South Park

Season 10 Episode 14

Stanley's Cup

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • This was sick

    I normally write lengthy reviews, but for this sick sh*t I'm not going to bother. I love South Park, but this was a disgusting episode and if someone doesn't understand why - congratulations, You're a sick bastard :)
  • Child Abuse

    Frankly this was the must disgusting South park EpisodeI have ever seen. It makes fun of a kid dying with cancer and at the end has adult hockey players beating up 4 year olds to a bloody pulp. I hated Why is this epiosode not banned. I never laughed once and this episode has put me of South park for life :(
  • Insulting and not funny

    That was a load of bullshit. How much bullshit was in this episode?-

    1. Makes Steve Irwin jokes not too long after death

    2. Makes fun of a family of a child who has cancer

    3. In the end, they stupidly put a pee wee hockey team against a big league team, and the kids are bullied and almost killed, and ironically the turnout of the game would predict if the child with cancer lives, but thus the child sees the outcome, and dies.

    This episode was neither funny nor had a dramatic storyline for anything. It was complete cowardly insults that almost made me completely hate south park.
  • I changed my mind.THIS is the worst episode of South Park,not Raisins or Britney's New Look.

    Remember how I said that the ending of You're Getting Old had a cliffhanger like this one?Well,it's what made the episode bad.So Stan gets a job by coaching the Pee-Wee hockey team. Okay,so this is another Stan episode. Now,Stan episodes always involve drama like Raisins. The drama was only good in You're Getting Old,but this one was his worst episode yet. The only good thing about it was the fact that Ike was in it,but that's it. Cartman or Kenny weren't even in the episode,which is a disgrace. Cartman would've made the episode funny by his brattyness and Kenny would've died,but that never happened. Kyle only made a cameo in it,but he was only in one scene. Are Trey and Matt forgetting that Cartman is the best character of the show? He should've appeared in it making fun of Stan or doing his antics. Stan tries to win the game for a boy who has cancer. But the ending was just terrible. At the end,the kids end up getting beat up by the other team,which wasn't funny. I thought that scene was just cruel and painful,especially for the little kids and Ike. And here comes the worst part,the other team won. They didn't get disqualified or got in trouble for child abuse. Also,the little kid dies and the team jumps and the picture stops there and that was it. There wasn't even a part 2 or anything,that was the whole episode. What kind of episode was that?That was a HUGE cliffhanger. Why wasn't there a rematch?Where were Cartman and Kenny?This was another episode Trey Stone and Matt Parker left plot holes with. I mean,it wasn't funny when the kid died,it wasn't funny when the kids got beat up,it wasn't funny when Stan got injured by his bike pedal,none of this episode was funny. It was just a huge letdown for a good show. They better not do an episode like this ever again.
  • People really need to appreciate this episode for what it is, rather than what it isn't.

    First of all, this ISN'T the funniest episode ever. It's not the most tactful, and it's not what we're used to seeing in South Park. All of this DOESN'T mean that it's a bad episode, however. Actually, I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's a GOOD episode worth rewatching.
    Yep, I went there.
    Really, though, I don't know WHY people hate this episode so much. Is it because of the fact that it really ISN'T that funny? (With the exception of the record player, which was freaking hilarious.) Or was it the cancer or the Steve Irwen jokes? I'm guessing it was a little bit of both.
    Ok, so, I'm going to say that the cancer, to me, really didn't seem played off as a joke, so much. It was actually really serious and sad, in my opinion. I felt so bad for Stan, and having to deal with that. It's not something that's easy to deal with, and I think that was portrayed quite well. The child-like innocence of the kids was portrayed well, too. Like Nelson asking Stan to get rid of his cancer (which of course he cannot do) and how the kids on his team fear getting cancer by association (which I did giggle at, because it was so cute).
    However, the Steve Irwen jokes were totally NOT cool. ...Er, so, ok, I did laugh at them because of how campy they were but... you know, that doesn't make them right! But, I found them ok, mainly because of the reaction they got out of Stan. That "WTF?" look. And that's the secret to terribly offensive things: Make one of the characters be like "Dude, that's NOT cool" and it sets everything straight. At least for SOME people, anyway.
    The plot was brilliant. It seemed very much, to me, like "The Losing Edge", except only with Stan or 'coach'. And, in this, they actually WANT to win, and don't get to. That was totally, TOTALLY lame the way this ended, and, honestly, it's just about the only thing that makes me almost dislike this episode. I felt like my heart had been ripped out at the end, especially when the little kid says "I hate you, coach." That was so god damn lame. Stan did NOT deserve to be shoved into this situation, but at the same time, I'm almost GLAD he was.
    I really enjoy Stan episodes, I just realized this while watching. Stan is a great character, especially when things seem to be written out for him and he can't do ANYTHING about it. He seems to end up in this situation a lot, and I always find it enjoyable, since he fights it every step of the way. He just seems like such a normal nine year old boy. HE is what most of us were like as kids, and I think this episode shows that extremely well.
    I also thought the little kids on the Pee Wee Hockey Team were SO cute. They reminded me of the boys when they were kids. Honestly, there was a kid that looked like each of them. Stupidly enough, it really made me curious about what those boys are going to be like when they get older.
    So, I say this is a great episode. And, for some odd reason, I feel the urge to go rewatch it. I have no idea why, I just enjoyed it that much that I want to. This episode is GREATLY under-appreciated, and I think that's a shame.
  • Very good episode.

