South Park

Season 1 Episode 8

Starvin' Marvin

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 1997 on Comedy Central
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Episode Summary

The boys see a commercial with Sally Struthers about adopting Ethiopian children, and getting a sports watch. Instead of getting the watch, an actual Ethiopian child is sent to South Park. When the charity comes to pick up Starvin' Marvin at Cartman's house, they take Cartman instead. In South Park, Mephesto creates a species of mutant turkeys that terrorize the town, and everybody enters a "Braveheart"-style war with the turkeys.moreless

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  • Cartman get taken to Ethopia

    The boys see a commercial with Sally Struthers about adopting Ethiopian children, and getting a sports watch. Instead of getting the watch, an actual Ethiopian child is sent to South Park. When the charity comes to pick up Starvin' Marvin at Cartman's house, they take Cartman instead. In South Park, Mephesto creates a species of mutant turkeys that terrorize the town, and everybody enters a "Braveheart"-style war with the turkeys. Not much a funny episode here. It was low on humor. I laughed at the turkey coming to the class, an Ethiopian child at the door (whose name is Marvin), corny Thanksgiving joke, Cartman being sent to Ethopia, and a couple more. I did liked the part when South park decided to get rid of the turkeys. Overall, a mediocre least favorite episode for season 1. 5/10moreless
  • great

    The boys send to Ethiopia to get a free watch but instead get a little boy they call Starvin' Marvin. But soon people come for him, but he tricks them and they take Cartman to Ethiopia instead. Will this mess be set straight in the end, or is Cartman doomed to be in Ethiopia?

    OK episode. Kind of boring in parts and I can't really remember any part I specifically liked/disliked. So, it was kind of an average episode, I thought anyway. C+/B- or so seems like a fair enough grade. Not terrible but not super great either, I did not think.moreless
  • Sally Struthers

    If you say Sally Struthers three times, will she appear? If you watch this episode three times, will you still laugh the fourth time? Probably. This episode was hilarious. South Park's first season started getting good at "Death", and Life came happily upon this series. I enjoyed this episode very much, although it is horrible to be making fun of those children in that country that was made fun of, it was still a good episode.

    The children decides to sponsor a child from Ethiopia so they can get a sports watch. But, they are sent a child instead. When the government comes to take the child back, Cartman is sent to that country or place instead. Eventually, Cartman the American is sent back to South Park where he can live as an American and get appetizers.

    This episode was a great episode to watch, and I look forward to watching the next appearance of this character. (I'm watching and reviewing the series in order.)moreless
  • One of South Park's classic episodes.

    This is a great and original episode. I think this is the episode here the mad scientist makes his first appearance. Cartman in Africa starving because in search of food was funny to watch, and making fun of Sally Struthers and finding out she had been hiding food from everyone was funny. The people of South Park and the Turkeys battling an epic Braveheart battle was someone no one else wold have ever thought of, but then, no one would have thought about genetically splicing turkeys and they in turn becoming either... Either way its a great classic episode to watch.moreless
  • Starvin` Marvin`

    Starving Marvin is an episode about starvation in a foreign country, and a small aboriginal boy found by Cartman, Stan, Kyle and (dead-nearly-every-episode) poor hooded Kenny. The little Colorado kids find the black young boy in South Park and decide to keep him... after an advert with a really really big fat woman in it - they decide they wanna adopt one of the poor young kids without a home or whatever and they end up getting Starvin` Marvin` who appears in later episodes.

    This episode is another one of the classics but it is just not my favourite. Good entertainment, though.

Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Mary Kay Bergman

Mary Kay Bergman

Voice of Wendy Testaburger; Liane Cartman; Sheila Broflovski; Sharon Marsh; Mrs. McKormick; Mayor McDaniels; Ms. Crabtree; Princ

Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes

Voice of Jerome "Chef" McElroy

Jesse Howell

Jesse Howell

Voice of Starvin' Marvin / Ike Broflovski?

Guest Star

Jennifer Howell

Jennifer Howell

Voice of Bebe?

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • Dr. Mephisto owns a microscope slide of "an extreme close-up of Vanessa Redgrave's private parts," as described by chef.

    • A small audio clip taken from this episode was put into the movie "Duplex".

    • Cartman's mom calls Kyle's mom "Carol", even though her real name is revealed to be "Shiela" in the episode "Mr. Hankey, The Christmas Poo.

    • There are a lot of funny details in the epic battle between the mankind and the turkeys:
      Ike beheads a Turkey.
      The couple that was slain on the pond in the beginning of the episode reappears at the battle.
      Mr. Hat has a little butcher knife.
      Ned was shooting even though he gave it up in "Volcano"
      And it is discovered that Kenny has blue eyes.

    • When Cartman goes to alert the Ethiopians of Sally Struthers' gluttony the NO ADMITTANCE sign is gone and it was there before.

    • When Cartman peeks around the corner to find Sally Struthers watching TV a headless Indian can be seen on the Terrance & Phillip Thanksgiving Special episode.

    • The minutes before Turkey entered the classroom and destroyed it this was on the chalkboard:
      Creamed Corn
      ____ity dawg
      Broccoli florets
      In Mango Chutney

    • Ethiopian has a suitcase and stickers read: GB, AJA, Club Med.

    • When the kids run inside the house awaiting the sports watch, they leave the door open, yet 2 seconds later when Starvin Marvin is ringing the door bell, the door is closed.

    • If you listen very carefully when Bebe said "I want a Starvin' Marvin", her voice almost sounded like Wendy.

    • When the TV announcer said "Coming up next on the T & P Thanksgiving special ep" it said that it will be shown after the word of sponsor, but instead part 2 is shown the next day!

