South Park

Season 17 Episode 5

Taming Strange

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 2013 on Comedy Central

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  • EP - 1705

    This one had few gags, and few ideas, but I didn't find the episode to be as bad as others say. I cracked up when Ike turned around from his seat and yelled from his seat. It was clever to have Ike screwed up due to the hormone pills, yet still act like a little kid (His trucks and whatnot).

    The Yo Gabba Gabba characters trying to bring Foofa back reminded me of how ridiculous South Park could get.

    But my favorite part of the episode was Mr. Mackey's Intellilink failures. The best gag was definitely when he fired that woman who he'd just hired to take care of the problem.

    Just a decent episode. Just because it wasn't the funniest doesn't mean it was lousy.
  • Possibly the worst episode ever

    Why bring back Icke? This was every bit as bad as a Terrence and Phillip-only episode. Not only is this the second episode in a row to not really feature the main characters, but surely, the team had an extra week to work on this, having had the previous episode almost finished before the power cut that made them miss the deadline. It looks more like they decided to rush an awful episode so they could maximise their time off work. I was kind of hoping the series had hit its stride after the decent 3rd episode. And can employees of Comedy Central PLEASE stop coming here to vote up the bad episodes. We all know it's you. Y'all can never back up your sock-puppet votes by writing WHY the episode never sucked.
  • South park is DOA

    Dudes--really. You SUCK. the review prior to this is accurate. This episode blows. Another failure. The entire season has been a waste of time except for ONE episode (World War Zimmerman. You wanted to make fun of Miley Cyrus but you didn;t want another lawsuit (yeah we know a lot of people have tried to sue South Park) so you went with one of the lame characters from that balloon game Poppit.

    The rest of the episode--Ike being given the wrong drugs just didnt have any comedy. It's not me who is missing something----you took off 6 months and it looks like you just dont give a about what you put out. If you really want to END the show---then just KILL Everyone in SP with a Colorado terorrist,. It seems your State has its share of well armed psychos. Might as well just kill off all the characters in SP because you already killed the comedy

    . I give it a 2.5 just like the last review. How does it feel to be a show that Jumped the shark.

    Now you have to fulfill your contract obligation and dont care about the show

    -does it make you both feel like WHORES.