South Park

Season 2 Episode 8

Summer Sucks

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 24, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • Summer Sucks

    Summer Sucks is yet another episode of South Park that just isn't very good at all. If you watch it from the start you will notice the characters are the same and so is the animation but something has changed - the entertainment and the laughs.
    In the episode of Summer Sucks, the kids have no fireworks to play with and are bored and resort to other things to play with... However, this is a dull leap from the usual episodes and is probably another one of the gaps just to fill in before another classic episode...

    :( Not a very good episode
  • My country tis of thee

    This episode is all over the place in terms of subplots, but it really belongs to the mayor and Jimbo. It’s a very unpopular episode, and I can see why (no real main character, muddled unrelated stories). But still, it was very funny throughout, especially when Mr. Mackey prank called Mr. Garrison.
  • A typical season 2 episode.

    This was another season 2 episode that marks the average zone.

    This episode had a clever plot, but adding Jimbo to the fray was the worst idea they ahad. Jimbo is a horrible character, they shouldn't put him in the plot.

    Now, the humour was "decent". It had very few moments and quotes, but still lacked in the laughter zone.

    This episode also gave us something new... South Park in summer. Which you will never see again and its nice to see a change in the background.

    However, even if this episode has many flaws. Its still a episode that you could re-watch many times.
  • Summer is out but where is the snow!

    Summer is out but the first thing I saw that
    Was missing was the snow in the show that they
    Tradionally and usually had. As the kids were out of school
    And were dreading it. Uncle Jimbo and his friend that
    Lost his voice for years and years of smoking try to smuggle firecrackers out of Mexico and could risk getting arrested!
  • Hell, everything's legal in Mexico. It's the American way.

    At least summer sucks without fireworks (except snakes), which the boys have played with since they were just wee lads. But, the Mayor solves that dilemma by commissioning the largest snake in the world. Meanwhile, Cartman takes swimming lessons with first graders who pee in the pool, Uncle Jimbo travels to Mexico to buy illegal fireworks, and Mr. Garrison loses Mr. Hat and must come to terms with his sexuality. First-graders peeing in the pool: great. Mr. Garrison not accepting that he's gay great. The flashback to the boys as toddlers: priceless. The little man in the boat: better than priceless. The snake "A" plot: lame.
  • No other show has done a storyline with a giant snake..

    This episode was not my favourite in Season 2. The storyline was weaker than other episode and it did not have as many funny quotes. This episode saw the birth of Mr Twig and Cartman's now infamous line, "Screw you guys, I'm going home." The episode was about the 4th of July, which as an Australian, I have no connection to, The episode was also about how much the boys hated summer, which I don't get as well. The episode was lacking something but I'm not quite sure what. So far the standard of Season 2 is lower than Season 1.
  • Summer in South Park!

    It's Summer in South Park. Summer only lasts about a week in South Park so the boys want to spend all there money on fireworks. But fireworks have been banned in Calorado. When Jimbo finds out about this he and ned head down to mexico to get some fireworks for the boys. The Mayor makes plans for the biggest buring Snake in history.

    I love this episode. Its so funny! The best part is when it shows the boys as babies and kenny blows himself up. Another great part is right at the end when Chef comes back. The Mr. Garrison part of the story is great too. It shows just how crazy he is. The best of season two!
  • I love snakes, they grow and grow.

    In this episode Fire Crackers are outlawed because some idiot blew their hands off, so the kids have nothing to do during the summer. Also Mr Garrison loses Mr Hat and South Park has the worlds biggest Snake [a kind of fire cracker] but it is too big and will not dis-ignite. A funny episode.
  • One of the first of the Mr. Garrison mythology.

    In 10 seasons, Mr. Garrison has been through a lot. One of his first big moments was losing Mr. Hat. From there, he eventually came out of the closet, found Mr. Slave, had a sex change...

    Other than this one single story element, the episode doesn't do much for the series. There are a lot of good jokes here (including an appearance with Comedy Central forerunner Dr. Katz), but many of them are throwaways. This episode introduces the South Park elementary band teacher, a character that I would have liked to see a little more of.

    This episode is worth watching, but doesn't live up to later episodes.
  • After a fireworks ban, the town of South Park make the biggest snake ever.

    There is a fireworks ban, but Jimbo and Ned go to Mexico to get fireworks. The boys aren't having any fun with the crappy small fireworks. Cartman then takes up swimming, but refuses to go into the deep end because the little kids keep peeing. The mayor decides to make the biggest snake ever made. After they do, it starts destroying the town, of course. A fairly good episode, but not one of my favorites.
  • It's summer in South Park.

    Well in this episode the kids are out of school. Only problem is that some kid in Denver blew off his hand while messing with fireworks and the kids can't have fireworks except for snakes. Uncle Jimbo and Ned are furious at this and go to Mexico to buy some big fireworks for the kids. The Mayor gets a great idea to put South Park in history buy lighting the biggest snake for the town. When lighting the snake it turns out that the snake won't stop growing and the town is in danger. Luckly Uncle Jimbo and Ned brought back big fireworks that Stan and Kyle light and it goes through the snake and it stops growing. This is a pretty good episode but it's not one of my all-time favorites.
  • It's summer in South Park and....

    ...and the snow has melted and Mr. Garrison can't find Mr. Hat anywhere and gets replaced by Mr. Twig. Fireworks have been banned because a kid got hurt using fireworks and Ned and Jimbo go to Mexico to get fireworks for the 4th of July Celebration. Plus the mayor wants to grow the biggest snake but it gets a little out of hand. Plus Cartman takes swimming lessons and the little kids keep peeing in the pool! All in all, I still really liked this episode.
  • perfect

    There is a new ban on fireworks, just in time for summer. This makes everyone sad and angry. The mayor orders a big snake, but the snake gets bigger and bigger and threatens all of South Park.

    Good episode, the flashback to little Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman playing with fireworks is one of my favorite moments; it's so funny! And the episode as a whole was pretty funny with a good plot. Not one of my favorite episodes ever but it was a nice one, so because of all of this, my final grade for this episode is an A+. Great episode I think
  • The snake was just too big....

    "Summer Sucks" was an episode of the great series on Comedy Central, South Park. It all starts out with the kids in class at the end of the last day of school. Mr.Hat went missing, and Garrison thinks the kids took it. He holds them after the bell rings and then turns around, expecting for the kids to put Mr.Hat there by the time he turns back around. Then school's out, but firecrackers are banned. Summer is boring. Then the mayor thinks of the idea for a giant snake for the 4th of July celebration. It gets big and attacks the city. It was a good episode.
  • Fireworks are banned for the summer in South Park so the popel resort to snakes.

    This is one of my favorite season 2 episodes. There are just so many different aspects of the episode that are very funny. The part with Cartman in the pool, the part with Jimbo and Ned in Mexico, the snake situation with the mayor and the town and CHef, it's all just too funny. Fireworks are banned so the town will have to use snakes of ash because that's the only thing they can use. The Mayor has a giant snake lit which will not sop growing and killing many people. Eventually Jmibo saves the day. Fantastic classic I believe.