South Park

Season 2 Episode 1

Terrance & Phillip in "Not Without My Anus"

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 1998 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The announcers are about to tell us who Cartman's father is but for an April Fool's joke, they are showing us the Terrance and Phillip (T&P) movie "Not Without My Anus", which was commercialized in the previous episode.
Scott hates T&P because they use fart jokes to be funny, which he hates because they are the lowest form of comedy (to him). He tries to get Terrance arrested by using false evidence, but Terrance is proclaimed innocent. Scott vows to make the two of them pay. T&P then go home to have Kraft Dinner. Meanwhile, Scott gets a call from Saddam Hussein who wants to make a deal: He will get rid of T&P if Scott gets him into Canada. He agrees.
Outside their home, T&P convince their friend Ugly Bob to keep a paper bag on his head. Inside, Terrance gets a letter saying that his daughter Sally is being held captive in Iran. T&P decide to go rescue her. They go tell her mother, Celine Deon, where she is and the two of them quickly rescue her from Iran. When they get back to Canada, Terrance wants to ask Celine to marry him. Pictures of Saddam are now all around the country. At Celine's house, she was with Bob. She finds out he is ugly, but she is pregnant with his child. Elsewhere, Scott and American soldiers are worried about that Saddam is taking over Canada but he just says to relax (he wants to take over the world). Scott is angry that Saddam did not hold up the bargain because T&P are alive but Saddam doesn't care and orders him out.
Scott calls T&P and tells him that it is their fault about Saddam is in the country and gives them instructions to meet him. At Celine's house, Saddam shows up saying he can make Bob not ugly if he can get into the Canadian football game and have Celine sing the Iranian national anthem. Scott meets T&P and gives them a bomb to strap onto. It will kill them along with the Iranians. This will happen at the game. Phillip thinks of a plan and calls up all the Canadians they know. At the game, Saddam proclaims he is ruler. Just when Celine is about to sing the anthem, all the Canadians put on gas masks and fart. Saddam is knocked unconscious. Then Saddam is torn apart and killed. Scott is disappointed that T&P are not killed and all the Canadians end the movie by singing "O Canada."
The announcers reassure us that Cartman's father will be reveled the next episode…
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