    • At the All-you-can-eat buffet Kyle Broflowski is seen cutting himself a big slice of ham even though he is Jewish and therefore not allowed to eat pig. This shows that Kyle is not an Observant Jew, and does not follow the laws of keeping Kosher.

    • When Starvin Marvin comes off the plane, to deliver the turkeys to his people, you could see one of the kids has a Canadian-like mouth.

    • The telephone doesn't have a cord.
      Apparently Mr. Garrison makes his "N"s backwards.

    • When the boys are in Principal Victoria's office and she shows them her new Teiko sports watch, the time says 4:20. In case anyone doesn't know what that means, 4/20 is National Pot Smoking day, not to mention that the time wouldn't be 4:20 during the school day anyway.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Bebe: I want a Starvin' Marvin!
      Pip: Yes! I'll pay $50 for one!

    • Chef: Everyone go to your house, arm yourself and meet back here in fif-… (looks at Mephisto's little guy Kevin) Now just what the hell are you supposed to be?
      Dr. Mephisto: Chef, I'm afraid that's not really the point right now, I…
      (Interrupted by Chef)
      Chef: No, I wanna know what that thing is. It doesn't look like anything.

    • Cartman: Then maybe they should die and decrease the surplus population!

    • (the boys are taking Starvin' Marvin outside, arguing who gets to take him home)
      Kyle: C'mon Starvin' Marvin! I want you to meet my little brother!
      Cartman: No! He's my Ethiopian!
      Stan: Okay! Okay! Here's what we'll do. Starvin' Marvin can stay here for a week, then at Kyle's house, then with me!
      Cartman: And he can stay at Kenny's house last, because Kenny's poor!
      (Kenny gets angry and kicks Cartman in the leg)
      Cartman: OW!!

    • (Cartman and everyone's families are eating at a buffet except for Kenny's. The waiter brings some shrimp.)
      Cartman: You see Starvin' Marvin; this is what we call and appetizer. (Picks up a shrimp) This is what you eat before you eat, so that you'll be more hungry.
      (Waiter brings main course)
      Cartman: Whoop. Food's here. That's it for the appetizers!
      (tosses shrimp into a nearby trash can)

    • (the McCormick family is sitting around their table, with a can of stringed beans in the middle. Keny's dad is praying)
      Mr. McCormick: Dear God, we thank you for this... single can of green beans. And even though you took our son from us, and you enjoy tormenting us, we thank you. Amen.
      (The family pauses for a moment)
      Mrs. McCormick: Um... does anyone have a can opener?
      Mr. McCormick: God dammit.

    • Mr. Garrison: And can't we do a little better than creamed corn, creamed corn, and creamed corn? Please bring in more diverse food, children, or else Kenny's family going to have a pretty corny thanksgiving. (starts laughing) Corny! (laughs) Gravy! (laughs) Corny thanksgiving!

    • Cartman: See, this is what we call an all-you-can-eat buffet. Here you can eat all you want for just $6.99. That why everyone comes here on Tuesday nights, except for Kenny's family because for them, $6.99 is two year's income.

    • Mr. Garrison: Who knows what a can food drive is?
      Cartman: Isn't that where they cut open a chick's stomach to get the baby out?
      Mr. Garrison: No, that's a caesarian section, Eric, but remember there are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

    • Cartman: Gimmie that cake!
      Sally Struthers: (Mouth Full) No! This is my cake!
      Cartman: Sally Struthers you give me that cake!
      Sally Struthers: You can't have any!

    • Marvin: Yah I want the cheesie poof!
      Liane: Okay.
      Marvin: Sweet.

    • Cartman: My God has forsaken me.

    • Chef: (about Mephisto's friend, Kevin) What the hell are you supposed to be, anyway?...No! What is that thing supposed to be? It doesn't look like anything!

    • Cartman: No, Starvin' Marvin, that's Kenny's creamed corn. No, Starvin Marvin! That's a bad Starvin Marvin!

  • NOTES (3)

    • This is the first appearance of Kenny's parents.

    • Jerry Seinfeld was NOT a voice of one of the turkeys. Jerry Seinfeld was a big fan of the show, and wanted to do a voice, but because Matt and Trey always give big celebrities obscure roles, Jerry's people wouldn't allow him to do the show. Matt and Trey wanted Jerry to be "Turkey #4". This is revealed on Goin' Down to South Park.

    • Sally Struthers was a big fan of South Park before this episode. It's said that she cried watching it.


    • MacGyver:
      During the scene at the end when Stan states the moral of the show, about how the images on television are real people too, Kyle states, "And that means MacGyver is real too." which is a reference to the character secret agent MacGyver in the televison series MacGyver.

    • Full House:
      During the scene when the boys are watching the charity commercial, Kyle tells Stan that Sally Struthers used to be on Full House. He Is referring to one of the daugheters, DJ or Stephanie, since Sally was Gloria Bunker-Stivic on All in the Family.

    • E.T.:
      Cartman and Marvin have a very strong connection and it is very similar to E.T. and Elliott's in E.T.: The Extraterrestrial.

    • Deputy Dawg:

      On the chalkboard there is an item food that says:

      ___ity dawg.

      That is a reference to DEPUTY DAWG a Hannah-Barbera character from the middle of 1970's.

    • A Christmas Carol: The exchange between Wendy and Cartman about poor houses, which ends with Cartman saying the poor should die and decrease the surplus population, is a reference to a scene from "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.

    • Braveheart:
      Chef: They may take our lives, but they'll never take our FREEDOM! This line was used in Mel Gibson's 1995 film Braveheart.