South Park

Season 10 Episode 2

Smug Alert!

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • 141st Episode

    This episode is an entertaining one but quite absurd, which is to be expected from South Park. The plot of smug becoming not only a new environmental worry but a natural/man made disaster is someting that only SP could really pull off and the sub plot of Gerald getting sucked into the smug and the Broflovski's leaving South Park was also very well written, especially the ending with Cartman still wanting a Jew to rip on.

    The humour in the episode wasn't incredibly consistent but the fact that people who were helping the environment had to brag and be smug about it, thus producing smug smog is great irony even if smug smog is made up.

    Overall, this episode is a great SP episode but not one of the funniest ever.
  • Good For YOU! This is why South Park is funnier than most shows these days.

    This was another way that Matt and Trey make fun of Global Warming. I think this episode was great, one of the best actually. I enjoyed watching Cartman throwing a going away party for Kyle without him being there. Classic Cartman going to San Francisco to save Kyle from the Smug. Ike was funny too as always. Stan's song was hilarious, I always find South Parks songs to be funnier that the ones on the other shows. If the rest of South Parks episodes were as good as this than I wouldn't be able to complain. This season should do fine and at this point I'm not worried about having a future without South Park.
  • A smug cloud develops over South Park after its residents begin driving hybrid cars. The cloud combines with the one over San Francisco, resulting in a perfect storm of self-satisfaction.

    I thought this was a pretty poor episode of South Park. For one thing, its message contradicted that of their earlier global warming episode, Season 9's "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow." That episode ridiculed environmentalists obsessed with global warming, arguing that there's little evidence to support the existence of global warming. It reminded me of George Carlin's point that humans are arrogant to think that they can affect the earth, which has been around for millennia and been bombarded by cosmic rays and whatnot. Anyway, the message of THIS episode was that hybrid cars may "save" the earth, but that people should be less smug about driving them. Also, that point is completely obvious to begin with, and I feel like most people who drive hybrid cars just do it to help the earth, not to feel good about themselves. The idea that all people concerned with the ecology are smug isn't cynical, it's just dumb.

    That said, parts of this episode were very funny. I liked Ike directing the conversation with Gerald, especially when he said the word "alienated." The whole part with Cartman going into San Francisco to rescue Kyle was hilarious. Every once in a while South Park has a story with real emotion, and those make for the best episodes. Cartman's dependency on Kyle, which is developed throughout the series, is one such story. Very often South Park has great messages, and it's one of the only shows on TV that can respond to events right after they happen. But man, some of their messages are lame and unthoughtful. So all in all, this was a bogus episode.
  • Kyle's Dad has bought a Hybrid, and showing it off and preaching to the locals about how it is saving the Earth, causes the family to become outcasts and leave for San Francisco, in this slightly unfocused tale of two halves.

    I'm not sure where to start on this episode. Not bottom of the barrel, but not outstanding either. It kind of strikes me as "what topic can we put a spin on next?", and the result is not all that focused.
    Global-friendly cars are probably a good target, but it's like they weren't on the pulse quite as much as some of their other satirical takes. Very "okay, we've got the topic... now what to do with it?". "People who drive Hybrids are smug. Let's make a cloud of smugness; oh, and have them smell their own farts", O...kay.

    Suddenly, in the latter stages of the episode, it abruptly becomes a Cartman episode, where, with Butter's help, he makes his way into the depths of San Francisco to bring out Kyle and his family, who he misses now that he has no-one to pick on. I think I would have liked this episode better if this theme had been introduced earlier, but as it is, it feels like an abrupt shift.

