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  • South Park is one of the funniest shows on TV!

    Sure, the show has a lot, and I mean a LOT of dirty, childish humor and swearing, but that's not what South Park is all about. The reason why most shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy stay on the air is because they can work off of Pop Culture, and South Park does that the best. They were able to air an entire episode about Obama winning the election 23 hours after it happened, using direct quotes. I don't know about you, but I find that pretty amazing. Plus, the way they captured what was in style, from the '90s about Pokemon or Dawson's Creek, to today about the Wii or 24 is impressive. There will be no better animated comedy than South Park.
  • about four boys, that live in south parkk with outradges things happening in this town.

    ha ha ha. South park, well what can i sayy its amazinggg rudee.. butt ohh soo funny. Cartman is extremly funny andd makes the show. I love how south parkk relates their eppisdoes with important issues then ruiens the real meaning. funny evertime. South park have been producing showss forr a whilee andd they still dont bore me. The drawingss aree shockingg butt its how they created the show. The lauguage is quite boardd for the 4th graderss so i dont reccomend this to young kids but thats why the program is rated M 15+. If you mature i deffently reken you should watch a few episodes andd i quarentiee you will love it.
  • u know u like it dirty

    Ok folks , It's time again for me to share with you a slice of my opinion pie. You say you like controversy, randomness, taboo shattering, and cutting edge raw uncut material? Well come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine. Who the heck says every review I write has to be epic. There is no doubt in my mind that South Park deserves a lengthy detailed hard hitting review but, quite frankly I'm not about to take my self that seriously, not this time. South Park, Wow what can I say, sometimes I really really enjoy watching it, other times, it makes me want to wash out my brain with bucket loads of bleach. South Park is definetly a show with balls, and you can either admire that or be offended by it. Im sure anyone who has watched it or watches it regularly knows just what I mean. South Park is kinda like crack, everyone knows how awful it is, but its popularity remains. Hey hey now, don't get the wrong message here, im in no way trying to promote drugs, in fact drugs are bad mmkay.

    Theres so much to say both posotive and negative about this show, that's what I like about it. It stimulates conversation and debate. It breaks down social barriers. SP is a pop culture phenomenom. It was single handedly responsible for putting Comedy Central on the map. SP has regrettably transformed the Viacom Corporation into the Global Monsterosity it is today, no seriously Viacom is becoming the equivalent of the Emprical Forces in the Star Wars Universe.

    But im not here to complain about that, I am very much a fan of SP and encourage its viewing among young adults, NOT children!

    It is my personal belief ( and I might be overstating myself here )that no other show in the history of televison has captured and perfected the art of Parody / Spoof as well as SP.

    When we think of the character of Eric Cartman alone, its just as if the writers literally took the personality and behavior of every Jerk, and SOB they've ever encountered and rolled it into 1 ultimate conglomeration of bastardism.

    Eric Cartman is the personification of everything and everyone that screws you over, steals your joy, ruins your life, etc etc etc…

    What I cant stand is when people try to compare SP to Family Guy, let me tell you something, SP wipes its Asssse with FG,and I happen to like FG. Its constantly evolving and diversifying itself with new characters , running jokes, reoccurring themes, and originality. It walks the fine line between consistent yet innovative. go ahead and get your dvd watch a few hours of SP have something to drink and see if you dont spew forth your beverage because of spontaneous involuntary laughter.
  • Four boys in the Colorado town of South Park get in to the most insane and offensive adventures. This is the perfect show for people who know how to take a joke.

    Awesome. Awesome. Friggen' Awesome! South Park is the perfect show for anyone who knows whats up in the world. Sheltered, lifeless people will never appreciate this show for how subtly funny it is. Speaking of subtle, that's one of the funniest things about this show. Certain episodes take silly topics and addresses it so seriously. Most notably in the Guitar Hero episode and the WoW episode, which poke fun at people who take video games seriously. And in other episodes, they do take important topics and make fun of them. The show combines everything in life with everything in the most twisted part of your mind. If you can see the humorous part in life, this show is perfect for you.
  • This show is one of the best shows ever..maybe really the very! South Park is classic and has the perfect taste of humor! So wrong, yet so funny! There's just one word to describes it: PERFECT! In every way!

    It's hard to believe..but this show is really getting better within every season! The fact that makes this so hard to believe is that this show had been just SO awesome from the start! This show just tops everything! So because of getting better and better it even tops itself from year to year! There's no other show that comes up with so much great and current-topics parodies! This show can make fun of's funny! No matter how bizarr, mordbid or sick it is's always still just funny! That is one of the things i most love about South Park and i quess that is what makes it so popular all over the world!
  • The Best Animated Show Ever, And Ever Will Be!

