South Park

Season 6 Episode 8

Simpsons Already Did It

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 26, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • Clever installment.

    This was a very clever idea by the writers of this episode. I didn't really care about the main story about how the Simpsons did everything already but the side story with the Sea People was pretty funny. This is when South Park was in it's prime in my opinion and I really like these kind of episodes where the kids play the biggest parts in the story and the citizens of South Park kind of stay out of the plot for the most part. I love the clever schemes that Cartman comes up with which leads to more funny adventures.
  • A great episode for both Simpsons fans and South Park fans.

    A very good episode that is not a insult but rather a loving tribute to The Simpsons. I really enjoyed the side plot about Cartman and the sea people. This episode is an absolute must watch for not just South Park fans, but Simpsons fans. There are many references to Simpsons' plots, characters, and one-liners. But don't think it will only be funny to Simpsons fans. There are many other jokes besides the ones about The Simpsons. South Park fans who have never seen The Simpsons will probably get more out of the Cartman side plot then the Butters main plot, though. Anyways, overall a terrific episode that will remain on my very, very large list of favorite South Park episodes.
  • good

    professor chaos tries to do an evil plan but he learns all of his evil plans he keeps thinking of have already been done on The Simpsons. this drives him mad. the boys meanwhile get "sea people" but do not like them so they give them to their teacher in her coffee, thus killing her. they then try to get their "sea men" out of her.

    OK episode, I did not like it as much as I thought I would. The Simpsons references were funny but the sea people plot bored me a little. Final grade for "Simpons Already Did It"- C+/B-
  • A perfect episode and a perfect parody of The Simpsons. Any Simpsons fans should shut up cause this was not offensive at all.

    This is a great episode and it perfectly shows how The Simpsons have done everything already, some people like The Simpsons way too much they're not that good and they never were as good as people said. Sure the first few seasons were good but none of those seasons were as good as a single South Park season and 9 great seasons doesn't make up for 12 seasons of sh!t it's just cause people like to say that they're better cause they were here forst get over it, it's time The Simpsons gets cancelled anyways, a lot of people said Family Guy is a Simpsons rip off yeah maybe in it's first 3 seasons but it's still funnier than the Simpsons too it's not about who did it first it's all about who does it better than the other, which South Park does everything better than Family Guy and The Simpsons. Don't get me wrong I love all 3 of these shows, but The Simpsons and Family Guy are severely overrated and it's great that Souh Park did a parody of The Simpsons,The side plot with Cartman was funnier but the Butters plot was also really funny. Great episode that I recommend to anybody even Simpsons fans cause if you actually watch this episode it's really paying homage to The Simpsons rather than making fun of them.
  • Superb

    In this episode of South Park, Butters as professor chaos decides to take over the town, but soon finds out that all of his evil plots have already been done on the simpsons. I liked many of the references to episodes of the show, as well as the homeage/parody with the Simpson style scenes. In the other plot, the gang (with new fourth friend Tweek) buy some seamen, but so get it mixed up with "semen." I honestly don't think this episode offended many simpsons fans, because it was a parody, but also kind of a homeage to the show also. 9.5/10 A
  • Hah, they make fun of how they use up all these ideas from "The Simpsons" already. How funny that they make fun of themselves - in fact they nearly jumped the shark by making "Simpsons" look superior

    In most South Park episodes, they make fun of a certain thing, such as homosexuality, religion, TV shows, celebrities, you name it. And now they're making fun of how they satire everything! LOL! Hmm, therefore this is basically what South Park is - a parody. I really did find Butters acting pretty funny. As well as South Park animation imitating "The Simpsons" for awhile.
  • they went too far

    South Park has run out of ideas so they have to make fun of shows i can understand them making fun of other shows but simpsons they've gone too far. the sea people/seamen part was funny but when it comes to the part of making fun of The Simpsons was the one that pissed me off. well thats technically all i wanted to say so for the rest of this review i shall make funny cooments. Cartman has no idea what seamen is and butters has to stop worying about The simpsons the Simpsons have done everything exept South Park
  • A way of making fun of The Simpsons is horrible

    South Park is just jealous because The Simpsons is the best animated show ever.The Simpsons get support from all of the world and South Park doesn\\\'t get that much support.It\\\'s bad luck.It\\\'s rude to make fun of another tv show because so great they don\\\'t get into trouble and make headlines but are postive.Like I said in my other review of South Park:Trey Parker and Matt Stone back off
  • Awesome!