    After the horrible start to the season ('The Return of Chef'), this is just a slightly uneven and very average episode. The season still needs something to really kick it into life at this stage.
  • An OK Episode

    In this one all about Hybrid cars. Kyle's dad buys a Hybrid car and everyone is annoyed by him. He writes a bunch of fake tickets,pretty funny actually. Then Kyle moves away to San Francisco where all drive a Hybrid car. Also Stan makes everyone start drving Hybrids just to get Kyle back. Which creates smug and is to destroy San Francisco. Its funny cause Cartman puts on a whole suit to protect him. He only goes to get Kyle cause he misses yelling at him. Also like how the Ranger kept bugging Stan and his gay little song. In the end,Kyle got back and people stopped drving Hybrids.
    I actaully think was a good epsiode of all the season ten episodes. It was funny and different.
  • Kyle's Dad buys a hybrid, begins caring about earth and acting smugly to everyone. Kyle's family moves, so Stan, convinces all to buy hybrids so Kyle may come back. This causes "smug" and Kyle's rescued by Cartman just before San Francisco is destroyed

    I really liked this episode a lot. I thought the whole concept was very funny and the way it knocked on San Francisco was priceless. The episode was voted among the lower-rated South Park episodes and I just don't know why. To me personally, this is one of my top 25 favorite South Park episodes of all time and we should have many more liek this coming. I enjoyed how even Cartman was missing Kyle, even it was only because he loved to make fun of him. This is Trey and Matt at their best work and I can't wait until October for the next episode!
  • Kyle has to move to San Franciso and Stan attempts to get him back by asking people to buy hybrid cars.

    Kyle's dad buys a hybrid car. Soon, he becomes to smug and he forces Kyle to move to San Francisco. Kyle's dad tells Stan they will move back if the people of South Park buy hybrid cars. Stan makes a song and gets everyone to buy a hybrid. Meanwhile, Cartman has found a new jew to rip on, Butters. Then, Cartman realizes he needs Kyle back. Because of the hybrid's a cloud of smog has appeared of South Park, just like the one over San Francisco. Everyone learns that soon both South Park and San Francisco will be destroyed. Everyone is mad at Stan, who can't get ahold of Kyle to warn him. The town of South Park starts destroying the hybrid's, and they make Stan help them. Realizing he is Kyle's only hope, Cartman goes into San Francisco to rescue Kyle. As the huge smug storm starts, Stan is worried that Kyle will die, since there will be nothing left of San Francisco. When the storm is over, South Park is fine, but San Francisco has been destroyed. Kyle and his family are back in South Park, not knowing how. Everyone is excited to see that they lived. Cartman tells Butter's not to tell anyone what he had done.
  • Very funny, interesting plotline!

    It starts out when Gerald Brovlofski gets a new Hybrid car and acts like a jerk. He comes up to people in SUVs and tickets them for useing gas guzzlers. Kyle is embarassed. Later, Kyle and Ike get home and find out they are going to be moving to San Francisco, where there is a more "progressive" population. When Stan finds out, he is sad and tries to get everyone in South Park to drive Hybrid cars with a song, hoping it will mean Kyle's return. An underrated and overlooked episode, it seems. Probably because it is between the big series start, "The Return of Chef" and the controvercial "Cartoon Wars". It is pretty funny and is not really based on any current events, like most others in the season. Don't miss this one!
  • Kyle's dad gets a Hybrid, and becomes so "smug" that he moves to San Francisco to live with environmentally concerned people like himself. Hmmm...

    Though Kyle doesn't want to move, his dad wants people to respect him and his hybrid, plus no one seems to care about the environment anymore. Stan, in an effort to get Kyle back, informs everyone about Hybrids, which ends up creating a "smug" storm. No, not smog. Smug. What worse is that two other storms are converging on South Park: one from San Francisco, the other from George Clooney's Oscar acceptance speech. Unfortunately, I've forgotten some parts of the episode, but one part involves Cartman wearing a nuclear protection suit while going into San Francisco (I forgot why exactly). Needless to say, the storm passes, and Kyle's family moves back.

    The episode makes fun of both Hybrid cars and George Clooney (you really will laugh at some of the scenes involving his smug cloud). Don't ask why I've forgotten some parts, other than the episode is just a little boring, and it could've had another cheap shot at another celebrety. Still pretty good. 9.6/10
  • This kind of show is the reason I still watch South Park.

