South Park

Season 5 Episode 5

Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 18, 2001 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Terrence: You know who wrote all the Terrance and Phillip stuff? ME! Phillip never did anything but read his lines!

      This is a stab at rumors that Matt Stone didn't do anything but voice a few characters on the show. That rumor started when Trey Parker was shown to be the main writer of some of the episodes, not Matt and Trey together.

    • Terrance and Phillip's full names are revealed to be Terrance Henry Stoot and Phillip Niles Argyle.

    • This is the last episode where Kenny lives before his "real" death.

    • Although Kenny gets his arms and legs cut off, there is no proof or mention of him dying.

    • Phillip's "Hamlet" is, aside from the addition of 'buddies', correct word for word.

    • The narrator for "Terrance and Phillip, Behind the Blow" stated that over 8 million people were killed during the war that took place in "South Park: The Bigger, Longer and Uncut," and although that might be true, everyone came back to life at the end of the war.

    • At one point Clyde tells the earth guy man that his dad is a geologist. Isn't Randy, Stan's dad the only geologist in town? The "Spontaneous Combustion" episode backs this up as Randy is singled out as the only scientific mind in town.

    • If they wrote down the number to get tickets why did Kyle have to wait in line?

  • Quotes

    • Terrance: You know, we've learned something today. When you've been through a lot with someone, you can't let trite things come between you.
      Phillip: That's right, Terrance. You should only let trite things come between your ass cheeks. (they both fart and laugh)

    • (The birth of Terrance and Phillip's famous act)
      Narrator: At the tender age of six, Terrance and Phillip were off to the United States to perform on the Ed Sullivan Show, where American audiences would be exposed to Canadians for the first time.
      Ed Sullivan: And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have two adorable little boys from Canada. Please put your hands together for the music of young Terrance and Phillip.
      Terrance and Phillip: Beef and lamb, chicken and ham, step to the left and clap your hands. Gosh we love that chicken and ham. Don't let it go to waste, chicken and ham.
      (Clapping sound)
      Woman in audience: Oh my God! What's wrong with their heads?!
      Man in audience: It's alright, darling. They're just Canadian.
      Woman in audience: Oh.
      Terrance and Phillip: Beef and lamb, chicken and ham, step to the left and clap your hands. Got a little left, chicken and ham. Don't let it go to waste, chicken and ham.
      (The audience barely applauds)
      Narrator: The Canadian act confused American audiences. But then something happened that would change Terrance and Phillip's act forever.
      (Phillip farts, which causes Ed and the audience to laugh and applaud loudly.)
      (Terrance also farts, which causes the audience to laugh even louder.)
      Narrator: It was the birth of Canadian comedy.

    • Full lyrics to the song Terrance and Phillip sing, as used on the closing credits:
      Beef and lamb, chicken and ham,
      Step to the left and clap your hands.
      Gosh we love that chicken and ham.
      Don't let it go to waste, chicken and ham.
      clapping sound
      Beef and lamb, chicken and ham,
      Step to the left and clap your hands.
      Got a little left, chicken and ham.
      Don't let it go to waste, chicken and ham.
      Beef and lamb, chicken and ham,
      Step to the left and clap your hands.
      Gosh we love that chicken and ham.
      Don't let it go to waste, chicken and ham.

    • Cartman: Oh boy Kyle, you just made a huge withdraw at the First Bank of Lies.

    • (While the boys are at the play in Toronto)
      Stan: Jesus tap-dancing Christ, is this thing ever gonna end!?!

    • Kyle: But we promised the Earth Day people you'd perform!
      Terrance: Well in that case, I'd say you four boys are up fart-creek without a paddle.

    • Stan: We snuck into that woman's spandex to get in here.

    • (When Cartman jumps out of the fat lady's pants)
      Cartman: Man, it smells down there!
      Terrance: Jesus Christ, that was fast! Well what should we name it? How about Jerry?
      (Stan, Kyle, and Kenny jump out of her pants as well)
      Fat lady: What the hell!?!
      Terrance: Oh wow! We had quadruplets!

    • Fat Lady: Hi Terrance! I'm such a huge fan!
      Terrance: You're a huge fan alright!

    • Dorky kid in line: Are you guys official presidents too?
      Cartman: Don't talk to us kid.

    • (Upon seeing the long line with the dorky boy at the end)
      Cartman: Aw dude! Gay!

