South Park

Season 16 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2012 on Comedy Central

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    It's the worst episode I have ever seen. These guys are out of ideas. BASEketball was great one! This TV Show and NFL are international worldwide seen, so where is the joke? For being second part of the season it's a shit of episode. I hope next ones will be better or this TV Show will dead. I didn't like this one at all. Sorry guys, but they screw me up ;) (Sorry about my english. It's poor! I am from Madrid, Spain, Europe) Regards everyone :)
  • Boring Episode.

    Funny the first five minutes, after that...

    Enough is Enough!

  • Please, Matt & Trey...

    If you're out of ideas, just say so. I'm really starting to lose my respect for you guys
  • butter episode

    Another great episode about butters

    This episode is GREAT! One review doesnt like it at all..another a 'good review". Come on this is what South park is supposed to be about... Sarcasm (CEE LOO--I AM A BIG FAN OF ALL YOUR "HIT" (singular) lol) , It should ne about political satire, and off the wall SICK stuff.. is all here.

    The NFL has had two major issues in the past year---replacement referees who suck...and the "dangers of head to head collisions" causing traumatic injury. It was all here--and done with the proper South park flair. Of course foot ball is dangerous--that's what it was invented for. if you cant take the helmet to helmet hits--then go play some pansy ass sport. Football is for MEN....and for um...BUTTERS CREAMY CENTERS LOLLOL...Butters CUM in saved little bottles LMAO....and th e town DRINK IT LMAO...the CREAMY takes RANDY to figure out :this is CUM": LMFAO". I only wish CARTMAN had a few better lines...still this one was VERY SARCASTIC VERY SICK episode which is what it tried to be..I think a solid episode to open the second half of Season 16. remember---everyone has a CReamy filling.....LOLOL
  • south park sarcastaball

    i thought this was a really funny episode episode i liked how Randy was being sarcastic all the time and actually made the game happen and the principal didn't even realise he was being sarcastic it was just so funny and the plot became gross and funny at the same time when Butters said everyone has a creamy filling inside them and he keeps them in jars and then gives it to everyone to drink it was disgustingly hillarious and so was the commercial for the product overall very funny episode and i'm glad to see it back