South Park

Season 5 Episode 4

Scott Tenorman Must Die

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • Go Cartman

    Even though Cartman is a heartless and mean jerk, he is awesome when it comes to revenge like this one.
  • This episode literally made me sick. Awesome.

    I think this is the only time a cartoon has been able to truly shock me. I'm pretty sensitive and I have to leave the room for torture scenes and stuff like that, but that's in movies. This is a cartoon. Yet still, when it was revealed what Cartman had done in that horiffically wonderful scene at the end, I was truly disturbed. I thought Trey and Matt had finally gone too far. It wasn't until the sickness wore off that I was able to appreciate this genius episode - the best in the series IMHO. Radiohead is my favorite band too, so that definitely added to the greatness. I've seen this episode so many times now and while it will never have the shock value it did the first time around, it's still just as funny. Funnier in my case, because I was too horrified to appreciate the humor the first time around. If I could give this an 11 I would. Another great touch was how they had Cartman repent for his evil deed in the episode "The Death of Eric Cartman" - with a fruit basket. South Park makes me so proud to be a Coloradoan.
  • Probably the Best Episode of South Park. Ever.

    This episode has been included in numerous 'top South Park episodes lists" and has been rated at first or second best episode in many of them.

    It starts out with Cartman stupidly boasting about getting pubic hair, after BUYING pubic hair from a 15 year old named Scott Tenorman and the boys telling him that you're supposed to grow the pubic hair. Cartman goes to Scott and demands his money back, but gets humiliated by Scott more and then he burns the money Cartman gave him.

    Thus Cartman begins his evil plans.

    Sinc the boys think Cartman is a total idiot (and that they hate Cartman), they go ahead and meddle and snitch to Scott, so Scott plans to make Cartman's plan backfire. Cartman's original plan was to invite Scott to a chili festival with many people attending, get a pony to bite his balls off, and have Radiohead, Scott's favorite band, laugh at him when he cries.

    So Cartman does invite Scott, and seems to have everything according to plan, except Scott spies the chili dish he gives Cartman by putting hair in the chili.

    Then the fun starts, and the double backfires and fun! Watch the rest to see why this is the best episode...or at least in the top 3!
  • One of south parks top ten best episodes.

    Cartman was the good guy for once.
    An older boy sells cartman pubes cartman thinks you buy pubes bot grow them. Cartman keeps asking for his money back but ends up loses more money and get fooled over and over again.Cartman plans revenge af first he is trying to train a pony to bit scott's wiener off. Eventually cartman has a chilli cook off and scott eats the chili cartman tells him its made out of his parents then scotts favorite band radiohead shows up.Scott cries his life is ruined and we learn to never make cartman mad.Funny episode with a good plot 10/10.
  • Cartman gets his revenge on an eighth grader... brutal, brutal revenge

    This episode is my mother's favorite. Since she's a 50-year-old elementary school teacher, you might be surprised, but as she's pointed out several times when we watch South Park, the kids on this show think like kids: they're suckers, they verbally abuse each other without a second thought, and nothing seems better to them than brutal and total revenge.

    Unfortunately, this episode has been played to death, due (I'm sure) to its extreme humor. Unfortunately, if you've seen it once, it loses most of its punch in repeat viewing (much like M. Night Shyamalan's entire body of work). But for that first viewing, oh what a ride it is.
  • Cartman serves up revenge to an eighth grader, in a bloody, brutal sadistic way that would make Hannibal Lecter proud.

    After Cartman is tricked into buying a bag of an eighth grader's body hair, Cartman swears his revenge. But Tenorman continually upstages him and even humiliates Cartman in front of the locals by showing a video of Cartman begging at Tenorman's feet. So Cartman gets revenge in the worst way.......

    The whole episode remains a rib-ticklingly, cleverly written epsiode, and one of the very greatest in South Park history.
  • Holy kogga mogga. Talk about Messing with the wrong kid

    Of so many rude crude and up right screwed up episodes (not in a bad way that is). that South Parkhas to offer. this episode really oversteps the boundies of over 50 unwritten rules.

    On a happy side it shows you how intelligent Cartman is.

    On the really screwed up side: ... Don\'t end up on his revenge list... Seriously
  • Cartman tries series of events to get back at scott tenorman for ripping him off and ends up feeding him his parents in chili with out him knowing.