    Personally, I've never met a hybrid car owner who looked as smug as the shiny, happy car owners in this episode; however, the sentiment is hilariously accurate. I curse HMMVee owners every time I see one, so I know that I'm as much of a target for this episode's message as anyone. And that message certainly hit home with me.

    It's also great to see that no one is safe from Matt & Trey's lampooning: including long-time show supporter, George Clooney.

    It's episodes like this one that keep me tuning in week after week. It's also eps like these that make eps like A Million Tiny Fibres a bit easier to forgive and forget.
  • Wow I was very disappointed, Smug Alert stank pretty hardcore.

    I am one of the biggest defenders of South Park. I defended the show when they played a whole Terrence and Phillip episode in place of finding out who Cartman's dad was, which was hilarious. I even defended the show when they did a whole episode which depicted the life of a very annoying and nerdy English character who says the same thing over and when you hear his accent to much you might want to shoot yourself. But I am sad to say that I can't defend this episode.

    This episode revolved around one idea about how San Francisco has nothing but smug people that smell their own fart. After the big Smug storm hits the episode just turns plain dumb. Another thing what the hell was into Cartman in this episode? I don't believe for one second Cartman would want to save that Jew and his annoying mom. I was extremely disappointed in this episode and the only funny part was when Stan's dad, Randy, tells Stan that he killed his friend with his gay little song. I know that South Park will rise again and blow us all away next time.
  • Not very good.

    I must say after this episode and the last one about Chef I was worried that SP had lost it's edge. I absolutely love this show. I have loved it for 10 years but season 10 started out rough. This episode was really quite dumb but does have some funny moments.
  • Beating a dead horse.

    This season of South Park has really been letting me down, and it seems like the main reason is that every episode is getting on one joke over and over and over again. I love the fact that this show has topical episodes that are released very soon after a relevant event, but I think they\'re focusing on trying to do that too much and not spending enough time actually writing varied jokes to intertwine in the plot like they usually do. I\'m all for bathroom humor, but I can only watch people smell their own farts so many times.
  • dont watch

    The downfall Of SOUTH PARK! I am a huge south park fan. The most recent seasons have been bcoming lame and less funny as time goes on, even though some gems have come through on occassion. Season 10 showcases the worst season so far. I have literally walked away from every episode except chef\'s return, and i will be calling it quits on south park - i want to remember the series for the good times(seasons 1-6)
  • Southpark takes a shot at pretentious "lefties"...Again.


    Trey Parker and Matt Stone are two very rational human beings tip toing on a knife edge above oblivion, it would seem. I have heard people say that the writing of South Park is risky, provocative, crude and incindiary, the scripts certainly can be and frequently are, but I find the most prominent feature of South Park humour to be its insightful and illuminating take on complex social, political and moral issues.

    The South Park writing staff seem to harbour no particular affinity with either side of the political divide and this is why South Park's satire is so stinging and poinient, they deliver a sane, even handed message with a blunt clever pounding you with toilet humour, foul language, awful cliches, interspersed with satirical dialogue. South Park is a parody of every glorified cop show, sensational medical drama, and blockbuster movie it takes from these sources and laughs at them while laughing at itself. If art reflects life South Park paints a portrait of; with the exception of our heroes Stan, Kenny and Kyle; a bunch of uncooth wise asses, self centred, apathetic and narcissistic with the conviction that whatever they say is right and everybody else is an idiot, sounds like a pretty accurate depiction of most of the human race. Yes South Park is fine art and this episode continues that tradition.

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone represent dissent and fairness and they deliver their message in a very entertaining way. It's not always pretty but neither are the issues they confront. South Park maybe sued, and face critical condemnation but it is one of the few remaining bastions of hope in an entertainment industry not daring enough to show people how rediculous they are acting. Ultimately it shouldn't matter if you're right or left just as long as you don't like the smell of you're own farts. South Park rocks!!!
  • When compared to the awful "The Return of Chef" episode, there are major improvements here. However, when judged against the earlier seasons of South Park, one can't help but notice the rapidly increasing number of dry spots in the modern episodes.

