South Park

Season 2 Episode 15

Spooky Fish

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 1998 on Comedy Central

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    This episode is so funny because of Stan and his goldfish. So his Aunt Flo has come to visit and she bought Stan a goldfish. And then one night when Aunt Flo was still there the fish murdered someone. And then Stan's mom came in and then took the body and buried the body in the backyard. And then Eric has a twin from another universe and he is nice. So they go to the petstore where Aunt flo bought Stan's goldfish and helped the petstore owner close the portal to the other universe. But before that happened Stan's fish murdered Kenny and then his drunk mom came to see what happened to him.
  • One of those few, rare episodes of "South Park" that's just 'almost' perfect!

    With "South Park," I find the show is mostly miss, miss, or miss. Yet this time, Matt Stone & Trey Parker almost got it Exactly right! The best thing they ever did was to make fun of Barbara Streisand, and the next best thing they did was to make Cartman's evil twin actually be good! Plus, it's completely weird how nobody just thought to just burn up the pet store & just destroy all the pets there. The people in South Park must be pretty slow. Not that I'm complaining as this was one sweet episode which should be saying something from me. The only thing that prevents me from giving it a perfect ten is of course the weird non sequiter about a cop not wearing pants and the fact that the real Cartman got away with being a jerk again! Oh well, sometimes you can't get everything you want in a good episode but at least you can get the most of what you want in it! That's why I wrote this review, to praise this one great episode! :idea:
  • Spooky Fish

    Why do the two creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone feel theneed to take the mick out of Barbara Streisand so much now and then I just don't undertand. I don't know who the woman is but I think it is kinda tight and funny at the same time.
    This episode starts off with Aunt Flo visiting the Marsh family and being annoying and then Aunt Flo buys Stan a spooky fish which kills people and then blames it on Stan. A laughable yet repetitive episode that focuses on Streisand (as usual) and of course, the spooky fish!
    :) Good episode, funny.
  • Highly underrated.

    I thought this episode was one of the best of the second season. This show found yet another way to take a stab at the horrificly awful Barbra Streisand. I liked all the Aunt Flo references throughout the episode, as it clearly alludes to the female menstrual cycle. I liekd the idea of having a killer psycho fish that opens up a parallel universe where Cartman is friendly, Stan and Kyle are insanely cruel and Chef is a skinny, white, insurance salesman. I liked Sharon Marsh in this episode, she also went psycho when she 'discovered' her son was a murderer.

    This episode of south park is a very great one because it keeps going on and dont get boring at all I like this south park season 2 Halloween special episode but not as good as the season 1 halloween special episode because it is not as good as zombies trying to kill every one but it is a good episode one of the were funny things in it is that the fish that stan got kills every one who comes to there home and then stans mom thanks that stan is the person who has been killing the people and then she gets rid of the bodys.A+episode
  • Why'd you take his pants off?

    This entire second Halloween special is framed in “Spooky Vision,” with Barbara Streisand’s face literally in every shot. This episode had me bored for long stretches of time, but there were some great moments, like when Randy found Barbrady locked in his basement. The menopause and period jokes were hit and miss, and so was pretty much every scene in this episode.
  • Underrated

    Stan's aunt Flo gives him a new fish, but it starts killing everyone. While Cartman's good twin appears from a parrellel universe I thought this was an exxcellent episode, it had a good storyline and was well written. I liked how Cartman kept saying hella, the chef's advice about the fish and the cop being held captive in the basement. I thought it got a bit boring when Stan was trying to get to sleep but I loved Kenny's death. It doesn't go too over the top but definatley isn't ordinary. But when I saw it on MTV it didn't have the spooky vision... huh.

    In this episode, shot entirely in "Spooky Vison" [pictures of Barbra Streisand in the bottom corners with Spooky Vision wrote in the sides] Stan gets an evil fish that kills people, Sharron's Aunt Flo comes to visit, and Evil Cartman comes out, but he turns out to be good, it was hillarious and terrifying to see a good Carman, funniest line of the episode was "No guys, murder is never the answer", avid South Park watchers should crack up at this because Eric is an evil *****, and just for his repition of the word "hella" makes him evil. Funny episode, and Spooky Vision terrified me.
  • Uh Yeah anyway.......

    It was this episode i watched when i was 8 and i realy didnt like it! I stayed up well late ( it probably wasnt that late but i was 8 so it seemed really late ) and it well freaked me out and i didnt like it so i never watched it again! I thought the fish killed kenny but hey it was years ago i watched it so maybe it didnt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I have nothing else to write! why do you have to have 100 words min? its stupid!
  • Stan's fish is murdering people and Cartmans "evil" clone is in South Park.

