South Park

Season 3 Episode 6

Sexual Harassment Panda

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 07, 1999 on Comedy Central



  • Quotes

    • Sexual Harassment Panda: "…Article 36, Section 19: One panda may not make sexual comments about another panda's appearance. If said panda does make…"
      Stan: Ugh, dude, get me out of here!
      Cartman: I think Sexual Harassment Panda is cool.
      Stan: You would think that, you little a*s-sucker.
      Cartman: What did you call me?
      Stan: An a*s-sucker. It means you suck a*s. You see an a*s, you suck it. You're an a*s-sucker.
      Cartman: That does it! I am suing you for sexual harassment!
      Sexual Harassment Panda: Uh-oh.
      Stan: What?
      Cartman: You have… sexually harassed me for the last time! It says right here… that now I can sue you and take all of your money.
      Sexual Harassment Panda: That's right, he can.
      Stan: No you can't, you little a*s-sucker!
      Cartman: Oh, you did it again! You all heard him!
      Sexual Harassment Panda: "The first party of the first panda may sue the second-party panda unless that panda was said panda aforementioned panda."