South Park

Season 5 Episode 3

Super Best Friends

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 04, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • Puts the Danish Cartoon conflict of 2005 - 2006 into perspective.

    When i First saw this episode i thought it was silly, fun, but not as funny as the best episodes.
    It had some religious prophets and gods playing superheroes (Like DC´s Justice League) against David Blane, who acted like a devil with a scientology like cult. It was kinda fun, but i thought it could have been better. It featured the Prophet of Jesus, Moses, some other gods and prohets, including the muslim prophet Muhammed. But no one really cared, i know i didnt.

    Then 2005 came, and a Danish Newspaper made a few harmless drawings of the prophet muhammed, and the world was set ablaze (febuary 2006). Burning of Embassies and killing of people in riots.... over a "BEEP"-ing drawing??

    Really weird thing to look back on, especially with this episode in perspective: muslims didnt act on South Park - maybe because it was made in USA, a big country, and not like tiny Denmark where the Muslim sense of courage really showed it self: ignore when the big country does a drawing/cartoon, but attack in a most savage-way when the small country does the same... tsk tsk.

    With all due respect to islam and their prohet Muhammed (who was so great to wage 69 wars, have 4 wives, including getting married to a 9-year-old, Aisha, when Muhammed was 54), then it is so hypocritical of them. They shown no courage, but to ignore the big country, and attack a small country, you dont show respect, then you deserve none.

    Also this episode made the Cartoon wars episodes of 10th season stand out. It was all in all not such a great episode, but the things that followed in 2006 and the 10th season made it all much better.
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