South Park

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Comedy Central Premiered Aug 13, 1997 In Season





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  • One Of The Funniest Animated Adult Shows Of All Time

    South Park is an absolute classic, I honestly think it's even better than some of the other animated sitcoms as it literally goes above and beyond with its humor. The show is about four 4th graders that go on strange adventures in their town. The boys include: Stan, who I would consider the most main character of the group. Kyle, who is what I would consider the smartest of the group. Kenny, the mainly silent one. And finally, the completely different one of the group, Eric. Out of the four characters here, the two that are the best to me are Eric & Kenny. Eric is this likable scoundrel who in my opinion is even better than Stewie from "Family Guy" because he wants to gain a lot of the power in the world & make other peoples lives miserable. Kenny is a great character too as he(and Eric) get the funniest reactions from the other two. Plus, the amount of times Kenny has died in this show is a highlight in the show. Kyle & Stan have actually a good friendship with each other, out of the 4, they probably have the best bond, the ways they react with each other is also a strong point of the show. The characters seem very complex, all of them in their different ways. The side characters are all memorable, are all funny, and all have distinctive personalities. The animation of the show is very unique, in the beginning it was stop motion, but now it's computer, it still looks very interesting though as it is its own thing. The show is a very quiet show in my opinion, not that much music really goes on, and I honestly appreciate that. One thing to note is that the show is very offensive, and people may get really offended. However, that's exactly what I meant by how the show goes above and beyond with its humor, it's not afraid to show off what they think is funny. Overall: South Park is one of the funniest, most well written, unique, and entertaining adult shows of all time, it is absolutely worth checking out in my opinion.

    4/4 Stars