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Season 22 : Episode 6

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  • South Park 5th Anniversary Special
    This was a pay-per-view cable event that featured Matt & Trey celebrating their 5th anniversary "with their favorite episodes, and a star studded party packed with celebrity guests."
  • Great Destinations
    Great Destinations
    Episode 20
    In this special Matt and Trey stood in front of a waterfall and introduced "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut" and "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut" as being named by Comedy Central as the most "notorious" episodes of the series. Before part 2 began airing in the second half of this one hour event, they relate the story of their April Fool's joke of 1998, which didn't go over very well with the viewers, who took the need to know who Cartman's father was much too seriously.moreless
  • Red Sleigh Down
    Episode 19
    Once again, it's Christmas time in South Park. When all the tallies are in, Cartman is over drawn in the "naughty" column. He has to score one big "nice" to be eligible for Christmas presents this year. With the help of Santa, Mr. Hankey and Jesus, Cartman attempts to bring Christmas to the downtrodden citizens of Iraq.moreless
  • 12/4/02
    The Osbournes in South Park? A naked man claiming to be Stan from the future is welcomed into the Marsh's home. Stan is forced to come to terms with the loser he will become in about 23 years. But, when he discovers that Butters has a "future self" too, he becomes suspicious. Cartman starts a new business, the business of revenge.moreless
  • 11/27/02
    When a famous psychic fails to help him exorcise Kenny from his body, Cartman takes other steps to achieve his goal. He and Chef travel to the moors of Scotland, where Chef's mom tries a little of her voodoo magic on him. Meanwhile, after the boy's encounter with the TV psychic, Kyle is paralyzed with fear at the thought of members of the spirit world watching over him. Only by debunking those who claim they can communicate with the dead can Stan save Kyle.moreless
  • 11/20/02
    The boys are sent away to learn "cultural sensitivity" and Mr. Garrison is back as the boys' 4th Grade Teacher. Ever since Ms. Chokosondik's untimely demise at the end of the spring season, Stan, Kyle and Cartman have been without a teacher. Principal Victoria rescues Mr. Garrison from his stint with the "booger- eating, pants crapping kindergarteners" and promotes him to teach the 4th grade. Informed that fourth graders are a little too old for Mr. Hat, Garrison comes to class with a new, and even more inappropriate, assistant.moreless
  • Infused with the spirit of Gandalf and Frodo, the boys embark upon a mythical quest as they set out to return their copy of the "The Lord of the Rings" movie to their local video store. Meanwhile, Butters watches his first porno.
  • A Ladder to Heaven
    Episode 14
    Stan, Kyle and Cartman want Kenny back so badly (well, his winning ticket stub for a free candy shopping spree), they'll try anything. They decide to build a ladder to Heaven where they expect to find Kenny and bring his winning ticket stub back to South Park. But Kenny isn't the only one residing in Heaven… when we last checked, Saddam Hussein was being detained in paradise as well. As their ladder stretches skyward, the U.S. government carefully monitors the boys' progress. Will the boys find Kenny, or his ticket stub? And, is Saddam stockpiling weapons of mass destruction in Heaven?moreless
  • 7/24/02
    After a kidnapper attempts to abduct Tweek, a series of breaking news events related to child abductions begins to worry the town's parents. This eventually brings them to the conclusion that they must barricade themselves behind a great wall to protect their children. Fortunately for them, a local City Wok owner has just the skills the townsfolk are looking for.moreless
  • 7/17/02
    When Bebe starts "blossoming into womanhood", the boys in South Park start to revert to Neanderthal-like creatures that fight for her affection. The girls are no help either as they constantly call Bebe derogatory names.
  • Free Hat
    Episode 10
    The boys go out to see the new edition of Star Wars: Episode V and during the previews they find out that the movie studios are planning on re-releasing more movies with digitally enhanced effects. In an effort to stop this injustice, they go off to find Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.moreless
  • 7/3/02
    When the Catholic Church scandal negatively impacts church attendance in South Park, Priest Maxi travels to Rome to confront religious leaders about a solution. After intensive counseling about the issue, the boys try to understand why anyone would want to put something up their butts.
  • 6/26/02
    The boys break into Ms. Choksondiks' autopsy to retrieve Cartman's Sea men from her stomach. Meanwhile, as Professor Chaos, Butters moves forward with yet another diabolical plan to destroy the world.
  • Professor Chaos
    Episode 6
    Stan, Kyle and Cartman are not pleased with the job Butters is doing as the their replacement friend. Since Kenny died, Butters has taken his place in the group and the boys think he really sucks at it and decide to fire him. Cartman, Stan and Kyle end up having to hold auditions for a new kid to take dear sweet Kenny's place. Butters of course, is devastated over the loss of his new found best buddies and the trauma of it all unleashes his alter ego "Professor Chaos"moreless
  • The new Terrance and Phillip movie is coming out and the boys can't wait to see it! Excited to catch a first look of the new Terrance and Phillip movie, the boys make like Cartman and sit their butts in front of the TV to catch the trailer during a commercial break on the long running series, "Russell Crowe: Fighting Around the World."moreless
  • Fun With Veal
    Episode 4
    Stan is appalled when he realizes the veal he's been eating is, in fact, the meat from precious little baby calves. He and the boys save the soon-to-be slaughtered calves by kidnapping them from the farm and hiding them in Stan's bedroom. When the police show up, the boys refuse to give up the animals and a standoff ensues. Cartman steps up to the megaphone and assumes the role of negotiator.moreless
  • Freak Strike
    Episode 3
    The kids learn that Talk Shows offer special assistance to grossly disfigured people who appear on their show. They immediately sign Butters up as a guest with a a strange deformity. With the help of some strategic physical enhancement, Butters is sure to beat out all the other freaks and win a prize. However, when there isn't enough of Butters' prize to go around Cartman makes a bid for his own guest spot with Maury when he talks him mom into joining him on the segment entitled, "Please Help My Out of Control Child"moreless
  • Asspen
    Episode 2
    When the boys travel to Aspen and hit the slopes for the first time, Stan has a run in with one of the locals and is challenged to a race. The grand vacation begins when the boy's parents are offered a free ski trip to Aspen, but of course, there's a catch: they have to attend one meeting about time-share opportunities. Meanwhile on the slopes, Stan has a run in with one of the locals and is challenged to race the best skier on the mountainmoreless
  • Jared Has Aides
    Episode 1
    As the country becomes obsessed with a popular program for losing weight, the boys see their opportunity to become sponsored by a major restaurant chain. Butters begins a regimen to drop some pounds but when he begins to gain weight in this program, his parents ground him. The plot thickens when the rival weight-loss spokesman finally "comes out" with the secret weapon he used in the fight against fat.moreless