    This is by far the best south park episode ever. Cartmans pissed off mood for revenge is the most hillarious thing. Also the dirty humor in it was funny to. I mean putting pubes in chili. If it wasn\'t for this episode i might not be watching the series right now. I love cartman fighting people just to get what he wants, He is so funny when he is evil. He is always evil in this episode the whole 30 minuets and I just love the collaboration cartman has with all the characters. It wasn\'t even all cartman. The whole scott tenorman showing cartmans piggy dance to the whole town and kenny dieng of laughter. This is and will always be a classic
  • cartman buys pubes off a 9th grader in order to make his friends jealous, but when he finds out u have to grow ur own pubes, not buy them, cartman does everything in his power to get at scott tenorman.

    ummmm im not even sure god himself couldnt wrote a better story line, ......this was just pure gold. wait i have to write 50 words, whoa whoa, thast out of the question. s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s, looks like i win this round
  • Wow, this episode ended with probably the funniest few minutes of cartoon history, hes just so delightfully evil. Also, like then way that cartman pleads for money for his grandmother or she'll die, and then they kill her off in the next episode. Best wri

    Wow, this episode ended with probably the funniest few minutes of cartoon history, hes just so delightfully evil. Also, like then way that cartman pleads for money for his grandmother or she'll die, and then they kill her off in the next episode. Best written cartoon episode there has been!
  • Cartman's hilarious tale of revenge

    "Scott Tenorman Must Die" is a true South Park adventure for every fan. In this very episode, Cartman gets humiliated, depressed, bitter, and finally, his revenge. We are introduced to a new character name Scott Tenorman, a red headed Radiohead loving teenage boy who tricks Cartman numerous times leaving Cartman more miserable than the last. After selling the gullible Cartman his pubic hair for $16.20, Cartman realizes he was cheated when he figures out the pubes mean absolutely nothing. From here on, this episode is a rollercoaster ride of hilarity, humiliation, and a brutally disgusting conclusion.
  • Now we know how evil Eric Cartman really is!

    The final twist to this episode where Scott Tenorman eats his parents (thats right!) is one of the most cruelest and horrific South Park twists I have ever seen. - I loved it

    This was superbly written. It looked like Cartman had been outsmarted, but he had the biggest and the last laugh of all.

    But really Scott should have known better. Eric Cartman is the last person you want to piss off!

    There is so much that is wrong about this is episode. It is rude and disggusting, but I couldn\'t help but laugh.
  • this was the most twisted episode of south park that i have ever seen. just the concept of the whole plot, it brilliant.

    this was the most twisted episode of south park that i have ever seen. just the concept of the whole plot, it brilliant.

    when scott tenorman refuses to give cartman money back for the pubes he sold to him, cartman gets pissed. he tries everything in his power to get the $10.00 back. he shows up at scotts door as a member of the irs, with scott's pubes glued onto his face. scott sees right through this of course, and ends up tricking cartman out of an additional $6.00. cartman is once again stuck with the pubes. he tries to tell scott that courteney love is in town spreading her legs to everyone, and scott changes the subject by begging for his pubes back and telling cartman that there is going to be a pube fair in another town where they will pay 5 bucks a pube. cartman buys this and he takes the bus. when he gets there he finds out that he's been dooped. he recieves a package from scott, with thousands of pubes in it.

    next we see cartman at scott tenormans door, in the rain. cartman tells scott about all the trouble he went through just to get to the non-existent fair. scott laughs at the fact that cartman actually went. cartman tries to put scott on a guilt trip by saying that his grandmother is in the hospital and she needs an operation. the $16.00 is her only hope.... scott seems to be moved by it and he goes into the house with his money. it seems as though hes going to hand over the money to cartman when he says one thing first. he makes cartman sing an embarrising song. when cartman is through he asks scott if he can have the money, and scott brags of his $50 a week allowance and he lights cartmans money on fire. this sparks the true evil in cartman.

    at first cartman holds a meeting trying to get other 4th graders to back him up. nobody is interested so he takes it upon himself to get revenge. he starts trying to train a pony to bite off a hotdog from a scarcrows crotch, in simulation of scott tenormans weiner. he plans to hold a fair where everyone will watch as scott gets his penis bitten off.

    stan and kyle think this is another stupid idea by cartman, so they call and warn scott.

    the next day cartman goes to scotts door and hands scott an invitation to a chili con carnival festival at his house, and 1 ticket for a free pony ride.