    • Stan: Some thing very terrible has happened in the world of Terrance and Phillip!

    • Cartman: Where the hell's Phillip?

    • Kyle: Dude, Terrance got really fat.
      Stan: Yea, he looks terrible.

    • Earth Day person: I'm warning you. You better not promise things to Earth Day people that you cannot deliver. Earth Day people can be…very unforgiving.

    • Stan: The four of us can't help tomorrow night.
      Earth Day person: (angrily) You……What?

    • Ms.Choksondick: I'm pleased to announce that the National Earth Day Organization has chosen South Park as its location for the Earth Day Brainwashing Festival!

    • TV Announcer: See Terrance and Phillip live and in person!
      Stan: What's this?

    • TV show commentator: And so in her career filled with lies, back-stabbing, and whoring herself for money, she learned that the price of fame can be pleasing 65 year-old men in a dark dirty alley.

    • Earth Day Person: Nothing is more important than the environment, boys. Not even your lives!

    • Phillip: I'm looking for a mechanic. Can you tell me how to get to the auto garage?
      Terrance: Sure, buddy! All you need to do is go down to the - (he farts loudly so nobody could hear what he is saying) - and that's how you get to the auto garage!
      Phillip: Can you tell me how to get to the auto garage without farting?
      Terrance: Sure. You go the same way except stick your finger up your ass.
      Phillip: No, no, no! I mean, could you tell me the directions again without you farting?
      Terrance: Ooh! Sure! Just stick your finger up my ass.
      Phillip: Alright, no problem, buddy. (sticks finger up his ass) Now, tell me, how do I get to the auto garage to see a mechanic?
      Terrance: You're at the auto garage. I am the mechanic.
      Phillip: Why the heck didn't you tell me you were the mechanic?
      Stan: (watching it on TV) Because I had an itch up my ass.
      Terrance: Because I had an itch up my ass.

    • Phillip: Why don't you go eat some more pudding, you fatass drug addict!
      Terrance: I may be fat but at least I didn't get hair plugs!

    • Kyle: Hey! Look at that line! It's way shorter.
      Stan: I don't think we're female groupies or random sluts.
      Cartman: Kenny's a random slut.

    • Cartman: Look, if you don't come and do the show, I'll make you eat your parents.
      Phillip: Yeah, whatever, kid.
      Stan: He'll do it, dude.

    • Earth Day Person: (waves hands) You don't care about Terrance and Phillip. Nothing matters more than saving the planet from Republicans. You don't need to see Terrance and Phillip.
      Stan: No, dude, we really, really do.
      Earth Day Person: (to woman) Their will is strong.

    • Earth Day Person: And Terrance and Phillip are more important than Mother Earth?
      Cartman: Well yeah, dude.

    • Earth Day Person: (waves hand) Global warming is going to kill us all. The Republicans are responsible.

  • Notes

    • During the documentary, notice when Terrance and Phillip are kids, the T & P initials on their shirts are lower case.

    • The "Behind The Blow" portion of this episode contained actual South Park information about "Not Without My Anus" and "Asses Of Fire"

    • This is the the first episode that ever featured clips from the South Park feature film.

  • Allusions

    • In-Joke:

      When Phillip refuses to show up on Earth Day with Terrance, Cartman threatens he will make him eat his parents – an allusion to "Scott Tenorman Must Die."

    • In-Joke:

      This is a reference to incidents happened after Not Without My Anus, which is a controversary South Park episode, but unlike others this is disliked because it was aired instead of Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut where Cartman's father was going to be revealed, as an April's Fools joke. Apparently some people were too eager to find out who is Cartman's father, they went mad and placed calls to Comedy Central.

    • Monty Python:

      Terrance and Philip doing a live act (apparently after the end of TV show) and repeating famous sketches is a reference to Monty Python, who did several live performances. But Parker and Stone have a great respect for Monty Python.

    • Star Wars:

      The Earth Day chairman waving his hands and leading the kids to believe the Republicans are responsible for the environment is a reference to the Jedi Mind-Trick in the Star Wars trilogy.

    • Abbot & Costello:

      Phillip: Say Terrance, can you tell me who farted?

      Terrance and Phillip's famous skit is a parody of Abbott & Costello's classic baseball skit, "Who's on First?" where the players on the team have the names Who, What, I Don't Know, Why, and so on.

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