South Park

Season 3 Episode 6

Sexual Harassment Panda

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 07, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • superb

    the kids learn about sexual harassment from the "sexual harassment panda", and soon cartman sues stan for allegedly sexual harassing him. when he wins, people start suing each other for basically no reason and keep winning. who will bring an end to all this madness?

    pretty funny episode with an OK plot, but the plot starts to get boring, i think, near the end. there were some funny parts scattered around but towards the middle i kind of just lose interest. so, because of all this, my final grade for "sexual harassment panda" is going to be a B+ methinks
  • This episode sees the boys embarking on a mission to get a spokesperson (who people actually listen too) to come back and tell them all to stop pressing charges against one another.

    This episode sees the boys embarking on a mission to get a spokesperson (who people actually listen too) to come back and tell them all to stop pressing charges against one another.
    It sounds like a really good episode-and dont get me wrong, it is-but there is something you should know. Not only is it a good episode, it is also a really good episode.
    From reptitive (alebeit drunk) rednecks telling people how they dont take to kindly to nothin', to a whole island filled with overdedicated mascots. It is a great episode, which is why i give it a 9.3. Happy watching!
    See yas!
  • A Panda comes to the school to teach the kids about sexual harassment. Then Cartman realizes that he could sue Kyle for sexual harassment. After a while everybody's suing everybody.

    This episode seemed like it never ended. The only funny part about this whole episode was when Cartman sued Kyle for sexual harassment; after everybody started suing everybody it got really boring. Kyle's dad's commercial was really stupid. What I am saying is this whole episode was stupid, boring, and not funny. This has got to be one of my least favorite episodes of the whole series. This would have been better if it was 15 minutes long. Then I wouldn't hate it so much. My question is "Why did they make this episode?" They just kept stretching it out to make it 30 minutes long but they made it seem like it was a hour long.
  • Sexual Harassment Panda

    If you like Cartman then you might like this episode more than some others but if you think he is just annoying and a spoilt little brat then you will probably think nothing of it. If you love everybody around South Park then you will probably like every episode but probably not like this one much.
    I'm sure this episode is enjoyable due to the fact that it maybe everything that you wanted (in that you get to sue people and get everything that they own). A very interesting episode, this one does get silly near to the end though.
    :) Okay episode.
  • With special guest appearance from the first overused South Park joke ever!

    This episode was fairly funny, but had some low points that I was disappointed with. I liked at the start when the Sexual Harassment Panda probably explained a bit too much to the children and Cartman explained what he thought sexual harassment was, only to be terribly wrong. The bar scene with the drunks who confronted everyone was an overused joke, which I didn't think was like South Park. The first one was funny because I thought, "What kind of drunk comes up with such intelligent questions?" The second one was silly though, because it was such a stupid question compared with the highly intelligent one he asked before.
  • One of the best South Park episodes ever!

    I always liked South Park, because it respect nothing, dare to make fun from everything and everyone, who deserves it! The Sexual Harrasment Panda ep. go against the ridiculous "prosecute everyone, for everything" attitude, the money-maniac society, and the stupidity of the so called enlightenment-system. And what I liked the most: in this ep. is so much sarcasm, than in a whole other season... Oh and this is my fav. Kenny death-scene too. Really creativ and hilarious! I really can't say nothing else: a must see episode! Sorry if I have faults left, my english isn't perfect, I am from Hungary...
  • A classic episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I absolutely love this episode where the sexual harrsment panda visits mr/mrs garrison class and tells them about sexual harrasment. Then the newly 'educated' stan sues cartman for sexual harrasment! then the whole town becomes sue crazy and kyles dad(a lawer) is becoming richer and richer! then the huge case of everyone vrs everyone can only be stopped by sexual harrasment panda but he is off to the island of misfit mascots! But when they go to persuade him to come back kenny gets sucked into a giant fan and dies when he meets the "dont play with a giant magnet while somone is using a giant fan nearby" falcon! So then he makes a long , boring speech about how suing takes money away from valuble sources and crap like that so basicly dont sue or someone could get hurt!!! !
  • Oink! Oink! I'm Oinky the Run Around With Scissors Pig! Oinky says it's fun to run around with scissors! 300th Review!

    In this episode the Sexual Harrasment Panda comes to South Park to educate the kids and then everyone starts suing everyone else. So the school then has no money left. And they lose everythign while Kyles Dad the Lawyer is making a crap load of money from suing people. I liked this episode, and why did the Panda sound like Santa Claus?
  • Another thing that South Park does well is presenting the absurd.

    Another thing that South Park does well is presenting the absurd. And this episode is quite absurd. For starters, there is a Sexual Harrassment Panda that comes to class to teach the children about sexual harrassment. Then, Kyle sues Stan for sexual harassment. Then, we come to learn that there is an island of misfit mascots. Then, everyone sues everyone.

    It's absurd hilarity at its best... something that is far underused in South park.

    It's insane, but it's incredible. This episode is great. If any of the above material interests you, I would highly recommend this episode. Well done, South Park.
  • Everyone begins suing eveyrone in South Park because of new sexual harassment awareness.

    I liked this episode a lot too although not quite as much as the previous one. Once again the plot is extermely unique and funny. Sexual Harassment Panda coems to South Park to spread awareness abotu sexual harassment laws. Then, Stan calls Cartman an "ass-sucker." Cartman claims that Stan's name calling was an act of sexual harassment so he sues Stan and wins. Then, every kid in the town begins suing when they are called name, and Gerald, the only lawyer in town, gets very rich. The panda is sent away to an island and eventually everything goes back to normal. Another great one!
  • In this episode Mr Garrison's class gets a visit from the friendly mascot "Petey the Sexual Harrassment Panda", who has come to teach the children about sexual harrassment to prevent it from happening in school.

    "Who lives in the east 'neath the willow tree?
    Sexual Harassment Panda!
    Who explains sexual harassment to you and me?
    Sexual Harassment Panda!
    "Don't say that, don't touch there,
    "Don't be nasty," says the silly bear,
    He's come to tell you what's right and wrong,
    Sexual Harassment Panda!"

    This was the first episode that aired after the release of the South Park movie. And it's a pretty funny episode.
    Sexual Harassment Panda (who has the same voice as Santa) is pretty funny... especially when he's talking to class... and then when he gets sent to the "Island of Misfit Mascots Commune" because pandas don't really have anything to do with sexual harassment... at all.
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