    South Park is without a doubt, The best animated show on television. Between Kenny's well planned deaths, Cartman always planning the extermination of the Jews, And the way he is racist, sexist and so freaking fat. And the way that they bring today's problems and make them bust out loud stories. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are comic geniuses. Whoever does not like this show is uptight. And they never seem to grow dull or boring, And even after 13 seasons, They are just as funny as always, In fact in my opinion, This season is one of the funniest ones. Never stop making them! ;)
  • Change...we need?

    This was an awesome episode from start to finish. Whether it was the music going with the whole plot/scenario or whether it was just the plot itself.

    After a while you could kind of guess that every single politician or person related to Obama was going to be in on the heist. I was kinda disapointed that Sarah Palin was in on it, she seemed like a ditz in the episode.

    I also find it kind of ironic at the end how Randy got screwed over and the McCain supporters got the long end of stick. All in all, a great episode, lots of plot twists, funny moments, lots of laughs, though the ending was a little disapointing.
  • This episode makes clear

    This episode makes clear what a lot of us think about the last Indy film perpetrated by Mr. Lucas & Mr.Spielberg.
    They´ve raped a myth, an iconic character bigger than their thirst for making money. Matt Parker and Trey Stone are fans of Indy and have used the series as a megaphone to show their disappointment with the last merchandising movement of Spielberg & Lucas.

    Thanks Lucas & Spielberg for raping Indy: your "auteur" masks have fallen, money is the only thing for you, your credibility is zero and only SW hoolingans keep supporting your videogames and BK toys.

    And thank you for inspiring with your attitude one of the best South Park episode.
  • South Park defines today's world from the eyes of some kids that can raise the hell if they want!

    South Park is not a joke! When someone starts watching it, the funny part of South Park is not the only attraction of it, it contains a lot of hidden facts about today's world.
    Episodes about War, Religion, Love, ... are meant to show the reality in some other way.
    Main characters are carefully created so they're never going to be rusted!
    Watching it with an open eyes will lead to find almost every kind of people in the show that most of them are wearing a mask of sanity, and the truth of their existence would be shown in a certain Episode!
    I think 10/10 is not enough!
  • A show full of controversy and humor, what else is there to say?

    I have loved South Park ever since it started. It always shocked me how it had so many fans because of it's racism and crude humor, but you have to love it! Now I don't want to be all like "if you don't like it, don't watch it" but it's true. South Park has humor only people who can take anything can laugh at. I'll admit I have been offended maybe once or twice, but it doesn't change my opinion on the show. I think it's a show I'll ever love, and even if some episodes aren't so great, I'll watch the older ones. South Park is NOT a show to miss!
  • One of my favorite shows on tv

    This show is really good. Cartman is so funny, and the guidance counselor is funny when he says "mckay" and "Drugs are bad, Mckay". But, i think the kenny thing where he dies all the time is kind of stupid. "Fat Camp", "Towelie", "Krazy Kripples", "Die Hippie Die", "Make Love Not Warcraft" are the best episodes. The show is offencive to alot of people. But thats what make it funny. They should start making new episodes cause i watched them all and it makes me laugh . The latest one was "The China Probrem" and it was good , but they should improve. Overall: 10/10
  • need to update with the storyline now.the last episode was very dissappointing.did not expect this..

    my fav but when isaw the last episode CHINA PROBREM i was dissappointed.they went way ahead in deteorating indiana.fine do it,but this time twas there only focus,and thus i guess the china probrem was ignored.they strtched it bit far this time.i'm not a fan of indiana,but iguess the china probrem shoudl've been elaborated by addin more china characters interacting with cartman and butters.hope they beter their episodes in duture else it'll not survive.trey n matt,pls dont let success make u overconfident.ur 1st 10 seasons were superb.wats wrong with u now? - from a fan from india. all the best guyz
  • Quite possibly the greatest social satire of this generation.

    South Park is quite possibly the best social satire of this generation. Although every episode is not perfect, and some of them are downright crude, the show is excellent.

    I used to be a big Family Guy fan. Then, I saw the Cartoon Wars episodes and I realized the folly in the show's premise. Their jokes don't really have anything to do with the plot or theme of the show, and most of the time they are nothing more than a silly interlude in Peter's mind.

    I love the talent behind South Park. The episodes almost always have a deeper theme behind them, be it a call for quality entertainment, a mockery of American fear, or a treatise on the gay pleasures of Guitar Hero and music entertainment video games.

    I will watch and enjoy this show for many years. The messages will ring true and remind me of the best and worst times of modern day.
  • South Park is about 4 boys that live in South Park. They curse and do vry crazy stuff. They make fun of alot of celebrities including Britteny Spears.

