South Park

Season 17 Episode 9

T****** and Dragons

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2013 on Comedy Central

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  • Red Friday

    This was the conclusion to the three part arc of South Park, and I didn't feel it disappointed at all.

    Not much to really say, I really like how they parody on the Game of Thrones series with all the dynamics and betrayals going on. I even like the scam that the boys had which was to book time at the Red Robin early on Black Friday which I thought was a thoughtful move made me wonder why no one else ever thought of doing that whenever that day comes. This of course is a way for the boys to get to one of the consoles first.

    But of course this is just a parody on the whole Red Wedding scene when we see Kyle form a Ku on Cartman. This of coruse leads to Stan pulling one on everyone and luring both the Japanise developer and Bill Gates to fight it out, which will determine the console to get.

    The whole Black Friday shopping scene was fraking hillarous when we see everyone in South Park (as usual) go completely crazy. I wouldn't even call what happens a shopping spree it was more like a blood bath, as we everyone was killing and beating the crap out of each other just to get one product or another that's at the right price. We even see some real life footage of people on Black Friday it really is that crazy, makes me greatful I was never a part of that.

    It was blackly hillarous when we see the kids trek though the mall to the video game store and the aftermath of that shopping spree made the mall into a wholesale slaughter house, as there are just bodies left and right, and even a river of blood Cartman and the rest had to go through. It's true it does leave a slight feeling of emptiness, but that's the point which is part of the nature of Black Friday despite how many products you might have bought at reasonable prices it still leaves you empty.

    And that's what the kids feel after they get the X-Box One, their enjoying the concole but not as much as they thought. This then leads to Cartman giving I think a great speech which I feel is the leason of the arc. Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and the rest wanted one of the concoles as a way to play with their friends since both have online capabilities, but that is exactly what they've all been doing but in actual reality. From the costumes, fantasy world and story line they all constructed for themselves, none of them need video games to do it. It just goes to show that video game aren't the only way to have fun there are more way then one, let alone that video games shouldn't be a person's whole life.

    And of course this whole are was part of a set up for the South Park video game "The Stick of Truth to come out. I played that game and it's actually really cool probably the only TV to Video Game adaptations that actually work.

    The power of imagination is still more powerful than any video game.
  • EP - 1709

    The conclusion of the Black Friday trilogy used the old man's garden joke yet again, but aside from that, the episode was nearly perfect, with great gags.

    The Red Robin meeting was a brilliant way to parody game of thrones, instead of the characters just talking about it occasionally. The characters walking through the bloodbath and getting their Xbox Ones was an odd scene, that left me with a feeling of emptiness. One that was intended due to the harsh silence after the humorous war of Black Friday.

    Everyone was unsatisfied with the new consoles that they had been fighting for all this time, and I believe that is symbolic for every fight we partake in. Maybe this episode was an hour-long way to tell us to choose our battles.

    And the ending gag of SoT advertisement was the perfect way to break the silence and let the credits roll. Now that I think about it, this episode might've been even better than Black Friday.
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