    The story for this episode follows the same basic flow, though it has been done better and in a less contrived fashion, of their earlier plots.
    That being, the parents do something questionable, one or more of the kids attempt to correct the situation with a seemingly impossible plan, which backfires in one way or another.

    In this case, the well-meaning Stan Marsh accidentally increases the amount of "smug"; an air pollutant created from the addiction shared by earth-friendly vehicle drivers-sniffing their own farts.

    Aside from the obvious hilarity entailed in what was described in the last sentence, there isn't much to say about the jokes in this episode.
    More contrived than ever, the episode seems to end too soon as you wait for a part where you are supposed to laugh.

    The humor that once followed the absolutely "out-there" plots (ie, The Chicken Lover) is missing from these episodes.
    They seem somewhat thrown-together, as if the writers simply had one meeting and wrote it all in a single day.

    This episode in particular seems to use the "farts-destroying-the-environment" card once again, making me wonder what the cause is of South Park, Colorado's low tolerance of flatulence.

    I'll give this episode a relatively high rating-judging it against the other episodes of the tenth season, that is.
    And since it was a comfort to see an episode that, unlike "The Return of Chef", didn't make me want to vomit.

    Blessed Be
  • Ehh.... it was alright.

    The episode had some funny moments, the attack of the Hybrid cars was funny. The episode started out with Kyle's dad driving a hybrid car
    and being very smug about it to the other residents. Kyle's dad moves to San Fransisco because everybody became angry when he started ticketing people for not driving hybrids. Stan rights a song to convince people to drive the cars to bring his friend home. Everybody starts driving hybrids, but they become very smug, and make a huge town over the town. The funniest scene was Cartman going into the city wearing a
    a rubber suit to protect himself from SF. Okay episode, kind of seemed like a filler episode.
  • Gerald Brovloski thinks he is too good for everyone because of his new car. He says everyone around him are rednecks and moves to San Fransisco. A cloud comes over the town after everyone gets Hybrid. Cartman saves Kyle because making fun of Butters was

    It wasn't all that great. The highlights were when Cartman and Butters rescued Kyle because Cartman was getting bored of making fun of Butters. But the whole smelling your own farts thing was extremely lame. This has been my favorite show for about 4 years, because all of the older episodes are genious, like the Scott Tenorman episode, but the new episodes are terrible.
  • This epsiode was good and made me laugh! I love how the writers explain stuff!

    To the person who wrote the allusion refering to Perfect Storm. That better not be a spoiler you idiot!!! I haven\'t seen the film yet so I hope you didn\'t give away anything that isn\'t known until the end of the film. If it does, then please change edit so that you don\'t spoil it for anyone else.
  • wasnt that great.

    I disnt really like it. There was some funny parts like when Kyle and Ike were getting trashed off Acid that was so funny and Cartman going into San Fran with a bio-suit. But, the rest was really stupid like how all the people with the cars were like Thank You in the most annoying sound even. But, Stan's song to get Kyle back was so funny.
  • South Park attacks the use hybrid cars!

    I'm all for alternative energy in our cars, I must say that the word smug was used about 100 times in this episode and I've never heard of the word before (I had to look it up in the dictionary) But to call San Fransisco a progressive city, I don't think so. Also the smelling of the farts reminded me of the episode with the crapping out the mouths.

    But I also have to say that it doesn't continue the awesomeness of "The return of Chef!"

    But I have to say I miss chef! :(
  • haha hybirds and a smug storm. good stuff

    hehe this was a good episode...not my fave...but it was a funny one. The whole george clooney speech thing...haha that was great. i like stans "gay" little song too. it was a classic south park theme. Making fun of the people who think there better then everyone else. lol. funny.
  • SP's bezzie mate, Academy Award Winner Georgeous George Clooney gets a dig in the mouth.