    This episode really does not deserve the bad reputation. Most people have complained about the steve irwin jokes and child cancer storyline. In my opinion the part where the children are battered by detroit is the crudest aspect of the episode. Still I really enjoyed it and am not so narrow minded as to let one moment in the episode ruin it for me.
    With regards to the steve irwin stuff, it needs to be in context to be funny. I laughed because I knew the controvesy that Hell on earth 2006 caused showing the dead steve irwin, the comments in this episode were a tongue in cheek reference to that. I think this episode warrants an 8.5/9 but because of the low score it has I thought why not boost it up with a 10 :)
  • Big fan of the Series but the show was a flop

    Being a big Mighty Ducks fan (no not the actual hockey team yes the disney movie featuring Emilio Estevez) I saw the preview for this episode and I'll admit it I was excited. But after the a half an hour of less than normal laughs and horror. I was fairly appalled, I am not one of those people who gets offended very easily and I guess I wasn't but I just thought it was lame to poke fun at the fact that the little boy on the team had cancer. I was sitting with my college roomates and we were stunned. This episode wasn't funny and it crossed some lines that I sorta hoped the show would avoid crossing (I know that they have crossed many lines before but they had done it "tastefully" i guess that is the best way to describe it.)
  • Stanley's Cup - Worst SP ep ever....

    We are all accustomed with the people @ South Park of making fun of everything. We are also accustomed with getting some a ironic idea out of it. But, in this episode, nothing happened. He either wins the game or not. That's that. It's like they've torn them selves from their method. This is what pissed me off. Not the cancer bit, not the ending. It's like, not the usual team wrote / produced the episode. I really hope this is not how it's going to be... I really love the show and I'd hate for it to go down the drain.
  • Hate it Hate it Hate it

    I hate this episode. It probably had so much potentail but it was so stupid how stans stupid lame father has to get so over emotional about every thing and take every thing way too friggin seriously. he never acted like that in the begining of the series. What the F--- has F---ing happened. this was a terrible episode. It should never have been made. It was a stupid plot and poorly written out of character and I'm not sure but I think they deffinitly did this story line in some other episode. God I hate this annoying episode ughhhh!!!
  • Most underrated South Park episode ever EVER.

    I was quite shocked when I found that the general opinion on this episode is that its a quite bad episode. Because I think it has exactly the thing that I find so genius and unique about South Park. Watching season 10 made me become a fan of the series. I think it really has become a lot better the last seasons. You see a lot more critic of society and it has really matured.. while still keeping that childish charm. This hilirious episode follows Stan, who gets his bike taken away and has to lead a hockey team to get it back, and the responsibility rolls over him more and more. Soon he finds out he has to "win the match" for a kid who has cancer, or else he'll ironically die. The episode is overloaded with parodies and really takes the sh*t out of all the sportmovies, especially hockey movies like Mighty Ducks and that. This also perhaps the best episode with Randy, Stan's dad. Who is crazy and oversentimental as ever here.

