South Park

Season 15 Episode 3

Royal Pudding

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 11, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • Why the hate?

    No one's gonna argue Funnybot might have been the worst episode ever. But did the animosity towards that float over to the next week? This was without a doubt the funniest episode I a long time. Me and my roommates laughed our arses off the entire time. From the breaks in tradition at the wedding, the adventures of ike, ugly bob, and scott the giant dick, or mackey's cursing every two seconds to a bunch of kindergardeners what wasn't to like? There was a hillarious twist at the end too, I truly don't understand how anyone who likes south park didnt crap themselves laughing.
  • A nice random episode!

    I'm shocked at the negative reviews to be honest. I hated Humancentipad and Funnybot was pretty awful too. South Park is definitely no where near as funny as it used to be; that said, this episode was quite a treat. The randomness of tooth decay and the ridiculous traditions reminded me of the old days. I laughed harder at this episode than I have on any SP episode in a long, long time. I still think seasons 2-7 are probably the best, but this was a nice return to those days. I'm not a "new south park fan", I've watched the whole series through its inception, and this was a great episode! Finally! I don't know what Matt and Trey are going to do, but I sure hope they can bring the funny back to South Park, cause the last few seasons have all only had a few semi-funny and the occasional good episode.
  • It's a wonderful day for Canada and therfore all of the world

    This was a fantastic i like that it was and Ike episode which is something new and appreciated and mackey's play storyline was absolutely hilarious he flipped out on the little kids and screamed at Kyle. Of couse the return of characters such as ugly Bob and Scott the now giant D!ck was a nice and hilarious touch. I always like episodes about Canadians (Unless terrance and Phillip are main character). But by far the funniest part of this episode was the dry Candian announcer, calmy saying each tradition and the chaos of when the princess was captured. Overall an absolute gem of an episode that hilariously parodied Canada and the English Royal Wedding.
  • "As is tradition."

    Finally I have laughed at a South Park episode! It had been months, but this episode was a true gem. From the hilarious announcer at the royal wedding who described the most bizarre traditions as though they were completely normal, and stayed in the same calm voice as he described the scene as the ceiling began collapsing, people died, and the princess was levitated through the air in a beam of light from the sky. "This is not tradition."

    The side story with Mr. Mackey was also fantastic. Mr. Mackey is hilarious as he violently flips out at a class of Kindergarteners trying to put on a play. There were some slow parts in the plot with Ike and the native Canadians, but it was all tied together brilliantly in the end. Forget HUMANCENTiPAD and Funnybot... THIS was an episode worthy of the "South Park" name!

    Royal Pudding is a top notch episode and one of Matt and Trey's best in a long, long time. Here's hoping this one gets nominated for an Emmy, and here's hoping that next week's episode can be just as good, or even better!
  • Would have gotten a ten if it was not for the ending.

    I thought this was an amazing episode and I found the play and the song about Tooth Decay to be cute. It was sad when Kyle's little brother Ike cried. I just wanted to hug him and I did think that the teacher was being a bit too harsh. What I did like, however, was how everyone committed suicide over the princess being missing. It was so funny. (Yes, I am into suicide I also liked how Ike rescued the princess from Tooth Decay. The ending was also heartwarming until the prince ripped off the princess's arms. Really writers. This episode would have been perfect if it wasn't for that part. Other than that this episode is superb.
  • great

    Ike is fascinated with the Canadian Royal Wedding, but things go wrong when the Princess is Kidnapped. Ike, Ugly Bob, and Scott (the giant dick!) go on a quest to try and save her so the wedding can go on as planned.

    Ike was to be Tooth Decay in a play that Mr. Mackey was doing, but since he is out, he makes Kyle do it. But the actors in the play aren't really the best actors.

    Good episode. The parts I liked were the announcer at the wedding ('As is tradition', 'I think she just queefed', etc), and I liked the ending to the tooth decay play, when one of the boys in the play is just standing there, like 'what just happened'? Not the best episode ever but it did have some humorous parts.
  • Pretty Bad

    I don't know where all of you "new" south park fans are coming in from, but for those of us that have been following the show since season 1, our expectations are MUCH higher than this. I am not one to exaggerate, but I can say with confidence this season has the worst beginning 3 episodes of any other season. They've all been mediocre or bad. I personally hated CentiPad but some like it and I can understand why. I'm not the type of person that can laugh at a grown man taking a dump into the mouth of a 9 year old boy... and then laugh at that joke two or three more times. Maybe some of you find that funny... different strokes I guess.