    Smug alert over South Park! Typical SP episode: Kyle moves away with his family to San Francisco. Disaster strikes so it is left to Cartman to save the day and bring him home. Why? because Butters doesn't make a good enough Jew he can rip on. Don't belittle my people fatass! Good stuff love it!
  • This was a very funny episode, I thought. It was a classic example of South Park. Stereotype of people in San Francisco and how they think they are so smug, and the George Clooney Smug cloud was very funny.

    In this episode, Kyle’s dad buys a “hybrid” car and becomes smug around everyone else and even gives people with other cars fake tickets. After being very displeased with the other people in South Park not having hybrids, Kyle’s family moves to San Francisco. In San Francisco they smell their own farts and the kids there get take drugs in order to get their minds off what their parents are doing. Meanwhile in South Park, Cartman and Stan are missing Kyle. (Stan is missing him because they are best friends and Cartman is missing him because he has no one to pick on and Butters isn’t a “good Jew”). Stan writes a song about getting hybrid cars so everyone in South Park gets hybrid cars. Everyone is thanking for Stan until they find out that South Park has a hug smug cloud that is mixing with San Francisco’s smug cloud. Also the smug cloud from George Clooney’s speech is traveling towards the other smug clouds and if it hits, there will be a major storm. Stan wants to go save Kyle, but he’s not aloud out of South Park because of what he’s caused, so Cartman and Butters go. Cartman walks into San Francisco in a giant space suit because of all the smug, and saves Kyle. The major storm hits and destroys South Park. Most of the people are still alive, but there is a lot of work to be done. San Francisco is completely gone, but Kyle and his family survives thanks to Cartman, although no one will no that.
  • This was a good episode. It followed the standard SP formula of make fun of something that is in the news and finish with a smug moral to the story.

    This was a good episode. It followed the standard SP forumla of make fun of something that is in the news and finish with a smug moral to the story.

    That's right - the SP gang is often guilty of a certain smugness when they give their moral at the end of their episodes.

    However, this is a great episode. The fart smelling was hilarious, and I especialy liked the guy who farted into the wine glass and then smelled the inside of the glass. :)

    Also the smugness of the hybrid drivers was very funny. (Eyes closed with thumbs up)

    Cool episode.
  • This episode was one of my favorites.

    I liked this episode alot. It was so funny especially how they smelled their own farts. This was another good one. I can\\\'t wait until the next episode that they make. Next week is going to take way too long. I\\\'m just taking up space now so I can submit this.
  • Kyle's father buys a hybrid and becomes very smug and because of his smugness he picks up and moves the family to San Francisco. Stan then writes a song to get every one in South Park to buy a hybrid so that Kyle can move back.

    This episode was funny. There are two parts that I found the funniest, there was the part of the story when Cartman throws a going away party for Kyle but doesn’t invite Kyle to the party and he replaces Kyle with Butters. The other part was when every one in San Francisco were smelling there own farts as if there were a fine wine and if they were married they didn’t have the same last name. Every week the creator come with some thing new to rip on and it is always funny. I cant wait to see what next week will bring.
  • Kyle's dad buys a hybrid car and becomes incredibly smug. Because the town doesn't want to "save the world" like him, he moves the family to San Francisco with all the other smug people. Stan tries to creat an environment where Kyles family can live and m

    This was a good one. Shows us the adverse effects of "saving the world". It was also interesting because we assessed Cartman's relationship with Kyle and how Kyle is a necessity in Cartman's life. It also insults George Clooney, which I always enjoy. His Oscar acceptance speech created it's own smug cloud. Classic.
  • It's better than the "I broke the dam episode".

    Finally, a good bad weather episode. It's not like that global warming episode, because it's stupid and retarded. Anyway, I like to thank Trey and Matt from not creating a dumb episode. It was a smug alert scene that thrashes up South Park, but I'm so glad something happen for real.
  • If you haven't figured out that South Park can be a very political show, then you're not very bright. Another excellent episode for season 10.

    Not as good as The Return of Chef, but still another classic episode. If you ever go to San Francisco, you will be able to appreciate this episode a lot more. I really enjoyed the Cartman-Kyle aspect that we haven't seen yet this season and its good to see that Butters is still...well....Butters.
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