    Stan's aunt give him a fish, that is killing people. Stan's mom believe it is Stan killing people, but covers for him. Meanwhile, Cartman's "evil" twin comes to South Park. Then, the "evil" Stan and Kyle come to get the "evil" CArtman back. But, the boys like the evil Cartman better. They must also find out what caused the fish to be evil.
  • Spookyfish in SPOOKYVISION... very spooky.

    South Park pioneered the "spookyvision" genre of horror comedy. In that, during the entire episode, there were spooky pictures on the side of the screen. Pictures so grotesque and horrifying that even I had to stop watching the episode.

    Yes, I'm talking about pictures of Barbara Streisand.


    In this Halloween special, Stan receives a fish from his Aunt Flo, and the fish proceeds to kill people. At the same time, evil versions of Cartman, Stan, and Kyle have entered the world.

    Holiday specials have always been exciting on TV, but never as exciting as when South Park does them. Another great episode.
  • 2nd Halloween Special

    A great episode that looknig back on makes me think "what happened to all the holiday specials we ahd in the first couple seasons?" A great storylien that involves the evil Cartman twin brother who is nice by the way and an evil fish that is killnig people and leading Mrs. Marsh to believe that it is Stan. Stan's mom goes nuts when she thinks Stan is kiling the people and even holds Officer Barbrady captive in the basement. Well a great episode and I really wish they'd do more Halloween specials. Hopefully season 11 will have a lot of them.
  • Barbera Streisand, Evil Fish, what next?

    Oh man this episode was awesome it was a mix of comedy and also horror which makes this episode very bizarre. I mean really a evil fish at an evil pet store and also opposite clones of people.Very, very bizarre.

    Spooky Fish: One of Stan's reletives comes to town for a monthly visit. Who also brings gifts. Stan gets a wierd fish that is creepy. Soon after when Stan is in bed he goes up to see his fish and notices a dead corpse. Meanwhile Stan, Kyle, and Kenny are wondering the starnge behavior of Cartman which then makes the boys think that something strange is going on.
  • The fish kills Kenny too!

    Aunt Flo buys Stan a fish as the fish begins
    Killing people and eager to save Stan from possible jail
    And execution, his parents begin hiding the bodies and that the fish also ends up killing Kenny as well.
    Meanwhile there are two Cartmans as the "good" Cartman is his usual rude self
    But the evil Cartman is more nicer and friendlier!
  • Aunt Flo is making her monthly visit and she has a present for Stan, a fish. The fish freaks Stan out. When Cartman exhibits behavior that is very uncharacteristic for him, the boys discover there are two Cartmans (one good,other evil

    The episode was avrage. The spooky vision was a nice touch.i also like when stan's dad was like"why,why did you take his pants off?"also,if it is opposite then kenny must never get hurt then. get it? forget it. just trying to point that out. no pun intended. Anyway,the plot was kinda wierd tho. but,then again aren't some of the other plots are way very wierd tho.Well,that's it,to sum it up,this was an avrage episode, so yea...see you next time!
    untill next time...
    The Pie Guy ~Yaoi hater~(no offence)(please don't kill me.)
    (or hate me,it's just an opionin.)A.K.A. Teh pwnzer guy.(the alot of names guy.)

  • Sharon's Aunt Flo comes and gives Stan a new fish. Also, a new "evil" Cartman comes to town, wearing a beard. Both the fish and "evil" Cartman are from another world, which makes Cartman nice and the fish a killer. The boys have to make the world normal

    I like this a lot but I have no idea why. Maybe it is because of the spooky vision (Barbara Streisand in four corners; only on first runnings and on the dvd). It's really funny when Randy Marsh is like "Why is there a police officer in our basement," and she says "I didn't want him to take my baby away," and he's just like "Why did you take his pants off? Sharon?? Anyway, it was one of my favorites.
  • Why don't they do Halloween episodes anymore?

    It's too bad Matt and Trey have stopped making Halloween episodes (although I can see how "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery" would offer a good argument that they don't start again). "Spooky Fish" is easily one of the better episodes of the early years, featuring all of the great references to obscure movies (sci-fi and otherwise) we've come to expect, combined with a sharp and usually spot-on sense of humor. While the episode does have its weak points (including "Spooky-Vision," which I understand has been edited out in recent re-airings), it is funny and quite memorable. Watch in particular for the scene with the shopkeeper (horribly mis-quoted in the "quotes" section of this page).