems about 2/3 of the episodes are good ones, so that's where I'll put the slider. Certainly earns big props for boldly going where no other show on television dares to tread.

    Few comedy shows are as wildly inconsistent as South Park. In fact, it surely tops the list. Can be either downright hilarious, whether you think you ought to be laughing or not, but also can be painfully immature and unfunny. And that's on a weekly basis! Seems about 2/3 of the episodes are good ones, so that's where I'll put the slider. Certainly earns big props for boldly going where no other show on television dares to tread.
  • The life of four kids and the wild adventures, events, etc. that take place

    Superb show!
    One of my favorites!
    Never gets old!
    Disgusting, yet entertaining!
    Cartman = one of the most original characters ever!
    Makes fun of how screwed up Hollywood is today!
    Nothing negative in my mind!
    Trapped In Closet and Passion of the Jew = Favorite Episodes that insult Hollywood!
    Kenny = Glad that Matt Stone and Trey Parker brought him back because Tweek is retarded!
    Timmy and Jimmy = always good for laughs in a cruel, unusual way!
    Kyle = Stupid Jew (lol)
    Stan = I've learned something today!
    10 More Years!
    And that is how to write a review when you can't think of at least one hundred words!
  • My Favorite show

    One of the best TV shows on right now. It has stood the test of time being on the air for over ten years it has not missed a step and continues to be funny time after time. The show follows four potty mouthed, forth graders. Eric Cartman a racist, antisemitic boy, Stan the most sensible character, Kyle the smart, Jewish kid, Kenny the poor kid, who dies through many episodes of the series, and sometimes Butters is a main character in the show he is personally my favorite character, he is a young joyful little boy, that is always getting messed with by Cartman. This show is comedic gold, and a most see by all.
  • A cheap but hilarious cartoon.

    When I was in elementary school, this was THE big show. Everybody talked about it, but oddly enough no one had actually seen it. Everybody in class would hover and keep asking you what happened. Everybody would get so impressed. Now that we're all a bit older, we actually understand the dark hunor that make this show famous. Or infamous. 4 small town kids in a town that gets wierder every day. One day aliens are appearing and probing cows, another hippies invade South Park to hold a concert, and another the gay teacher Mr. Garrison sets out to find the secret of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Those are just a few examples of the craziness this show has to offer. You never know what'll happen next!
  • Overrated I must say

    I must say that South Park is one of the most overrated shows ever. It was pretty good back in the late 1990s, but now this show is past its prime definately. The show though is fun to watch only when there is nothing else to watch, but the humor is not of my taste. The animation is also a joke though. Whenever would I take a character seriously with just feet and barely and legs, pretty funny cheapshot at the show but I am being honest. The show has a great plot though. The plots are often funny, especially that Kenny kid always dying because he was a t the wrong place at the wrong time. Definately a show to watch, but the aniamtion and some of the humor are not of my taste as soem of the episodes themselves.
  • Four boys live in South Park, Colorado, where many odd events seem to take place.

    I love South Park so much. It is one of the best shows on Television. For the past 10 years, South Park has brought laughter to all its viewers and still continues to bring it. South Park is like a combination of The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, and King of the Hill all blended into one. It is amazing. South Park is one of the very few shows where you hear one thing and laugh through the rest of the episode. It is hilarious! It is one of the greatest shows of all time. I love this show and I don't know what I'd do without it!
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