    scott then tells his parents that there is a starving pony on jenkins farm, and they tell him that they will go get it.

    scotts friends come over with a bag full of pubes that they intend to mix in with chili and feed to cartman.

    on the day of the chili con carnival festival, scott shows up with his chili and is eager for cartman to taste it. so they swap chilis for eachother to taste, and they both consume their share of the chili. scott is ready to deliver the news that cartman has just eaten pubes, but cartman interrupts. he tells scott that he knows scott put pubes in the chili which is why he switched it with chefs. he then tells scott that he knew stan and kyle would betray him, and that he knew that scott would make up a story about a starving pony on jenkins farm to his parents and they would go get the pony. he tells of how jenkins shoots trespassers on sight, and how jenkins shot and killed both his parents. he then tells of how he hacksawed the bodies, and put them into his and mrs. tenorman chili.

    cartman certainly gets his point across.

  • My favourite episode so far! Y'know, the sort of evil or darkness that's hidden in everyone's soul can be sparked... I was even doing the Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah together with Cartman at the end of the episode. Mate, he's got it even! Sweeeeeet~~~

    I've just got myself registered here and thus it's the very first time for me to write something about my favourite TV show and share it with the fans around the world. So here's a hello from China~!

    I've gotta confess that right after I saw the first few episodes of South Park I became a big fan of it and especially, a big fan of Eric Cartman!

    In this episode Cartman gets really pissed off when Scott Tenorman fooled him into so much crap. Man, for the first 20 minutes or so I really felt pissed off and I watched the scene several times when Cartman stood in the rain shouting, "Noooooooo~ You'll Dieeeeeeee~"

    Oh, probably this episode is really kind of twisted as you guys have commented. But Cartman definitely outsmarts his mediocre friends and most importantly, the Scottie scum bag. He had the last thus the sweetest laugh.

    Before I saw this episode I thought the episode "the Biggest Douche in the Universe" was my favourite. But no~ I smell the sweet triumphant air from the TV at the end of this episode.

    That's the spirit of Eric Cartman~! Even Stan and Kyle learnt the lesson that they'd better not piss Cartman off again:)

    Super duper sweet~!
  • Cartmen gets revenge in his most brilliant moment ever.

    In this episode Cartmen is humiliated, shamed, and ridiculed by a 9th grader( 8th grader, Kyle says he’s both) named Scott Tenorman. At the beginning, Cartmen tells the boys he has pubic hair, which he bought from Scott, only too be told by the boys you have to grow them not buy them and then they call him dumb. After that Cartmen keeps trying to get his money back from Scott and gets even further humiliated. Finally Cartmen tells Stan and Kyle that he has the perfect plan to get Scott back and tells them it but they think it is stupid so they don’t want to help and decide to warn Scott just to further humiliate Cartmen. Cartmen sets up a chili carnival and invites Scott, thinking Cartmen has something stupid planned decides to set Cartmen up by making him eat chili with pubic hair in it. Every one shows up and Scott ask Cartmen that he wants to try his chili, so the chili contest starts and everyone is watching as Cartmen is eating Scott’s chili and Stan and Kyle look on in amusement waiting for Cartmen to be humiliated. When Cartmen is almost finished Scott starts to tell him that his chili had pubic hair in it when Cartmen tells him that he already knew that Scott put the hair in the chili and that he switched Scott’s chili with the chili Chef gave him, he then reveals his plan of how he Scott’s parents killed, hacked up, and put into the chili that Scott is eating, then Radiohead shows up(this was also part of his plan) and calls Scott a crybaby and humiliates him even more, everyone looks on in horror, especially Stan and Kyle.
    This episode is so great because it proves that Cartmen isn’t an idiot and that he is probably one of the smartest people in South Park. This is also funny in how Stan and Kyle repeatedly call Cartmen dumb when it is clear that Cartmen is very intelligent and manipulative in how he manipulated everyone into his con (except chef) thus proving Cartmen is not stupid, he is very smart and evil. After this Stan and Kyle both agree that they should never make Cartmen angry again.
  • The must sxickest ep. to been show on South Park.

    My favourite episode so far! Y'know, the sort of evil or darkness that's hidden in everyone's soul can be sparked... I was even doing the Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah together with Cartman at the end of the episode. This episode was so funny and so messed up how Cartman planed on most of the things happening at the end. How he got the kids perents it was really sick but funny.
  • 69th Episode

    When it is Episode 69 on the most inappropriate cartoons on televsion, you would think that they would have a plot with a very twisted story. Well, this episode isn't what "69" stads for but it is definitely twisted!