    The ending is pretty crazy, and perhaps the reason why people don't like it, but South Park often has a grim humour so I don't really understand why its not more accepted. Personally I regard it as one of their best.
  • This episode was absolutely pathetic. Without the appearance of Kenny or Kyle or Cartman, the season finale was nothing but pathetic.

    This episode was absolutely pathetic. Without the appearance of Kenny or Kyle or Cartman, the season finale was nothing but pathetic. This show, as everyone who would read this knows, has really gone down hill for a while now. Remember the first 2 seasons - how incredibly ORIGINAL, FUNNY and just memorable all the episodes were? It just seems as though they are going through the motions these days. Here is to hoping that the either get back to writing (and animating) funny things, or they decide to give it up. I know they want to be 'The Simpsons,' and they very well could have been (even better, in my opinion) if they didn't think that 'how many episodes' they create is what will make them the best animation TV show out there.
  • when stan gets his bike towed and loses his job as a paperboy he has to coach the south park pee-wee hockey team and to make matters worse theres a litte kid called nelson with cancer and believes the pee-wee hockey team winning the big match is life

    This episode is AWFUL.Where was the humour?! this episode was nothing but pure sick.Whats so funny about a kid with cancer and little kids getting beaten up.Dont get me wrong I'm a huge south park fan but this..this sad exuse for an episode should be destroyed!!! in the words of this episode its bummin on EVERyTHING.gees what kind of a person could think this episode funny.And the end...the end was so sick.So a kid with cancer is funny to people is it?you think this episode is funny do you? well in the words of monty python it makes me MAD...MAD.Stark staring MAAAAAD!
  • I kept waiting for something funny to happen. It never did.

    This one was very disappointing. The whole premise of the episode was ridiculous. Why would an eight-year-old be coaching a pee-wee hockey team? It makes no sense. I can't remember a worse episode. The story was very circular. They kept playing out the same scene in the hospital with the dying kid and that got old. Having the Detroit Red Wings beat up little kids was just a stupid idea. I don't know what possessed them to make this episode, but hopefully there won't be another one this bad in season eleven. I expected more out of the season finale.
  • 152rd Episode

    While the Cartoon Wars and Teacher Bangs a Boy haven't aired here yet, I've been fairly disappointed by the quality of season 10, which seems to have dipped after a hilarious season 9. While there have been a few great episodes, the only outstanding one so far has been Return of Chef and the rest are fairly poor.

    As for this episode, it was okay but had quite a few dull and predictable parts. While the announcer movie voice was mildly funny the first time, they repeated it too much, and the same goes for the cancer jokes. There were a few hilarious moments in this episode like "You're a coach, like a father to him", a lot of it was reused like Randy being too invested in Stan's game was done last season and while it was amusing this time it was still familiar. The ending I saw coming since it's a parody of sports movies so they are obviously going to lose and the kid will die but I did like the twist that the other team also had a cliche strive to win, with the father being proud of his son.

    Overall, most of this episode was dull and predictable but it did have some funny moments and I wasn't offended by anything, though I never am with South Park, so I'd give this episode about 50% in the entertainment factor.
  • This episode is one of the worst things every, and I don’t mean just on South Park, and I don’t mean just TV. I mean in the annals of human history this is among the worst things ever; after slavery, and genocide comes Stanley’s Cup.

    They simply just did not bring the “funny.” South Park is known for it’s in your face attitude, often times taking taboo topics and making jokes about them, and I am usually in the front row laughing harder than anyone else when make fun of race, religion, politics or even child molestation. I stand up proudly and support their right of freedom of speech, but this is where I draw the line, they were not funny.

    Can the topic of a child dying of cancer be funny? It could be hilarious. In fact they did a very funny episode in season 5 called “Kenny dies” where Kenny gets a serious illness and slowly fades away and dies, it even had the same semi-serious tone. The main difference here is that still had jokes, it had a serious tone but it was still funny, the funniest part being that Kenny always dies. They also stole a lot from the show Asspen in the beginning of season 6 about how stupid sports movies are. It’s like Trey and Matt just dug up old episodes and said ‘hey that was pretty, let’s do it again but with out all the comedy.’

