South Park

Season 5 Episode 5

Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 18, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • Terrance and Phillip are kinda the cartoon versions of Trey Parker & Matt Stone

    I can now see this. Trey (Terrance) does ALL the writing, while Phillip (Matt) does his lines. This episode was a so-so.
  • Terrence & Philip: Behind The Blow

    A succesful taste of Terrence & Philip floats through the morning air of South Park, until the smell vanishes and it appears like Terrence & Philip no longer exist. After longer than a few years of working together in showbiz, T & P have argued and eventually split up to pull up a career for themselves instead.
    But after the boys sort the Canadian couple of jokers out, the little red and blue flap-heads calm down and it all ends happily, just like in every South Park episodes. Well, y`know - most of them.
    ;D Well done folks, this is a helluva rollercoaster.
  • Urgh, no thanks.

    This one isn't one that I liked too much, Season 5 really is off to a terrible start, except of course for Scott Tenorman Must Die. I don't think I really like Terrance and Phillip much, because the episodes that they are in usually rate poorly. This one would be included in that bracket, because I thought it was not very funny and stupid in the most parts, it was watchable, but barely. The Earth Day people annoyed the hell out of me. There isn't anything else to say about this episode really ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
  • You dont mess with Earth Day people.

    In this episode everyones favorite farting Canadians Terrance and Philip are renuited by the boys. We also see how insane Earth Day people are and why it is good that we Republicans are erradicating the earth, at least these people will go away. I enjoyed the "Behind the Blow" episode and I liked the little joke about how mad people got about the "Not without my Anus" episode when it was scheduled during a "more popular show". This was just an average episode but I enjoyed.
  • Terrance and Phillip break up and the kids try to get them back together.

    I guess I\'m a faithful South Park watcher, but I must say that every episode (with the exception of the Terrance and Philip movie trailer) is awful. Matt & Trey said that this was their least favorite in the run. All they do is laugh about fart jokes. I think that I might have to kill myself if they make another episode just for Terrance & Phillip. It was wrong enough with \"Not without my Anus,\" but at least this one had a B story with the Behind the Blow thing. This was the only episode I hadn\'t seen until recently. If you\'ve seen every episode other than this, don\'t waste your time. It is a waste of a half hour.
  • 70th Episode

    Honestly, if this was the first episode I’d ever seen, I would have been turned off the show for good because those Canadian farting entertainers make no sense though admittedly I don’t know the background of Terrance and Phillip.

    While the episode did have some entertaining lines from the crazed Earth Day people such as “nothing is more important than the environment. Not even your own lives!”, the episode isn’t very entertaining overall because the whole break-up plot was lame!

    A one or two second joke regarding Terrance and Phillip may be a little funny but dedicating a whole episode to the couple is a huge mistake by the show though I am curious as to how the boys saved T & P’s life though it may have been a way to get in.

    Overall, the episode is not enjoyable in the least and the only worthwhile parts of the episode are the crazy Earth Day people.
  • Worst epidoe ever.

    This episode creeps the bugs out of me. It just bothers me. Those Earth Day people are scary as poop! But, this is my least favorite episode. You know, what really scared me was the people cutting off Kenny\\\\\\\'s limbs. It was, like, horrible. I know Kenny dies in every episode, but I mean come on! I didn\\\\\\\'t like this episode one bit and I hope to never see this episode again. I mean, I\\\\\\\'ve seen things on TV similar to the Earth Day people, but nothing creeped me out as much as them. \\\\\\\"You love the Earth, don\\\\\\\'t you?\\\\\\\" Scary as hell.
  • Will Terrance and Phillip reunite after they've feuded and broken up? Read my review, then watch the episode, and find out.

    The boys get their favorite comedians Terrance and Phillip to perform for the South Park Earth Day 2001 festival. Unfortunately, they find out they've broken up. So they go to desperations to get the pair back together, despite ridicule from the organizers of the Earth day 2001.

    This is a very funny episode, again, from pretty much the last good season of South park. The "Behind the Blow" TV series, meant as a parody of the VH1 TV series "Behind the Music", was cool. You get to find out the history of Terrance and Phillip, guaranteed to make you laugh. This episode is really worth your time, so check it out!
  • Not the best of Season 5

    I like many episodes in Season 5, (Its my favourite season) but this one is definately not up there with the best.

    Any episode that involves Terrence and Phillip I really don't seem to like. I guess initially I found their faces and the way they talked pretty funny, but that kind of gag is running extremely thin for me.

    The two of them fall out in this episode and its up to the boys to get them back together. Terrence and Phillips relationship in this episode is treated like a marriage so I can fully understand why they would want to go their seperate ways to avoid that at all costs.

    I think this is one of the worst South Park episodes there is and i am not disrespecting south park because it is one of my favorite shows on tv.
    This episode is just so retarded it has no funny parts in it and i dont like it they need to make more episodes like "Scott Tenerman Must Die" that is a good episode this one is Stupid.

    Joey is super cool. I hate Kyle
  • this was a pefect episode

    This is a wondeful episode I have the DVD that has it so I watch it every day I have seen it so many times I like the Terrance and Philip episodes and this episode makes a refrance to a time called earth day that I think is important it is a day when you relly pay attention to what we do to the earth so I think that day is important not dumb