South Park

Season 3 Episode 2

Spontaneous Combustion

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 1999 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Kyle is looking for an erection (the boys don't know what it is) because his parents are always fighting because his dad can't get one. They are kicked out of the store, the fifth one that has done so. Outside, Kenny tells his friends that he is taking a bus to see his girlfriend (probably Kelly) but then he explodes. The townspeople see this and get scared, realizing that Kenny spontaneously combusted. The mayor gets Randy Marsh to do the job because he is the only scientist in town (he's a geologist). After a very short funeral for Kenny, Father Maxi asks the boys if they could do the Stations of the Cross. Maxi says it is about the resurrection of Jesus. Kyle thinks "resurrection" is what his dad needs and helps too (he is not too Jewish to worship Jesus). Meanwhile, other people start to combust.
Randy starts thinking how these people combust and Stan tells him that Kenny was talking about his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Stan gets a Bible and now need someone to be Jesus. Cartman says that he is Jesus or he's leaving, so Kyle and Stan reluctant let him play the role. Elsewhere, another person combusted, and the person who died was going to see her boyfriend. At the church, they put on the ceremony. They put Cartman on the cross and leave him on a hill for three days, like what it said the Bible. Eventually, Randy arrives at a solution: people don't want to pass gas in front of there boyfriend/girlfriend so they hold it in. They held it in too long and combusted. Everyone starts farting all the time.
At the Nobel Prize Awards, Mephisto wants to get Randy back for "taking" his award. The heat keeps on rising in the town and the mayor needs Randy to help again. While appearing on Jesus and Pals, Mephisto states that because people keep farting, it has ripped a hole in the ozone layer; as a result, he convinces the entire town to hate Randy. Stan, Kyle, and Randy try to find a way to stop all the bad stuff from happening. Despite all the goings-on, Cartman is still mounted on the hill and is now hallucinating. Meanwhile, Kyle's dad finally gets an erection and Kyle doesn't have to worry anymore. Randy tells all the angry townspeople that you should only fart in moderation. The townspeople cheer.
Three weeks later, everyone considers Randy a hero again. Stan and Kyle realize they�ve forgotten about Cartman, who is still alive on the cross due to all the excess fat in his body.
Kenny dies when he is the first to spontaneously combust.