    I love this show alot. I think it is bogus how Kenny gets killed all of the time. The 4 boys are always getting themselves into something trying to save someone which turns out to have a strange twist. It is not really suitable for younger kids to watch. I just strated watching this show when i turned 13. There is sex and violence in this show. Alot of people would say this show is "stupid" or "pointless" but i would look at it as entertaining and funny. Some things in the show are harsh but it is all just a cartoon.
  • In "The China Probrem," Cartman endures nightmares about the Chinese opening ceremonies, thus prepares for a Chinese invasion. Meanwhile, Kyle, Stan, and others try to arrest George Lucas and Steve Speilberg for metaphorically raping Indiana Jones.

    As is the pattern with most opening episodes in South Park, the idea is good, but the plot is too complex. South Park is at its best when there is either one simple story, with lots of jokes provided, or two stories that connect in the end. This episode had neither. Instead, this episode had two completely unconnected stories, both of which need more development. If the episode consisted of one story or the other, with more development, then it might be better. In the end, I felt like the undermined Cartman's character in order to wrap things up. I won't give it away, but Cartman has an epiphany that is very un-Cartman-like. In the other story, the idea that Lucas and Speilberg raped Indiana Jones is funny in thought, but when hashed out begs for more. The best parts come not in flashbacks of actual rape provide by Lucas and Speilberg, but the reactions shown by Stan, Kyle, and the entire South Park community regarding the shabby film. The episode could have gone the after-school special route, and shown the trial of the rapists, instead of interfering the flow with the other story. All in all, the thoughts were good, but when realized, they needed to dig deeper. This is not to say that the episode was a complete failure. Lots of funny moments to be had. The flashbacks are shocking, uncomfortable, and amazing at the same time. The reactions to the movie are glorious. Butters is at his awkward, exploited best. However, the jokes can't make up for everything. All in all, lots of laughs, but not a good enough plot.
  • Scott T episode

    Ok Let me just say this is the best episode of South Park! Its so funny! I loved the plot of the episode it was one of those you thought "Hey this is going to be a normal episode" but then it hits you! It was so funny. Cartman in the show is not a character that the show is mainly about him, (Well their doing that now, and its a little much) But if they did one of these once in a while then it would be ok. This is the funniest episode of the 5th season by far.
  • #1 Show On Television

    This Show Is The Best Thing Thats Happened To Television... Matt Stone And Trey Parker Are Genius... They Think Outside The Box Which Makes This Show So Great. From Season 1 to Season 12 This Show Has Not Dissapointed... Cartman Keeps The Show Awsome And News That Its Signed For A 15th Season Keeps Me Happy Knowing Its Gonna Be On For That Much Longer.

    Every Episode Is Smart, Truthful and Stupidly Funny At The Same Time This Show Is So Awsome. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . New Eps SOON WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • great

    this ep. was definitely the best episode ever! i can't dream a better episode that can come out of someone's mind. if ever such thing happens i'm sure it should not be aired, as people will die from such on overdose of joy, satisfied revenge and happienes. at first I thoughtecir was f***d up this time but then he did it again. it was incredible… there never has been and never will be an episode like this. I can watch it over and over again for days. hope we will see awesome episodes like this in future… south park rocks, eric rulez
  • omfg best show love it!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this show! it is just up my ally of funnyness!!tehe but really they make fun of eveything poor keeny always geting killed but still it is funny they 4 littel kids witch makes it even better. if my little bro talked like that my mom would freak!!! i would be laughing my ass off. what a funny show best animated show ever! like really if u ur a bible beater DONT WATCH! and if u r able to laugh at your self i advies you do watch. juts make sure your bathroom is near by will be laughing untill you piss your self. tehe:):)
  • Best animated show on tv

    This show is seriously the best animated show on Tv right now.. Its one of the most funniest ones too.. South Park began in 1992 when Trey Parker and Matt Stone, at the time students at the University of Colorado, met in a film class and created an animated short called Jesus vs. Frosty...The show is set in the fictional town of South Park, Colorado...The main characters of the show are four Fourth grade students. Stanley "Stan" Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Theodore Cartman, and Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick.. I think Cartman is one of the funniest ones..All South park episodes are funny ..
  • Awesome!

    If you ever need to get away from everything or watch it from another perspective that's filled with sarcasm and humor , then this is the show for you . Its got a little bit of everything . And it is without a doubt worth watching . If you've never seen it , you've missed a lot , trust me . Mostly because of Cartman . I love to see him get what he deserved . Kenny getting killed too . I almost forgot about Butters , he is . . . well he's a long story , watch it and you'll know .
  • This is one of the best shows of all time my fav in front of all the simpsons and family guy and stuff the Funnyness is amazeing and the boys get into alot of truobl and its funny its a must watch me my self have sean every epidosde like 5 times

    Its a strait up 10/10 2 thumbs up it is better than anything its one of the best shows of all time since simpsons and family guy, new episodes starting up will give me more episodes to watch, I need to buy evrey seson i watch to much on computer and ps3, and i dont want t burn i wuld like to owen the box sets, so yea and my fav use to be kenny but bigest fans probly like kyle and stan if you watch enufe they are truely the best in the show following them Eric and kenny.

    hmm so i got over a hunder words this is my first review sweet.
  • 30 minutes of pure awesomeness.