    Then came the Steve Erwin jokes, hey I’m an insensitive jerk too. I made Erwin jokes too, I’m not one of these phony’s who pretends he was this great guy just because he is dead. But again they already made jokes about him early in the season, then they shove more of them down our throats for no other reason than someone must have said to them “you can’t make Steve Erwin jokes.” So that means they have to make tons of them even if they are just not funny.

    Also let us not forget that Stan was the main character in this episode and he is really just a straight man, with out one of the characters like Cartman, Butters, or Kenny, he falls pretty flat, even Kyle or Wendy play well off of him, but just him is rarely great.

    I will say that the pee wee kids playing against the pro’s and getting creamed was actually funny.

    I love South Park, I think Matt and Trey can make the most serious and most irrelevant things super funny, but this felt more like them saying “the funny thing about this episode is that nothing in it will be funny.” The funniest thing of all is that no matter how bad a job Matt and Trey do, there will always be someone saying it was funny.
  • Horrible. Absolutely horrible. Dont watch it unless some kid will die from cancer if you Dont.

    The entire episode is just one long parody of movies like Mighty Ducks. There is only one joke in the entire episode and it involves Steve Irwin and stingrays. Nothing happens, until the end when a pee-wee hockey team, coached by Stan, plays the Detroit Red Wings -- and somehow THAT wasn't even funny.

    The only way this episode can be thought of as funny, is if you think of it as a joke being played on Comedy Central. People got paid for making a totally worthless peice of crap.

    I love South Park, but this episode is easily the worst one ever. Whoever wrote this episode should be fired.
  • One of those episodes where you really want to punch Trey and Matt in the face afterwords

    I had a ton of respect for Trey and Matt, until this episode. Their Steve Irwin joke in "Hell On Earth 2006" was fine with me, but this time having a little boy die of cancer just wasn't right.

    Besides that, the whole episode was just plain old boring. It's sad to think about, but I don't think they can have a decent episode without Cartman and/or Kenny. I find that sad because they could've pulled that off years ago.

    In my opinion, this was a beginning to a terrible show. It was all fine until this, but then it just... went downhill. I never thought I'd say that
  • Wow, great episode

    I personally loved Stanley's Cup. The juxtaposition of a kid dying because of cancer and a hockey player jumping in the air after beating a pee wee hockey team is just priceless. And as some other reviewers have said, the boy had to die. Matt and Trey were satirizing sports movies in which the ending is always happy, so why would they have him live. Its kinda sad, but its also realistic. This is one of my favorite episodes with Stan having a lead role, and maybe my favorite episode for a long while (I just went to south park studios to see this). Maybe its so great because its so unconventional!
  • I really don't see why this episode is not well liked.

    I thought this episode was hilarious and one of the best episodes ever. The whole flashback was Hilarius with Stan as a pee wee in his younger years and he could of won the entire game but the puck didn't go far enough, and Stan's dad freaking out as usual. The ending was the funniest part of the episode because of how ironic the whole thing was, and It was funny how much Stan messed up wen the little kid said "I hate you coach, I HATE YOU!", to the hilarious ending when the kid died on the hospital bed saying "No hope". It was sad in a way, but hilarious. I really don't see why this episode is disliked, I loved it.
  • Best ending EVER

    Many people didn't like this episode because of the ending when the cancer kid died. I thought it was a perfect ending. It was just so ironic and nihilistic and was completly unexpected and original. The part where they got destroyed by the Red Wings was just absurdly hilarious especially when they played the "Champions" music. The ending was so dark and abrupt that it was surreal. It was unlike anything I have ever seen in South Park. It slightly reminded me of Aqua Teen Hunger Force because most of the endings to that show are dark and abrupt. It was just so cynical and very realistic. I stood there quite suprised and rewinded to check if I skipped something which I didn't. Overall an excellent episode very different from others. One of my all time favorites. 10/10
  • For Gods Sake... i wish people would view this for what it really is!

