South Park

Season 7 Episode 8

South Park is Gay!

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 2003 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Stan, Cartman, and Kenny are at the bus stop where they are dressed up and acting gay. When Kyle arrives still looking like his normal self, they take him for a makeover. Gerald celebrates the fact that gay people are finally being accepted. That is, until he sees his son's new look. Worried about the boys, he and Sheila go over to the Marsh home, where to their surprise they find Randy and a bunch of men watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. They are also dressed up and acting gay, or as they describe their new look, "metro-sexual." The women decide that they like the new way their men are looking and acting. The boys look forward to going to school to show off their new look, but they discover all the boys have gone that way. Chef is discouraged by this turn of events; last year the boys wanted to be black and now they are trying to be gay. Kyle decides he really doesn't feel very "metro-sexual," and Chef tells him that he should just be himself instead of what is currently cool. In class Mr. Garrison discovers that all the boys in his class have become gay. Kyle's entrance wearing his regular clothes gets the other boys to accuse Kyle's friends of being straight. Mr. Garrison and Mr. Slave go to the local bar and discover to their delight that everyone inside is dressed like they are gay. When Mr. Garrison can't get any action he is outraged. On the playground, Kyle is looking to play football. Cartman, Stan, and Kenny decide they might need to kill Kyle so they won't be associated with him anymore. Kyle gets berated by all the other metro-sexual boys and his old friends won't have anything to do with him, not even Stan. They leave and Kyle gets beaten up.A battered Kyle returns home to find out that his father has also joined the metro-sexual movement. After seeing Queer Eye… on television, Kyle realizes what he has to do. Mr. Garrison and Mr. Slave go to Chef for advice. He recommends that they just try to adjust by staying ahead of the culture. Realizing he doesn't have time for that, Mr. Garrison realizes what he needs to do. Kyle runs into Mr. Garrison and Mr. Slave on the train to New York. They both plan on killing the Queer Eye guys. Meanwhile the women have become discouraged by the way their husbands are acting, especially when they are at the mall. In New York, the Queer Eye… guys are on top at their network. Tomorrow they are going to make over the President of the United States. A knock is heard at the door. Mr. Garrison and Kyle enter with a room service food cart and Mr. Slave tries swinging in and breaking through a window. Back at the mall, the boys start fighting and their fathers get involved. The women insist that they all stop their fighting. Randy thinks that the women are all "metro-phobic." Cartman suggests that they have a metro-sexual pride parade. The Queer Eye guys decide not to press charges against Kyle, Garrison, and Slave. Mr. Garrison pleads for the gay culture, but the Queer Eye guys don't care. Realizing that this doesn't make sense, Mr. Garrison realizes that the Queer Eye guys aren't actually gay at all. The Queer Eye guys reveal their true nature; they are "Crab People."The Crab People take Kyle, Garrison and Slave down to their lair, where they see many other crab people. They take the three humans and attempt to do a crab people makeover on them. Meanwhile, back in South Park, the metro-sexual pride parade is underway and the women of South Park realize what they need to do. In New York, the President is about to get his makeover and the women of South Park storm the studio and kill the Queer Eye guys. The producer threatens to send the women to jail, until one of the Crab People crawls out of one of the lifeless bodies. The producer comments that the Crab People tried this before with The Jeffersons. He promises to eliminate their gay programming. The boys want Kyle to join them in a game a catch. First he tries to tell them no after the way they treated him, that he just can't forget that it ever happened. Stan tells him not to be such a "whiny little gay wad." Kyle gives in and rejoins his old friends.