    I love this episode!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! This episode was sooo funnnnny!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it!!!!! Ah haha ha ha ha ha hahahah hah ha ha!!! In this episode, Cartman convinces Tweak, Stan, and Kyle to buy these underwater creatures called "Sea People". So, when the Sea People arrive, the boys are dissapointed because they are not what they expected them to be. So, they decide to put some of them in the teacher's coffee. So, to their suprise, a teacher is killed that day, when they put the people in the coffee. On the news report they say that they found someone's seamen in her stmoach. THe boys, not knowing the real meaning of seamen, thought it was their fault for putting the Sea People in there. So, they go to the hosptial and try to get the seamen. So, they get it, and Cartman puts it in the tank of the remaining Sea People. The mixing of the two causes a whole Sea City to form. One side makes a statue of Cartman and the other side makes a statue of Tweak. Both sides get bombed and the whole sea people nation is destroyed. Mean while, Butters tries to make an evil plot without copying the idea from the Simpsons. He tries a million times, but when he finally gets the idea, the current episode uses it.

    This episode was AWESOME!! I loved it soo much. It was soo0o0 funny!!! South Park makes really good episodes.
  • I don't see why Simpsons fans would find this offensive.

    As Bu... sorry, Proffeser Chaos tries to come up with a new scheme he can use on the residents of South Park, he comes into the problem of originallity when he realises the Simpsons already did it. Really funny episode really, and a great Simpsons parody as well showing how the creators get frustrated when they realise... well you know. I just don't see why Simpsons fans would consider this offensive to the Simpsons, it never made fun of the Simpsons in any way, just showing how the creators get frustrated when they realise that its already done then left with several ideas. Overall good episode parody, but I don't see why this gets Simpsons fans angry, I'm a fan and I still like this show, that's all there is left to say besides great episode.
  • This episode's for all of you "South Park" fans who still watch "The Simpsons"!

    Here is my review for a really great episode of "South Park". It's called "The Simpsons Already Did It". It is about Butters (as Professor Chaos, his villainous alter-ego) learning that all of his evil ideas to take over South Park were already used by "The Simpsons", a very popular animated show that is still on to this day. In fact, here is a list of things that Butters tried to do that were already done by "The Simpsons":

    Blocking the sun from the town : "Who Shot Mr. Burns? - Parts 1 & 2"
    Taking the head of a statue : "The Telltale Head"
    Tricking the town into buying a monorail : "Marge Vs. The Monorail"
    Posting rumors on a website : "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes"
    Burying an angel skeleton : "Lisa The Skeptic"
    Causing a soccer riot : "The Cartridge Family"
    Shaking up beer cans : "So It's Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show"

    It really surprised me to see a bunch of memorable episodes of "The Simpsons" get mentioned on this episode. I may not have seen them all, but I still enjoy watching "The Simpsons". One funny part on this episode is when Butters invents a machine that takes the cherries out of chocolate-covered cherries and replaces it with two-month old mayonaisse, and he hears that "The Simpsons" have used that idea as well (but, of course, you know it didn't actually happen; it was a joke). Afterwards, Butters sees everything and everyone in Simpsons style (yellow skin, big eyes, etc.) And also in this episode, Cartman and the others buy an aquarium of underwater creatures called "Sea People" and put them in Ms. Choksondik's coffee cup; thus they believe they caused her untimely demise. This episode is worth watching if you still enjoy watching "The Simpsons".
  • ... Sea People and Meeeee!!!!!

    This is a really great episode that pays homage to The Simpsons. Everytime Butters/Professor Chaos comes up with an idea to wreck chaos, Dougie/General Dissaray tells him that The Simpsons already did it. He even comes up with an idea but then sees an ad for the simpsons with his exact idea on the new episode.

    Meanwhile Cartman gets all the boys to join him in purchasing Sea People, who like ride around on turtles and play basketball and stuff.

    Cartman has to close his eyes and suck semen out of a house so he can mix it with the sea people when he realises that Sea People + Semen = Sea Society.

    Much like the Tree House Of Horror episode where Lisa's tooth creates a civalistation. Butters realises that it doesn't matter if all his idea have been done by The Simpsons, cos they have everything by now.

    The Sea Siocty goes to war over who they should worship, Cartman or Tweek. They pretty much blow themselves up.

    Oh yeah and ahh Miss Choksondik dies in this episode... bummer huh.

    An all around hillarious episode, that includes some great references to The Simpsons.
  • The Simpsons haven't done this yet.

    Unlike what most people say, I think this episode did NOT make fun of the great show that is The Simpsons, but it was more of a tribute. The geniuses that Matt and Trey are, they did it to an extent that is wasn't worship.
    The joint storylines were both brilliant. Stan, Kyle, Tweak and Cartman's "sea men" confusion mixed with Butters attempts to destroy the world - to be shattered when he finds out that the Simpsons had already done it - made this one of the best episodes ever. There is only one thing that would have made this episode better, and that would have been Kenny dieing a Maude Flanders style death.
  • It doesnt exactly make fun of the simpsons...