    South Park is a show about four eight year old boys who live in the small town of South Park Colorado. I have to say, for eight year olds, these boys sure do know a lot of curses. In fact, when I was young I discovered a lot of new curse words right from this very show. I love this show, it's a classic. One thing that I love about it is that it makes fun of just about everything, nothing is off-limits to the ingenuous minds of Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Some people might find this show offensive, but you just have to remember that a joke is just a joke and not to take it too seriously.
  • the series was awesome

    When i was just 10 or 12 years old i watched this show when i could. the show was cool with Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny (who always dies in every episode). when i watched this show my sister loves Ike "Kyle's canadian brother". then the got more funnier even that movie "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut". although some characters were changed like Mr.Garrason gay guy) to Ms.Garrason (lesbian person) and Chef ending up dead then turned to Darth Vader. But even the changes happen the show is still funnier even with persians, mexicans, jews, muslims, blacks, and such things like Al Gore saying in "Manbearpig" i'm cereal instead of I'm serious.
  • Trey Parker and Mat Stone

    Well, i have to say that Trey Parker and Mat Stone's animation is quite entertaining! I watched every episode of it and the random jokes one after another never stopped making me laugh. But most of the series aren't quite kids material. No wonder they view it only on AdultVision TV.The taste of comedy is great, but there are some sad, boring and even moments that make you mad.But come to think of it from season eight and above there are only funny episodes!Even the quality increases by each season.I really want to know how patient they are to cut the paper so gently.
  • Quite simply the best show on television...

    South Park is like a fine wine…it keeps getting better with age. The commentary on politics, current events, celebrity brou-ha-ha (Tom Cruise, Britney Spears, Oprah, Butter's own episode (the "lying" episode), the SP film festival), forbidden topics and ridiculous goings-on covered by the media is simply classic. I am glad to see the producers pushing the boundaries even further as the show continues its unstoppable momentum. I used to be a big fan of the Simpsons for similar reasons, but something has led that show off track and it just isn't as funny as it once was. That's too bad….oh, well, there is always hope….
  • Awesome show.

    First of all this show rocks and is the best show since the late 1990's and is totally funny and it just rocks. I started watching clips of the show and I really got into this show and I really love this show. The show centers about 4 kids living in the town called South Park and having really funny adventurous and they are all friends. They do really funny things at school which makes it really cool and the does get funny. I will give this show a 10 out of 10 and whoever came up with it is a big genius.
  • A really good show with a good taste of comedy.

    First of all this show rocks and is the best show since the late 1990's and is totally funny and it just rocks. I started watching clips of the show and I really got into this show and I really love this show. The show centers about 4 kids living in the town called South Park and having really funny adventours and they are all friends. They do really funny things at school which makes it really cool and the does get funny. I will give this show a 10 out of 10 and whoever came up with it is a big genuis.
  • South Park is a small town located in Colorado

    Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman start off as 3rd graders in South Park, Colrado till later on in the series when they transition into 4th grade. The 4 boys grow up around people like their families, teachers, Chef, Jesus, The Devil, and even Celebrities. Stan is the ordinary kid, Kyle is the smart jewish kid, Cartman is the fat kid who is giant A-hole, and Kenny is the little poor kid. My personal favorite character in the show is Randy Marsh. Randy really didn't do too much towards the beginning of the series besides playing a father. Although the past 4 seasons or so, they have turned him into a great character. They developed him and made him into a funny idiot. A lot of the classic episodes of this show, are episodes that revolve around Randy and the stupid things he does. All the funny Characters and stories make this show a strong 9 out of 10!
  • Mindless, crude, repulsive... And I love it.

    This show is offensive. Very offensive. But it still has me back in front of the TV every week to watch it.
    Follow the adventures of Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny, four eight year olds growing up in South Park, Colorado.
    One of the reasons this show is so funny is that the boys get into all kinds of trouble by hearing things adults do, rearranging the meaning in their uneducated heads, and turning it into an unforgivable situation.
    It reminds people of when they were kids [I mean that in the best way possible] because the boys seek attention, argue, fight and just do all the things normal eight year olds do. It's their surroundings and people surrounding them in south park that creates all the insanity of one episode.

    A must-see for any animation comedy fan.
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