    I LOVED this episode because of the meaning it held behind it. If you watch nearly every episode of South Park, you'll find meaning behind them. Trey and Matt dont just make episodes in a hope that people will p*ss themselves laughing... they use something known as 'Satire'.
    Stanleys Cup is about LIFE, its about not having any control over life. About the unfairness of it all. And how... try as we might... we cant always win.
    South Park is my favourite programme BECAUSE of the way it puts things into context.
    Stanleys Cup didn't have me rolling on the floor laughing... in fact it made me cry. But it made sense to me, i love it for that reason.

    It's a good episode.
  • what an episode this one was

    What an episode. Stan becomes a pee wee hockey coach, and finds out one of the kids has cancer. When the situation worsens, the kid wants to have his team win a game. Will Stan be able to pull off a victory?

    What an episode. A kid with cancer? Pretty serious stuff there. And the ending, where the kid dies, that was… wow. This was overall a good episode but it was kind of dark in some of the parts. I guess that was the point. Pretty much all of the last 5 minutes was dark stuff- the Red Wings kicking the crap out of the entire pee wee team, and of course, that one kid dying. I dunno. Still a good episode, I thought anyway
  • "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

    Lots of people gave this episode a low number because of the "unfunny" ending. And they call themselves South Park (& freedom of speech) fans! If you watch this series you're going to have to get used to some real envelope pushing. Plus, how lame would it have been if he had lived? It just would have been another happy ending sports story. Think about it.

    I personally loved this episode. The little kids attempting to skate and getting beaten up were just adorable. I absolutely love "boring" Stan, so I might be a little biased on that end, but the side story with Randy was also hilarious. I guess it's just a matter of taste with this episode.
  • Out of all the South Park episodes I've seen, this one didn't make me laugh once. It may very well be the worst South Park episode I've ever seen.


    GRADE: F

    Oh Why Oh Why did the 10th series of South Park have to end with this episode? It was so disappointing and not funny at all. It was such a boring episode apart from the end, which was one of the only highlights I saw on this episode.

    The story is mainly around Stan, who works at a Paper Round job. The trouble is, that his bike gets towed away and his only way to get it back is to coach for the Pee-Wee Hockey Team and win one match. It turns out, that one of the players has Cancer and will die if Stan and his Pee-Wee Hockey Team don't win the big game.
    The ending involves Stan's Pee-Wee Hockey Team playing against a match of the larger Detroits team. His Pee-Wee team get thrashed and beaten up by them. They win 32-2 and because Stan's team lost, the Cancer kid dies, so don't expect a happy ending on this episode.

    Like I said, I didn't laugh once in this episode. That announcer guy was in this episode too much, and only Stan and Kyle appeared in the whole episode. My only highlights in this episode were:

    -Randy waking up from a nightmare about Stan.
    -Pee-Wee player suggesting "We need a Canadian!"
    -Episode ending and the "We Are The Champions!" song

    And that's about it. These three highlights were the closest I got to laughing in the whole episode.

    Oh, did I forget to mention that they mention Steve Irwin not once but TWICE in this episode? Wasn't it enough in the "Hell On Earth 2006" episode? Seriously, I wouldn't want to see Matt and Trey mention him again in the next series. They're going too far with it. I laughed at the Steve Irwin joke in the Halloween Special, but it's no longer funny. Let him Rest In Peace guys while you can.

    So, that's all there is to say about this episode. I really hated it, and I couldn't consider it a good episode of South Park. Don't bother with this one folks, unless you want to see a rather dull and disappointing series finale.
  • Great episode with Stan.

    This episode is about Stan having trouble with his job and his bike. He gets fired and eventually gets to coach the new Pee Wee hockey team. A boy named Nelson has cancer and has to go to the hospital. Their next game is the decision on Nelson's life. If they win, Nelson lives; lose and Nelson dies. They tie. Nothing happens to Nelson. Next game. They decided they needed a Canadian. Ike Broflovski joined the team. At the Pepsi Center between the 2nd and 3rd quarter at the Red Wings and Avalanches game. Once again, the game is the decision on Nelson's life. The other team did not show up and the Pee Wee team has to play the Red Wings! There is 2:00 left in the game. Randy and Sharon show up to cheer on Stan and the team. They lost 31-2. Then, they played "We Are the Champions" by Queen when the Red Wings won. Stan sat there emotionless with his mouth in the shape of an oval. Kenny and Cartman did not appear in this episode. Overall, I give this episode an 8.9.
  • Stan is forced to become the coach of the local Pee Wee Hockey team, where he finds that one of the players has leukaemia, whose only wish is that the team win, in this rather dull and disappointing final episode of the season...