    It expresses a point...because many shows have been accused of stealing storylines, character ideas, and jokes from the Simpsons. Thats why whenever Butters comes up with plans his friend says "SIMPSONS DID IT"....because it seems like the Simpsons have done everything.
    This was a great episode. One of my South Park favorites.
  • 86th Episode

    This episode not only has great Butters/Professor Chaos lines, it also has a brilliant plot about seamen and semen aswell as South Park finally killing Ms Choksondik.

    There are so many priceless scenes in this episode, in particular Professor Chaos' outrage at all of his original ideas all being done on The Simpsons, many of the references I knew, aswell as the scenes done in Simpsons-style animation.

    As soon as I saw Butters' plan to block out the sun, I knew this would be a classic episode and I was proven right in the minutes that followed which involved Cartman sucking semen out of a hose and the fact that the last half of the seamen plot was a ripoff of The Genesis Tub, in which Cartman makes a miniature city ala Lisa in the Treehouse segment.

    Overall, this episode is among my favourites and should definitely be seen by all fans.
  • why cant societies jus live in peace

    Cartman comes up with an idea to buy seamen and it turns out to be nothing like they imagined it to be, so they decide to use the seamen in mrs.chokesondick's coffee...she promtly dies after drinking the coffee the boys feel bad. There is a great play on words with the whole seamen souning like semen, its pretty funny. In the mean time butter's has a split personality as professor chaos, planning to destroy south park and upset the people who has shunned him. Everysingle idea he comes up with turns out to be an idea that has been done in the simpsons, this ofcourse drives butters crazy and leads to an exciting conclusion of the episode that combines both storylines...funny as hell!!!
  • One of the best in Season 6!

    Very good storyline! It is pretty funny, and is one of those including the Profesor Chaos mini-story. Butters comes up with ideas for terrorizing South Park, but all his plans hve been alreasdy used in The Simpsons, as told by his partner General Disarray. He soon starts seeing the world in Simpsons animation. Meanwhile, Kyle, Stan and Tweek are building a snowman and Cartman comes running out saying he ordered 'Sea People' and shows them drawings of what he thinks they look like. I won't spoil the rest for you, give this fantastic episode a whirl and see for yourself!
  • Very entertaining. Because I can't add things, someone might want to add that in the scene where the boys are trying to get the semen back, there's a jar with testicles in them, marked "Hitler."

    One of the better episodes. A nice look at the cause of war, while still being childishly funny. Very entertaining. Because I can't add things, someone might want to add that in the scene where the boys are trying to get the semen back, there's a jar with testicles in them, marked "Hitler."
  • A good point of view!

    I've been waiting for this kind of episode for a long time. I've seen people sometimes accusing South Park of copying the Simpsons plots, but hey, they're been on air for 16 years.

    I'm a big fan of both Simpsons and South Park, so seeing them mix each other up (Simpsons returning the taunt in episode "Bart of War") is rather amusing. The other plot in the episode, the boys purchasing the Sea-people and then pouring them into their teacher's coffee and then mixed up the terms "Seamen" and "Semen", causing a funny mix-up. I can't get enough of the part the boys go to chef and say right to his face "We killed our teacher and they found our SEAMEN in her stomach!". Oh those silly boys.

    Still, I like this episode very much since it points out how everything has been done already and it doesn't really matter if it'll be done again. And that's true, as long it's funny I don't really care.
  • the simpsons already did it...!!!!! this is a classic what ever i say the simpsons have probably already said.... butters is adorable

    with eric and his sea people and their mistake with the seamen this was a classic episode though the best part is butters trying to take over the world.... but the simpsons have already done it. this ultimatly sends butters crazy because the simpsons have done everything. even a new idea butters is sure the simpsons havent done... it is on the new episode that night... consequently every one butters see is a simpsons.
    south park really know what to do as the simpsons have done everything and can make anything funny
  • Cartman orders "Sea-Monkeys" from the back of a magazine, while Professor Chaos tries to come up with the perfect plan...

    This great episode of South Park features two main plots. The first one involves Cartman ordering \"Sea-People\" - which are not dissimilar to \"Sea-Monkeys\". This story is great to watch - especially with all the confusion when the main characters think they killed their teacher after misunderstanding a news report on the TV. Cartman\'s character truly shines in this episode, too - his \"Sea-People and Me\" dream sequence and his numerous plans are absolutely hilarious.

    However, this relatively small plot is second-banana to the main story and the not-so-subtle references to another cartoon great. Butters (under the alias of Professor Chaos) comes up with various plans to vengeance the people of South Park. However, to his dismay, everything he comes up with has already been done by The Simpsons - hence the episode title. The tribute has been done very nicely by the writers - instead of being cheap or tacky, it is included in a great storyline - Butters repeated failures are very, very funny.

    Overall, \"Simpsons Already Did It\" is a great episode which is a must for any South Park (and Simpsons) fans.

    (Note: The Simpsons returned the favour in the beginning of the episode \"Bart of War\" - also worth checking out...