South Park

Season 4 Episode 8

Something You Can Do With Your Finger

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 12, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • Something You Can Do With Your Finger

    I think over nearly ten years - South Park has finished it's offensive reign over the United States of America and all the other countries in the world.
    The best season is no doubt, Season 4 and maybe Season 10 but I think that if you were to watch some of the newer episodes then you would be dissapointed `cause they aren't that good.
    This episode is funny, but it doesn't have the buzz of all the other episodes. Another unorginal parody episode of Season Four.
    ;D Ha ha ha. South Park makes me laugh. But Trey & Matt, can you not keep coming up with the same stuff?
  • Stan, Eric, Kyle, and Kenny all join a boy band called Fingerbang because Eric thinks that it was a message from God.Stans dad hates the idea of a boy band because he was in one.

    One of the greatest episodes ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very epic how Stan's dad fights the idea of a boy band. It is one of the more epic episodes. The idea of making fun of something that people have always hated. No body has ever had the balls to makes fun of weird bands like N*SYNC or Backstreet boys. It puts the idea out there that boy bands are kind of weird! Its is such a funny episode that sometimes I have th urge to watch it over and over again. Eric thinks that the whole idea of bob bands are actually about music when as chef explains very nicely that its not even about the music its about the girls screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Unlike the guy below me, I know what this episode is really about, and I liked it.

    This episode is one of my favourites in Season 4. It started strong, stayed strong throughout the story and finished very strong. Kenny's death was a bit of a weak point, but it fit in the story very well. It was interesting to see Randy's dark musical past and I think this episode is the dawn of the Randy that I have come to like so much. I like how stereotypical boy bands are portrayed to be in this episode and I particularly liked the scene where Randy's voice changed a lot, I dunno why, it just made me laugh.
  • this is about cartman trying to trick kyle by drawing jenefer lopez on his finger and so the real jenepher lopez gets really really anoyed.

    this episode is absaloutly great in every way. I especialy liked the bit at the end when cartman says hah hah hah hah ha haa I tricked you guyes . the thing I dont like about this episode is that kenny is not involved in it . the episode is deffinatly a ten in score and I mean deffinatly.this episode is a very special episode but I do think if I was jenefer lopez I would probably feel like killing people the same as she did . I dont think that kyle needed t o be in this episode .
  • Many of the best episodes of South Park involve Cartman trying to get a million dollars. This episode features his plan to form a boy band so that they can become successful and make millions of dollars.

    Many of the best episodes of South Park involve Cartman trying to get a million dollars. This episode features his plan to form a boy band so that they can become successful and make millions of dollars.

    But first they must tackle the South Park mall.

    This episode has a lot of great moments. The mall manager is hilarious. Randy is hilarious as a former boy band member. It's good, as always, to see Wendy (really, to see any featured characters besides the four). And, of course... a boy band named Fingerbang - now that's funny.

    In all, this is a good episode.
  • Who loves Wendy's song?!

    Oh man I just love this episode for Wendy's song. I mean I grew up singing the PG version of the song. I had to memorize that song. I should teach it to students in elementary but it doesn't sound as powerful without them bleeping out the last word. That's all that struck me in this episode but the rest of it was funny. I mean fingerbang.... thats' pretty funny.
  • Pretty good! Not the best, but one of the better ones in Season 4.

    I just had to give this episode a review. I just... didn\'t like seeing it with 0 reviews. Anyway, on to the episode. The beggining is all a dream, where the 4 boys are part of a famous boyband, \"Fingerbang\". They have fancy outfits and tons of fangirls in the crowd. When trying to make this dream a reality, 5 members are needed in the band, so Wendy is dressed up as a boy. However, Randy Marsh gets in the way of their dreams by not letting Stan join, after a bad past experiance in a boy band... see i yourself, it is a pretty decent episode.
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