South Park

Season 5 Episode 3

Super Best Friends

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 04, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • The Super Best Friends

    If there were more than just Clubhouses, and Cow Days than the worst episodes ever then this one will be the worst of the three. I think that this episode was maybe just a season filler until the next big shot. But, trust me - there isn't one.
    If you like episodes which are not reccomended, and the most underappreciated ones - then you will probably fall in love with The Super Best Friends, a dull episode of parody and offensive jokes and remarks.
    :( Who comes up with the idea of the little kids saving the world all the time? The creators of course...
  • A great episode.

    This is a really good episode, it's very entertaining and keeps you watching. I think anything that has David Blaine in it is funny, and that means this episode. I found it especially funny when Jesus performed his miracles in front of Stan. I found the plot to be really funny, that David Blaine's magic is actually a religion, (which it is not) and that David Blaine has plans to commit suicide just to be happy. Then when the Super Best Friends come to attack David Blaine and his followers they make an appearance like they are some sort of super heros. Overall, this is just another great episode when South Park was in its prime.
  • Cults and religious prophets collide. Really a great episode.

    Before 9/11, and before Muslims complained about and threatened Denmark, there were the Super Best Friends. It is funny how they make David Blain look like an evil man, and while I like how they parody the "super friends", I only wonder if they will ever come back. What i like about this episode is how they made the religious prophets have powers (i.e. Jesus master carpentry skills, mowsuns physic link, and Krishna acting as the wonder twins powers) and the way they defeat the giant stoned Abraham Lincoln was indeed hilarious. Still, it's a pity that Muslims can't take a joke, cause due to Mohammad being in this episode, i doubt it will air again.
  • Super Best Friends!

    I enjoyed this episode, except for the fact that it wasn't really all that funny compared to the rest of the South Park episodes. Kind of a let-down with all the other funny episodes in the first run of Season 5.
    But anyways. I liked how it was incorporated that people fight over which religion is right, but in "reality" all the gods/prophets, etc. of each religion actually were all friends... Super Best Friends. I also like it's reference to cults, and the message in this episode is very real... cults ARE dangerous and easy to get fooled into believing. And Matt and Trey can get that point across without being preachy.
    "Moses, how do you kill a giant stone Abreham Lincoln?"

    "Um... a giant stone John Wilkes Booth?"
    My only issue... how does Josef Smith have ice breath?
  • All religions are best friends!

    David Blaine is in South Park and encourages every citizen in town to join as Blainetologists. This influences almost everyone one, including Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Butters but not Stan. However, Stan thinks it's a cult that can do some pretty harmful things and tries to get Kyle to escape with him but Kyle refuses and is still with the group, while breaking Stan's friendship. It wasn't too long when Kyle realizes that this is a cult when all Blainetologists are attempting suicide over tax-exempt status. So he tries to get help with Cartman but gets told on and is about to die.

    Stan on the other side of town gets help with Jesus and finds out that Blaine is more powerful than he thought (even if his "miracles" are failing). So he calls his "Super Best Friends" who are other deities and religious leaders who resemble "The Super Friends."

    In DC, Blainetologists are killing themselves over not getting tax exempt status and The Super Best Friends are to help stop David Blaine. He brings to life a stone Abraham Lincoln as the Super Best Friends builds a stone John Wilkes Booth and shoots Lincoln. However, Blaine escapes and Stan tells Blainetologists that it's a cult and all have stopped believing in Blaine. So the Super Best Friends save the day and Cartman gets his nuts kicked after mocking Stan and Kyle.
  • Controversial, even years after it aired.

    This episode was pretty funny, I rate it around the middle rating of all South Park episodes, maybe a little higher. I thought the magic tricks at the start were pretty funny, like I also thought that Cartman's ratting out of Kyle was pure evil, but also pretty hilarious. Some of the highlights of the episode include the confusion as to which boy is which after they all have their heads shaved, or the reply from Moses, "Um...A giant John Wilkes Booth?". But without a doubt, the funniest thing about this episode was the superhero Sea-Man and his faithful sidekick, Swallow.
  • Puts the Danish Cartoon conflict of 2005 - 2006 into perspective.

