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  • Really funny, but...

    Overall, South Park is a funny, usually smart show that can really be good when it is. The only problem is it's not always that smart. Sometimes it's a clever parody on people and society in general. But sometimes it's just making fun of breaking news and specific recent tragedies, which is pointless because it'll be forgotten pretty soon. This is when the show isn't that smart. Just making fun of breaking news is kind of lazy. Thankfully, it's really funny and smart most of the time.

    It also takes itself a little too seriously sometimes. This doesn't happen often, but sometimes it's so focused on being satire that it forgets to be funny.

    South Park doesn't always hit targets, but when it does it's great.
  • Why does my Followed list keep saying there's new South Park shows coming out?

    As the title 2 weeks now I've received an email stating there is a new South Park airing when I come here the last show is from 12/2013???
  • It is either great or terrible.

    I'll make this one quick. I've been watching this show for a long time now, and even though every single episode definitely has it's fair share of dirty, immature jokes, there are always hilarious, suttle jokes, and smart references to catch. Not bad, but terrible.
  • An unforgettable classic that everyone knows!

    This amazing show is about four kids who go on adventures. Just like the Simpsons, South Park is a show that if you ask anyone if they have heard of it, they will instantly say yes. The show has unforgettable characters such as Eric Cartman, Kyle Brofloski, and don't forget the kid who dies in every episode, Kenny McCormick! The recurring lines in the show don't get old either. Some classic lines include "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" and "Screw you guys, I'm going home!". Some of the jokes are laugh-out-loud hilarious too. You cannot watch any of the jokes and not laugh at them. Some of the jokes may also be offensive and racist, but they're really funny. If you are offended by the jokes that South Park offers, then don't watch it because it is definitely not for viewers who find these jokes insensitive. I'll admit, some of the episodes haven't been good after Season 9, but it still and will be an enjoyable and funny show to watch!
  • Can't wait to see it gone!

    I honestly hate it! This show is not funny and it has really filthy "humor". It's not appropriate for any one and shows like this (and the parents who allow it) are responsible for the horrible behavior of every day kids who watch it..
  • Why bother?

    If the creators of South Park can't be bothered to put in an effort to create the show anymore (6 days from inception to release), then I can't be bothered to watch any more.

    Maybe they just do it for the free Dr Pepper?
  • Hilarious show!

    Seriously, this show is just one of the funniest shows I've ever watched! For all you people who think this show isn't for kids, THIS SHOW IS FUNNY!!! There are also some controversial things that may offend the idiots who can't laugh at themselves for once! You need to stop taking things so seriously! It's all meant to be a freaking joke, you morons! Seriously, this show is just hilarious! Sure, I know this is meant for adults or people in their late teens, but that doesn't change my opinion on this show! I've also watched the movie, and it was a great movie! I love this show!
  • Funny, But not age appropriate for kids.

    It's a wonder why kids act the way they do. Reason shows like this.
  • Top Shows

    Most ep til 012 (08-03)
  • Episode .5

    FInnaly a good episode, puberty IKE and MrMkay so funny
  • The Most Clever Mirror!

    The brilliance of "South Park" could be summed up in one phrase: "show, don't tell"... And though the political leanings of it's creators may be ascertained after time, no topic or agenda oriented organization is safe from scathing and hilarious mockery.


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  • absolutly the best show out there today!

    one of those shows that you can watch over and over and over and still laugh just like Friends and Seinfeld.

    there isn't much to say because to me it's been the perfect show from the start and all the way to today, if you have never watched this, you are missing out on the funniest most sarcastic and up to date show out there!
  • It's not for everyone, but if you can handle it by far it's the best Pop-Culture Lampoon

    South Park is basically one big 'screw you' to modern times and culture. Now I can see why people dislike this show, it's really touchy at times. But if the humor appeals to you it's plain funny.

    Now South Park is about Four Friends in Colorado. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. All of them funny in their own ways (Cartman in particular), but this really does tackle life and what's going on in this world. Since it's short in it's animation process they can get to rather fresh subjects really quickly. Even 17 seasons in South Park is still funny. Now it however might not age well, but for what it is now, it's funny and I'm glad it's still on.