    I have read a lot of other reviews for this episode, and a lot of people don't like it because it is in bad taste, both with the Steve Irwin jokes and the whole young boy dying from cancer plot.
    Well, I can live with those - after all, this is South Park! ...But I have to say, beyond that, I just find this episode very dull. I would rank it as the weakest of the season, but the terrible 'A Million Little Fibres' easily takes that award.

    The whole story is based around Stan, with just brief cameos from Ike and Kyle. There is no Cartman or Kenny to be seen (although Kenny is little used nowadays anyway). I'm all for different stories concentrating on different characters, but this one just didn't work for me I'm afraid. At best, this episode feels like a poor man's version of season 9's enjoyable 'The Losing Edge', but this one just isn't sure what it wants to be or where to go. On paper, the whole idea of turning the traditional from-nothing-to-winners sports movie on its head is a good idea, but it just doesn't work, and ends up as one of the show's much weaker episodes.

    I think I also disliked even more as it was the final episode of the season - I would have liked to have seen a funnier close to season 10 other than the sad ending to this one.
  • Stan is a peewee hockey team coach, a kid on his team gets cancer. The kid asks stan to win for him, however, at the end the red wings destroy stan's peewee hockey team and the kid with cancer dies. A few jokes about steve irwin, very funny

    Probably one of the funniest episodes ever made, anyone out there QQing about the ending and saying it is bad, honestly stfu, South Park has had a history of taking topics to the extreme and being provocative, if you don't like that then don't watch the show...It should have appealed to those who are South Park fans. I mean I saw the kid dying at the end from the time he was hospitalized, it wasn't a shocker, although seeing the Red Wings destroying little kids was unexpected and really funny. Again this is a great episode, keep them coming. Good Job creators of South Park
  • This episode spits in the face of every sports movie, which is exactly why I love it!

    I don't see what is wrong with everyone who hates this episode. People complain about it not being funny, but those people are the same ones that only look for the crude and potty humor. Sure, I love those jokes too, but I also love this one's satire. The episode builds up as a Mighty Ducks parody and sets up for a happy, good guys win, everybody's okay ending. And then it does the exact opposite. Rather than have the Pee Wees win the hockey match, they get the crap kicked out of them by the Red Wings, who win the Stanley Cup by an overwhelming margin. Instead of the kids cherishing Stan, one of the players say he hates him. To top it all off, the kid doesn't get better, but instead dies at the end. If the whole episode was just about the kid dying, it would be sad. But because everything goes completely wrong, it makes the kid dying right (if thats possible.) The episode is a satire about life and Hollywood. Hollywood always has happy endings, even if the team doesn't win. South Park shows that life isn't always fair, and can actually sometimes be a b*tch. I thought this was one of the funniest episodes because of it all. That and the Irwin jokes.
  • Ice Hockey is my 2nd favourite sport and the episode rocs!!!

    I can't beleive you guys giving poor likings to the episode but I don't, I'm getting to grips to NHL rules and for Stan who has no money, no job and no bike, but 1 job he was offered to coach a pee-wee hockey to make them into winners.

    Their games always ended goaless?, no OT like the NHL?

    The scene at the Pepsi Centre were my favourite part of the ep and the Colorado Avalanche are my favourite NHL team of course the pee-wee team getting crushed, smoked and beaten up by the Detriot Red Wings, Ouch that gonna hurt.
  • Don't think about this one too much, you'll die. Of laughter.

    There are many brilliant episodes in this wonderful animation, and for me, this has to up their as one its finest. Plus, it didn't feature Cartmen once. As blastphous as it sounds not to have him in, it more than made up for it by brilliantly introducing the weird voices you here for trailers of crappy films as a real person with his own record player, summarising Stan's plight at extremely random moments. Every time I think of that, I literally cry with laughter. In short, a fantastic, inspired episode. One of its best.
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