    When i First saw this episode i thought it was silly, fun, but not as funny as the best episodes.
    It had some religious prophets and gods playing superheroes (Like DC´s Justice League) against David Blane, who acted like a devil with a scientology like cult. It was kinda fun, but i thought it could have been better. It featured the Prophet of Jesus, Moses, some other gods and prohets, including the muslim prophet Muhammed. But no one really cared, i know i didnt.

    Then 2005 came, and a Danish Newspaper made a few harmless drawings of the prophet muhammed, and the world was set ablaze (febuary 2006). Burning of Embassies and killing of people in riots.... over a "BEEP"-ing drawing??

    Really weird thing to look back on, especially with this episode in perspective: muslims didnt act on South Park - maybe because it was made in USA, a big country, and not like tiny Denmark where the Muslim sense of courage really showed it self: ignore when the big country does a drawing/cartoon, but attack in a most savage-way when the small country does the same... tsk tsk.

    With all due respect to islam and their prohet Muhammed (who was so great to wage 69 wars, have 4 wives, including getting married to a 9-year-old, Aisha, when Muhammed was 54), then it is so hypocritical of them. They shown no courage, but to ignore the big country, and attack a small country, you dont show respect, then you deserve none.

    Also this episode made the Cartoon wars episodes of 10th season stand out. It was all in all not such a great episode, but the things that followed in 2006 and the 10th season made it all much better.
  • "And so, Seaman and Swallow get to, get to work (snickers)."

    Another laugh out loud episode of South Park. It is completely random and silly but it's also completely hilarious.

    The infamous David Blaine starts a cult and convinces people to join it with his "black magic". Cartman and the whole gang are shocked by what Blaine can do and decides to go along and join the cult. But after being shaved completely bald and made to dress exactly the same as Blaine, Stan has had enough and ditches the cult just in time before Blaine demands that all his followers have to commit a mass suicide in front of the White House.

    Now Stan has to recruit the help of Jesus and his super best friends (who are Gods from each religion) in order to save Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, and Butters from drowning themselves.
  • David Blaine starts a cult and the SuperBest Friends (including Muhammad, which is weird after seing c'artoon wars') save the day.

    A weird thing that I noticed: I watched this episode again, after watching the \'Cartoon Wars\' episodes, and their whole big thing on not showing Muhammad, and they clearly have the character Muhammad in this episode. Hmmm. They won\'t show a character that they had already shown? How come the Muslims didn\'t get upset about showing Muhammad here? Just seems kinda odd to see after watching those newer episodes, twah.

    Anyways, an extremely hilarious episode, a great, classic South Park. I need more words in order to submit this... ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one.
  • Just pick a card, Twa.

    Super Best Friends was Trey and Matt's first stab at Scientology (which is now becoming an epic battle). The episode had plenty of classic moments, my favorite being when Stan can't even remember who he is because all the kids have their heads shaved.

    Everytime David Blaine says "Twa" I always end up rolling on the floor cracking up because it is so random and hysterical.

    Great episode!
  • Super Best Friends to the rescue!

    This is classic South Park. It doesn't make any sense at all, but it is incredibly funny!!! The David Blaine cult thing is a completely random storyline, but it doesn't matter because there are so many funny moments, especially invoving the Super Best Friends.

    Everyone in the Super Best friends is fom a different religion. (Jesus, Buddha etc) except for sea man. That joke is so simple, but the they deliver it makes it so funny.

  • there are lots of jokes and it is a funny episode

    It was a wonderful episode All the joke were well placed at all the right times this is one of my faviorite episodes this episode is on the season 5 south park DVD you you sould pick it up it does have 1 bad joke where Sea-man has his own religon because he is on the team