    I'll send you off by saying, watch South Park, you may not like it, but it's one of my personal favorite TV shows.
  • Although not as good as before, it's still great

    Seasons 1-10, South Park was amazing. 11-present, it's outstanding. It's not perfect, as jokes are repeated throughout an episode, but it's still one of the greatest shows to air on teleivsion.
  • Funny But It Can Go a Little Too Far Sometimes

    This show is funny and often it's like the writers are reading my mind about pop culture and other topics, but some times it does go a little too far with the sexual stuff, but other than that this show is great.

    Characters: 90% (A-)

    The characters are funny.

    Plot: 97% (A+)

    The plots are also funny, especially when they make fun of pop culture.

    Humor: 85% (B)

    I'll admit that the sexual jokes can go too far

    Voice Acting: 70% (C-)

    I'll admit the voice acting isn't the best but they do warn you it's bad.

    Average: 85.5% (B+)
  • Best Show EVER!

    Man, I watch many shows, but this one wins. The writing is near perfect, and (but only if you love constant profanity) the dark humor is something to love. I'm a big fan of dark humor, and this show is satisfying in every way that counts.
  • One of the best cartoons I ever seen

    This show is funny as hell, the episodes are better written, it has better jokes it much better then family guy
  • Funny as hell

    This show is has some really screwed up episodes which makes it hilarious. This show has crossed about every line that a tv series can cross. And whenever they say something racist, im never offended. I'm just surprised this show hasn't been cancelled. I die laughing at most of these episodes. This is one of the few shows that is still pushing out good episodes after a number of years. Keep it up south park.
  • You may call it vulgar...

    I call it fucked up. In a good way. The crazy and sometimes politically incorrect jokes are hilarious, and give us a bit of social commentary and plenty of take-thats.
  • An Awesome Show

    South Park is at its best when it's politically incorrect, and satirical. They have some bizarre concepts, such as talking Christmas Poo, but they can make the most of it. The humor is generally showcased in unexpected moments, with jokes which can make a pessimist laugh. It's one week creation time allows a quick turnaround for current events, which results in spontaneity, which creates a concept based, funnier show.
  • This is the best show ever

    I'll tell you what I think later.

  • One F***ed up awesome show!

    Funny, politically incorrect, and hilarious satire. I hope South Park stays around for years to come!
  • A Clever Title Goes Here

    Hilarious and smart. Says everything everyone else is too polite to!!!
  • Best show ever!

    It's so funny and original, I love it! Even though it went a LITTLE downhill it is still awesome, way better than Family Guy! This is now my favorite show of all time!
  • cool!

  • Changed TV

    This show literally changed television history. They made it okay to offensive and get away with it. Like this new show on FX called Legit... They have the guy from Road Trip in a wheelchair doing bong hits and fucking strippers... Pretty hardcore. I think if south park wasn't killing kenny every week and having Cartman go balls out hilarious other shows couldn't do the same. I saw this article today about Legit about how crazy it is. But i think none of these shows could exist without south park paving the way
  • Funny cartoon for adults!!

    In 1997, South Park aired its first episode. Since then, it's a very funny show for all adults alike who love the show. I think this show has plenty of funy jokes, and I enjoy the language as well. If one show needs to be funny, this has been funny, and will always be funny, unlike certain other shows that are animated. My favorite episode is Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics. It's where Mr. Hankey himself gives us a bunch of funny music videos about Christmas and all its glory. The funniest character on South Park, in my opinion, is Cartman, because of his weight and comments, sometimes vulgar. This show is so funny. Buy it on DVD and Blu-Ray, in single season-season box sets, with a different set of episodes in each of them!!!
  • This show is NOT a waste of time

    South Park has had its ups and downs over the years but overall has aged quite well. It first became popular as I was going through Middle School and at the time fit the dirty sense of humor that came along with being an adolescent boy in the 90s. As I grew up, so did South Park but not in the way one would expect. It went from being a show about nothing, where an Elephant could make love to a pig, to a show taking shots at pop-culture in general. Whether it be, Jersey Shore or the White House, no one is safe from Matt and Trey. At the end of the day, saying it is low-brow humor isn't that far off but in all honesty, WHO CARES, it's funny and declaring that its only watched by 'trashy people' is far from the truth. If you enjoy vulgar language and at times horrific images, you will love this show. Enjoy my friends !