South Park

Season 15 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 18, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • One of the most hilarious episodes ever

    Kinda like "Going Native", but different. This is honestly one of the only episodes on South Park that can really make me laugh. I may be irritable at times, but at least I am not part of The Pissed-Off & Angry Party, LOL. The ending was seriously priceless. AMERICA IS BACK!!!!!!! LMFAO
  • Hilarious the first-half, ruined by the second half.


    In the school cafeteria, Butters is describing what he believes will be the next Terminator film, when in fact it is real only coverage of a recent scandal involving Arnold Schwarzenegger. Cartman comes in incredibly angry, he is sick of this school, he thinks they've gone too far this time. He tells the boys that the school has posted their penis sizes on a chart out in the hallway, for everyone to see. The boys go look at the chart. Principal Victoria and Mr. Mackey see the boys looking at the chart in earnest, they think it was a good idea to post how much the boys have grown in height since last year. Cartman takes matters into his own hands, he remeasures all the boy's penis. He is a little reluctant to have his own remeasured. The boys hang the chart with their actual penis sizes in the hallway. Cartman takes all the credit for this idea and is called into the principal's office. When Principal Victoria tells him what the school's poster was really about, she tells him that he only has himself to blame. He reacted without taking the time to think about it first; she tells him that he has an anger management problem. Cartman and his mom go to see an anger management therapist. In searching for what might be Cartman's problem, the therapist tries to him angry. He starts taunting Cartman about his weight, but Cartman doesn't get angry, he pulls out his phone and starts quietly typing on it. When the therapist doesn't get a rise out of Cartman, he believes there isn't a problem to be found. However, after the therapist receives a call from his wife accusing him of all sort of unspeakable things (and his wife shoots herself) we realize what Cartman was doing with his phone. Cartman quietly tells the therapist (who's in disbelief) that "he's not fat, he's big boned". Back at school, Principal Victoria and Mr. Mackey have gathered all the boys' parents together to tell them about the penis problem. Randy Marsh wants to know where they boys have taken their measurements from, "from the base or from the balls?". As a scientist, Randy volunteers to have a talk with the children. He starts to tell the student about sex, but he really focuses his lecture on a formula used to determine penis size.

    My Review: The episode was hilarious, until the angry mob part started. So yeah

    5.5 / 10

  • good pieces, terrible episode

    I don't get it... I loved last week's Royal Pudding. The randomness of it and the adventure reminded me of the good old days of South Park. Why people find this episode so funny I can not figure out. It's possible I was asleep or in a different dimension or something, but for me, I didn't laugh even once during the entire episode. I liked the ideas, the penis math formulas were good, I always like Cartman and Randy, but... it just wasn't funny. I guess that I want more out of an episode than simply a penis joke, and it was a good concept to tie in anger and penis size, but there were absolutely no laugh out loud moments at all! Damn. I need to re-watch it, cause I'm amazed at how well this one has been reviewed.
  • superb

    Cartman sees measurements in the school hallway and thinks they are for length of the boys' penises, so he measures them himself and comes up with actual lengths, only to find out the measurements were how tall the boys are. Now everyone knows Cartman has a tiny penis and he is sent to anger management to deal with this.

    Good episode. Parts I liked; Mitch Connor, 'I'm not Fat, I'm big boned', Cartman being the only one mad at the episode's end, etc. Not the best ever but I do think it is probably the best thus far of the 15th season, which in hindsight, is not saying a whole lot. Final grade would be a B+ or so. The first half was pretty good but I lost interest when they started rioting Fed Ex.
  • Best one of the season so far. Laughed throughout the whole thing!

    Best one of the season so far. Laughed throughout the whole thing! Hope they continue this way in the next ones. Not that the previous ones were bad, they had their moments but it wasn't like this one where I couldn't stop laughing.
    Finally another episode where cartman's psycho personality surfaces again. Just so no one would forget that cartman's the most bad ass dude that ever lived!
    But doesn't anyone else think cartman is a bit too focused on dicks and balls. Just saying...
    I absolutely love randy. Whenever he gets a big role the episode's always great.
    As a whole the episode was just perfect with a great concept and lots of references that had to sting! And cartman + randy = awesome television
  • More like it

    Better than the first episodes this season, but I think people are getting a little bit loose with their points scores because of this. It was certainly not a 10/10 episode. It had some good solid moments. I love Cartman, but I cant help but feel he has been pushed a little too far in the evil direction, its not fresh anymore and is becoming a little stale. Randy, well I could watch Randy episodes all day every day. This is really where I thought the episode shone. I wont ruin the ending incase you have not seen it, but genius! loved it. A solid episode, hope the rest of the season follows in this path.
  • Finally a great episode this season.

    Finally a great episode of south park this season. Cartman sees measurements for the boys height in the hall way at school but he's stupid so he thinks that they're measurements for their dicks. Cartman get pissed off and measures everyones dick and puts it in the hallway. Thats just the start of this crazy episode, this is the first great episode this season. I think that the rest of the episodes will be funny. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • A new Classic is born.

    This is what South Park does best, a totally random story based on something we know bothers a lot of people and ties into political satire which doesn't act as the main course.

    This story seems to fall into place so naturally. Nothing seems forced or done for the sake of not having a better idea. You flow from start to finish savoring every moment and not wanting it to end.

    Quite possibly the reason for this episodes success is it's well measured combination of Cartman and Randy; this story is the perfect storm to explore everything that makes those characters great. Throw in Butters and some brilliant Kyle jokes and this episode really does have everything that makes South Park great.

    Maybe I'm slightly bias because the Tea Party Movement annoys me, but there's no denying they got ripped good and proper, and while saying people have small junk is hardly the apex of insult humour, it nevertheless did make a very valid point about 'why so angry?' and the fact that these attacks on Obama stem from the most trivial and mostly unfounded reasons. why not put it down to penis size haha!

    Nevertheless I dont think it was too brutal on them and I think all men can relate to how paranoyed we can be about penis size, and if you have to complain then not only is that funny, but you are exactly the type of person this episode was ripping on and you need to get a grip!
  • HOMERUN! Finally,,,

    See--use CARTMAN and we have another instant classic. This was funny as hell..the whole episode was great. I have to watch this one again to appreciate it all. Between the penis size chart and the Anger manangement center it just got better and better. I LOVED what Cartman did to the guy in charge of anger management...DONT f,,ck with cartman lol.

    This made great fun of The Tea Party which seems to focus on non issues and make them issues. All of the characters in anger rehab were GREAT lol.
    This was the best episode of South Park in ages. It reminds me of the episode where the boys try to collect theuretical dollars on the internet. ALL of the characters in Anger rehab seemed to be based on real people matt and Trey have seen on line or encountered making this even funnier. Great episode!