    As far as this episode goes, there were a few chuckles, the Native Canadians were funny, the traditions except for the last one were pretty funny. Everything else was awful, Mr. Mackey was annoying, Cursing isn't comedy in and of itself, it is use to emphasize something FOR comedy. Mr. Mackey just dropping the F and S bomb over and over again is not funny. Tooth Decay is not funny, and completely random. Sometimes random is good, but not if it's COMPLETELY random without a point. Oh, and just because Ugly Bob and Steve were references from Season 2 that only hardcore South Park fans would get doesn't make it a good episode. It was incredibly boring and annoying, and I usually love the episodes in Canada. Please Matt and Trey, no more defecating in children's mouths, no more unfunny robots, and no more tooth decay. Get back to the roots of South Park, the four boys. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny.
  • What the?!

    This episode is the worst from this season its worse than that its actually terrible. This episode starts of with the royal canadian wedding but the princess gets captured so it's up to ike and his people to save the princess. However ike is in a play for school about tooth decay so kyle ends up haveing to take his part in the play for him, in the end both these things come together but in an awkward and ultimately stupid way. This episode is a complete waste of time. . . . . . . . . . .
  • It kinda hurt

    Well what a load of poo that was. Mackey provided the odd laugh, and I did smile at the Scott jokes, but apart from that I was unimpressed. I suppose all Canada episodes are rubbish and deliberately so. There was a decent attempt at creating a comical mythos for Canada, but it absolutely failed. The whole wedding thing has to be the ultimate fail in trying to be up to date with the issues.

    Truth be told I am simply not that interested in the Ike character either, so even if this was brilliant I'd be moaning about the absence of the core characters. Sometimes it can work like Paris Hilton's episode, but not here.

    There's too much cynicism in this season so far and it is getting in the way to the humor and the references (Ipad/Theater awards/Royal Wedding) just aren't all that clever. To make things worse and it is odd to say this about Matt and Trey, but they are playing it very safe. It's not as if anyone can say there's much effort being put into the show either. We only needed to hear those kids sing once, in fact not at all, those scenes were wasted time. This episode feels half-arsed and It all combines to suggest the pair are pretty miserable at the moment.

    I just can't believe having used the Royal wedding they passed up a chance to rip on us Brits! And what the ripping off of her arm about. Fact is this episode is too boring to even bother discussing in a book club sort of way. There might have been some very clever and subtle points underscoring everything, but who really cares?
  • Second worst episode ever!

    Sorry, but the lampooning of the royal wedding was a dud. The only highlight was when Ike pulled the bag off of Ugly Bob, and turned Tooth Decay into stone, much like Perseus did in "Clash of the titans," (Which by the way is based on a Greek myth, in which Perseus used the head of Medusa to defeat the Cetus and rescue princess ANDROMEDA.)

  • Poor!

    This was by far the worst episode ever! I didn't laugh one single time, boring!
    What has happened with South Park, it gets even more boring for every new season.
    All "Canada episodes are poor, very poor!"
    Please go back to the basics, Ike should be banned in the future, he adds nothing!
    The best episodes are Nambla and granpa's birthday,i want to see more of that kind of "jokes".
    I don't think that i'm alone in thinking that it has become worse, are the producers out of ideas?
    I hope that the rest of this season will be better, otherwise i do not actually want to look at the rest of the season.
    Sorry for my poor english, maby it's just as poor as the episodes are now:)
  • I have always loved South Park but this season is starting off very weak! I'm not liking it so far. It's like they're trying to make crappy episodes to see how far they can push it. A sad disappointment ....NOT LOL

    I have always loved South Park but this season is starting off very weak! I'm not liking it so far. It's like they're trying to make crappy episodes to see how far they can push it. A sad disappointment ....NOT LOL I have always loved South Park but this season is starting off very weak! I'm not liking it so far. It's like they're trying to make crappy episodes to see how far they can push it. A sad disappointment ....NOT LOL I have always loved South Park but this season is starting off very weak! I'm not liking it so far. It's like they're trying to make crappy episodes to see how far they can push it. A sad disappointment ....NOT LOL