    This is one of the first episodes of South Park that I'd ever seen on a repeat last year (SP is only on once a week here) and it is already my favourite episode as it has one of the most revealing twists in SP history and is hilarious the whole way through, with Sctt continuously fooling Cartman into losing more money and publically humiliates him.

    Cartman snaps but, being too small, couldn't fight Scott so comes up with a plan much much worse.

    Anybody who has not seen this episode is missing out on something great!
  • Excellent Revenge Episode!

    This Episode Is Without A Doubt The Most Absurd, Genius, Grotesque, Chilling And Hilarious Episode Of South Park (Followed Closely by "Simpsons Already Did It" In My Book) Ever To Come From The Twisted Minds Of Matt And Trey. Funny, Smart, Witty And All Around Great TV, This Episode Cannot Be Passed Up. The Twist Ending Rivals That Of Many Lost Episodes And Will Have You Grossed Out And Jumping FOr Joy At The Same TIme. Without a Doubt The Best South Park Episode Ever, If not The Best Animated Telecast Ever.
  • Cartman buys pubes off an 8th grader who won't take them back. Cartman makes a number of schemes but doesn't tell the real plan... To kill and then cook Scott's parents in chili, and then have his favorite band make fun of him for crying about it.

    Ingenious... great ending when Cartmen says something like "My chili is great! I traded the chili you brought in, which I assumed had pubes in it, and traded it with Chef's.I knew Kyle and Stan would tell you that my plan was to have the donkey bite your dick off and you would tell your parents to get the donkey and bring him home. Then, I told the owner that there was a donkey stealer on the loose. He shot and killed your parents. How is your chili?" *has a finger in it* One of the best episodes ever.
  • You can't not start loving Cartnan after seeing this episode. Cartman is my new God. Long life to King Eric!

    Ahhhh, revenge. I love it so much. I need it to live. And this episode's got it maybe more then ever, so far. And that's just one of the reasons that make me adore this episode
    P.S.How hell could Parker and Stone invent all that complicated sadistic plan. They've deserved a Nobel Prize! Didn't they receive it? No? Bad done, Swedish.
  • Cartman decides to pull a prank on a high schooler, Scott Tenorman, who tricked him into doing bad things twice.

    Cartman tries to brag that he has grown pubic hair before everyone else, only to discover that his friends know that Scott Tenorman – a ninth-grader in the neighborhood – sold them to him. Therefore, Cartman takes revenge of Scott by trying to get a pony to attack Scott. This is one of the funniest episodes of season five, next to “Cripple Fight” and “Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants”. Cartman does a funny rendition of a Radiohead song, which I believe is “Karma Police”. In addition, this episode has very cool and laughable pranks, so funny that…woops, can’t spoil it! Absolutely recommended.
  • This is in my opinion the best ep of South Park.

    This is in my opinion the best ep of South Park.
    Cartman gets ripped off by a nineth grader named Scott Tenorman and throughout the ep, he tries to get his money back.
    This is the Ultimate Cartman ep, he has never been so evil before and the storyline is great too.
    So if you are a Cartman fan like me, WATCH THIS EP!
  • Best Episode Ever!!!

    This is the most classic episode of the whole series. Cartman is always thinking of plans and getting people, however in this episode he meets someone who is "smarter" than he is. Scott tenorman is an older boy who outsmarts cartman throughout the episode. The episode shows cartman exhausting many ideas to try to get back at scott tenorman who pranked Cartman. Anyway the episode goes through many ideas that show the genius of Eric Cartman however whatever he tries fails horribly and comically. Everytime u think Eric is going to win he faily miserably and this is what makes the episode so special because eric is finally getting back his own treatment, this all leads up to an amazing ending which must be seen to fully appreciate how great it is.
  • Scott Tenorman rips of Cartman but at what cost?

