South Park

Season 3 Episode 6

Sexual Harassment Panda

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 07, 1999 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

"Sexual Harassment Panda" visits Mr. Garrison's class to educate the children. Cartman sues Stan for sexual harassment using Kyle's dad as his attorney and wins half of Stan's stuff. After winning that case, they go after the school, for $1.3 million in damages. Now the school has to make a few cutbacks. Kyle's dad is getting rich by representing the children and anyone else who feels harassed. The boys go in search of "Sexual Harassment Panda" to try to stop the insanity. Especially when Kyle's Dad represents both sides in the case of "Everyone vs. Everyone." They find him at "The Island of Misfit Mascots Commune" and convince him to change his cause. He does and becomes Petey, the "don't sue people" Panda.
Kenny dies when he is sucked into a whirling fan blade, courtesy of Jimmy the "don't hold onto a large magnet while someone else uses a fan nearby" Falcon.
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