South Park

Season 15 Episode 3

Royal Pudding

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 11, 2011 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

At school the kindergarten class is rehearsing for their play on good dental hygiene, directed by Mr. Mackey. Ike, who is supposed to be playing Tooth Decay is missing, he is home watching the Royal Wedding. The Prince and Princess of Canada are getting married. Canadian dignitaries arrive as do the prince and princess. The prince dips his hands into the traditional pudding, which the princess is supposed to scrape from his arms; however, the abbey comes under attack. A large hole is opened in the roof and the princess is captured in an isometric cube and floats away through the hole. Back at South Park Elementary rehearsals continue, but Ike's heart just isn't in it. He's still crying about the missing princess. Mr. Mackey sends Ike away. While Ike is returning home when he sees news coverage about Canada dealing with the loss of their princess. The Canadian government believe they know who's taken the princess and asks everyone of Canadian descent to return home and open their of faith. Ike does just that. The box contains a message from the Prime Minister calling all Canadian citizens to arms and to meet by the tree in Edmonton. Ike gets ready and sets off on his journey to return to his homeland, Kyle makes no attempt to stop him. The next day in class, Kyle is accosted by Mr. Mackey, who wants to know where Ike is and what Kyle is going to do to "fix this".

Ike is on his way to Canada and on the bus he meets a fellow Canadian with a paper bag over his head who goes by the name Ugly Bob. Back at the rehearsal, Kyle fixes it, by substituting for his brother. But Kyle's interpretation of Tooth Decay is not good enough for Mr. Mackey. In Edmonton, the Canadians have gathered by the tree. They are told the giant is responsible. They set out bait for the giant. The giant arrives, it is that dick named Scott, Terrance and Philip's old nemesis. After being exposed to radiation in Ottawa, Scott had now become a giant dick. Scott doesn't have the princess, he is the country's biggest patriot. Scott knows who's taken the princess, the native Canadians. Scott takes Ike and Ugly Bob to where the native Canadians live and soon they find themselves surrounded. Meanwhile at rehearsals, Mr. Mackey is reading his cast the riot act. Back in northern Canada, the native Canadians tell Scott, Ike and Bob they know who has taken the princess. And Mr. Mackey confesses to the cast why the play that he has worked on for the past six years is important to him, two years ago he lost his father to tooth decay.

A native Canadian leads the giant dick Scott, Ike and Ugly Bob to a castle, where they see the princess is being held. In Colorado, the play is underway, although it is not going the way Mr. Mackey wants it to. The princess is found, it turns out she was by Tooth Decay. They try to attack Tooth Decay, but it isn't until Ike pulls the paper bag off of Ugly Bob's head that they achieve victory. Ugly Bob's face turns Tooth Decay to stone. Backstage at the play during intermission, Mr. Mackey is bitching out the cast, which everyone in the audience can hear. The police come backstage and put a halt to the play, it's over, "they got the son of a bitch," Tooth Decay is no more. In Canada, the bells are ringing. Awards are presented to Ugly Bob, the giant dick Scott, the native Canadian and of course Ike, whose is made a Knight of Canada. Kyle thinks it's cool that his little brother is knight in Canada, until his friends don't seem to think so. The wedding ceremony resumes, the princess scrapes the pudding off of the prince, he then rips he arm off and stick it up his ass, as is the tradition.