South Park

Season 10 Episode 2

Smug Alert!

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Its amazing that with all the people driving around with their eyes closed and talking to other drivers, there were no accidents.

    • When the smug comes out in town, the citizens run the same, like they did in the episode "Two Days before the Day After Tomorrow."

    • Once again, Cartman's hatred for Hippies is referred to and he cites San Francisco as the birthplace of the Hippie Movement (so much so he requires a bio-suit just to enter it).

  • Quotes

    • Cartman: I swore I would never set foot in San Francisco. God help me.

    • Keenan: Kid, thanks to your gay little song, there's not gonna be a San Francisco.

    • Cartman: (Singing) Nah nah nah! Hey hey hey. Goodbye Kyle!

    • Kyle: Dad, I think Ike is starving to death.

    • Stan's Hybrid Car Song
      Stan: Come on people now, people now. People now, come on people now. Got to drive Hybrids people now. People now, people now, people now. Hybrids are for people now, people now. Good for people driving people now. Get a Hybrid be good people now. We have all got to be people now. People driving Hybrid people now. People now, people now, Hybrid now. Hybrid people driving people now. Come on people let's be people now. Hybrid people driving people now. Come on everybody be people now.

    • Kyle: So… what do you do for fun?
      Brian: We drink and take drugs.
      First Boy: Do you want some acid?
      Kyle: Oh, no thanks. We don't do that stuff.
      Second Boy: You will. There's a reason most San Francisco kids take a lot of drugs.
      Brian: It's the only thing that allows us to deal with our parents all walking around loving the smell of their own farts all the time.
      Gerald: (Enters) Everything okay in here, Kyle?
      Kyle: Yeah, fine, Dad.
      Gerald: So much better here with intellectuals, isn't it, boys? (Farts, bends over to inhale his own fart) Mmmm… (leaves)
      Kyle: Well… maybe I'll take just half a hit of acid.
      Ike: I want three.

    • Cartman: Why do you want Kyle back? Don't you see how awesome it is without him?
      Stan: You know, Cartman, you may be stoked now, but I bet you're gonna find that without Kyle around to rip on, your life is empty and hollow.
      Cartman: Psh! Whatever dude, I don't need Kyle to rip on. I've got Butters. Come on, Butters, you stupid Jew!
      Butters: Yeah! I'm a dumb Jew!

    • Network Anchor: And now, the worst appears to be over. Last night's smug storm… has left thousands homeless. All across the Midwest, people are picking up the pieces. Cities like Denver and South Park are heavily damaged, but still all right. However, San Francisco, I'm afraid… has disappeared completely up its own asshole.

    • Keenan: It's the smug from George Clooney's acceptance speech at the Academy Awards.
      Stan: George Clooney's acceptance speech?
      Keenan: Did you hear it? He talked about how people in Hollywood are ahead of the curve on social matters. He even took credit for the Civil Rights movement.

    • Kyle: The acid. Dude, I'm totally tripping balls.
      Ike: I'm totally tripping balls. I'm totally tripping balls.

    • Person: (repeated line after seeing Gerald having a Hybrid) Well, good for you!
      Gerald: (sticks his thumb up and eyes closed) THAAANKS!

  • Notes

    • Kenny didn't appear in this episode.

    • For the first 2 episodes of this season, the show won the 2006 Peabody Award.

    • The idea of everyone driving Hybrid cars was also used in Matt and Trey's movie, "Team America: World Police". It was mentioned during both of Alec Baldwin's speeches.

    • As of this episode, Isaac Hayes name has been taken off the credits and Darth Chef has replaced Chef in the crowd scene at the end of the opening titles.

  • Allusions

    • Ben and Jerry's:
      "Jen and Barry's" is an obvious parody of the famous ice cream shop "Ben and Jerry's".

    • Smog:

      Smug is an allusion to smog, a cloudlike mass of dirty dust that forms near factories.

    • Religion: The make of the hybrid car is "Pious" which seems to indicate that the sanctimonious (smug) behavior of the hybrid owners is simply a metaphor for those who believe that they are a cut above others because of their religious beliefs. The commentary for this episode does not indicate this, however, as both Trey and Matt state that the episode is about people who drive hybrid cars and support other progressive causes in order to show off.

    • The Day After Tomorrow:

      The storm also refers to the 2004 movie The Day After Tomorrow, where storms were combining and presented a disaster about to happen.

      Since Cartman's trek into San Francisco is very much like the trek in that movie, I think that is what the writers were mainly referring to. Also, the effects of the elements of the "storms" passing over people as they neared was very similar to the storms in The Day After Tomorrow.

    • George Clooney:

      This episode makes fun of George Clooney's Oscar acceptance speech. One of the three smug storm formations was entirely made up of his speech.

      Of course George Clooney gave his voice to Sparky the dog in Episode 4, Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride (1997).

    • The Perfect Storm:

      The concept of three storms colliding is taken from the 2000 movie, The Perfect Storm. The movie was about a group of fishermen from Maine who went out one day and got caught up in a thunderstorm that was created from the combining of three smaller storm systems. In the end, none of the men or their boat, the "Andrea Gail" was ever recovered.

      Interesting note, the star of the movie was smug actor, George Clooney.

    • Smog/Global Warming:

      The main plot in the episode deals with "Smug", a dark, clouded mass that is a result of people who drive Hybrid cars, due to the fact that they constantly spew out self-satisfied rhetoric into the air. This of course leads to Global Laming.

      This is a take on the recent news stories that have focused on the rise of a global warming threat.

    • Car Company:

      The name of the Hybrid dealership, Toyonda, is a combination of Toyota and Honda, two well-known dealerships.

      In fact, the back of one car is named the "Pious" as a take-off on the Toyota Prius.