    This is the best episode South Park has. This episode shows Eric Cartman in his darkest, smartest, vengefulest, and evilest mood. A ninth grade Scott Tenorman just ripped Cartman of and humiliated him. This is what made Cartman so mad. Cartman as usual made a Labyrinth plan to get his sick minded revenge. Cartman first told Kyle and stan a fake plan so they would tell Scott Tenorman a fake so Scott would be on the wrong track, Cartman then told the farmer that there are people stilling his ponie. Cartman knew the farmer would shoot anybody who tries to steal the pony so Scott's parents where shot and Cartman sawed the bodies up and fed it to Scott! This is the best episode of South Park!
  • "Dude, I think it might be best for us to never piss Cartman off again."

    Ever think about the consequences of pissing off Cartman? Well watch this episode and find out.

    Scott Tenorman, a local 9th grader, thinks he's tricked a harmless and gullible little boy when he trades Cartman his pubes for $10. But what a mistake that was and it cost him dearly, as you'll find out in the end.

    After realizing that he had been tricked, Cartman pulls out all the tricks he has to try and get back his $10. Unfortunately, he loses even more money to Scott and gets humiliated in front of everyone.

    In a last attempt to get his money back and destroy Scott Tenorman, Cartman trains a pony to try and bite Scott's balls off during a Chili contest he hosts. But all goes wrong when Stan and Kyle betray Cartman and tattle-tales his plan to Scott... Or so it would seem...

    I'm not going to give out the ending here because I don't want to ruin it for you and it's a lot funnier if you watch it yourself. So all I have to say is that you have absolutely got to watch this episode.

    In my opinion, this episode is one of the best if not the best episode of South Park.
  • DUDE! This episode is AWESOME!!!

    Scott Tenorman Must Die: After being tricked by Scott Tenorman into buying his pubes Cartman tries to get back at Scott but Scott Tenorman ends up being the one tricking Cartman first. Until the final scene when Cartman manages to make Scott eat his parents after them being killed at the ranch.

    This episode was very sick, and disgusting...... I like it. In this episode we get some Cartman character developement showing his pure intelligence on getting back at people after being pranked. There was also humor with his "I'm a Little Piggy" video that Scott showed oh man it was a great episode.
  • Cartman may always come up with stupid plans. But when it does work, it can have some scary results...

    I just resently started purchasing all of the South Park seasons because I missed a lot of them when they were on TV and such. When I sat down to watch the discs one night I had no Idea that I would be in such shock by the end of just one episode. This can be classified as a 'filler' episode by most, but it was definitly one that had to be done. Throughout the series you hear Carman suggest some of the dumbest stuff possible that always gets shut down by the rest of the group. This time he was not going to give up so easily. When I finish the episode, I did admit that I was extremely disgusted and couldn't believe that they took it that far. But also, I couldn't help but laugh so hard til I almost cried. This episode is not for the weak, but it is a classic and really should be seen my true fans. For those that are not hardcore South Park fans and believe that they go a little to far at times, this is NOT an episode that you need to see. This pushes the limits, and for those who enjoyed it as much as I did.. ROCK ON!
  • Do not mess with Cartman!

    Although similar caliber to the LoTR top episode, this eposide was a spoof off of Usual Suspects, kind of with the 180 plot twist, at the end. At first it seemed Cartman was always a few steps behind, doomed to be outwitted, but he magnificently turned the tables. There is some serious comic genius put into each of these South Park episodes. I herald MacFarlane and all the co-creators. How do they think up this stuff? Each episode intertwines with current events, movies, and pop culture magnificently and is enormously funny. This one, LoTR and Death of Cartman were the best.
  • Whoa...I can't believe Cartman did that....

    Scott Tenorman sells Cartman pubes and Cartman learns that he must grow his own so he asks Scott to return his money. Scott refuses and Cartman does whatever is takes to get his money back. He comes up with a plan to get back at Scott using his Chilli Con Carnival and we learn Cartman got Scott's parents killed and hacked them up with a chainsaw and made them into chilly and fed it to Scott.'d better not mess with Cartman. This episode was funny and a great twist in the end. All SP fans must watch!!!!
  • Nyahnyahnyahnyahnyahnyah nyahnyahnyahnyahnyahnyah. I made you eat your parents. Nyahnyahnyahnyah nyah nyah.

    Holy crap... you don't **** with Cartman. In this episode Eric buys some pubes from Scott Tennorman for 10 dollars. After he tries to get them back he winds up owing 16 dollars and he just goes insane. This was certanily the best episode of "South Park" I have ever seen. Eric proved he isn't a dumb little fatass in this episode, he is an evil genius and having Scott Tennorman eat his parents and cry in front of Radio Head... briliant.
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