South Park

Season 2 Episode 1

Terrance & Phillip in "Not Without My Anus"

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 1998 on Comedy Central

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  • too underrated

    i still dont know why some people are so pissed about this april folls joke that happened over 15 years ago it's a great epiaode
  • Would have Loved A Spin Off

    Terrance & Phillip in "Not Without My Anus" is so very funny. I can see why people might hate it, its not south park for one and then there is the having to wait for the Cartman's father conclusion. But if you filter away the frustration you may have as Not Without My Anus starts you will be in for a treat. The episode plays very well with Terrance and Phillip being delightfully dim-witted. The story is larger then any that south park had played with before and we get the first appearance of Saddam Hussein. Not Without My Anus is the first departure episode for South Park and is pulled of thanks to some great jokes.
  • I could not get into this episode.

    When first finding out this episode was a prank, I knew I wasn't going to like watching the episode. Hardly anyone I know enjoy's this episode. In polls by Comedy Central, this episode an also 'Pip' was not included. The main reson why is that the episode is not even linked (I mean in character) in anyway to South Park. The same is for 'A Million Little Fibers' Even the network did not like the episode. That is why they had to make 'Cartman's Mum Is Still A Dirty Slut' so quickly. So in conclusion, avoid this and the others of it's kind.
  • poor

    I understood this episode; it was a prank by the writers. I get that. Everyone was all excited to see who was Cartman's father and instead they show this unrelated episode. I get it. It's just it bored me. A lot. None of it was interesting, and the only laugh I got was when one of them said "So find him innocent, or he'll kill you." And that itself was not even that funny. Like I said, I get the fact that this was a joke, and I can certainly handle a joke. It's just that this episode, as a whole, did not make me laugh and the whole episode bored me. Terrance and Philip try to stop Saddam from taking over Canada. I don't know. Not my cup of tea. Easily one of the worst episodes of the series, for me anyway.
  • Frustrating but this right here is simply one of the most under rated South Park episode...ever.

    I remember the first time I was this episode, I was so pissed off and frustrated. The whole april fool stuff really got on my nerves and I hated the episode. But now after re- watch, I can say that this episode is hugely under rated, it`s funny, it`s actually hilarious.
    Finally, I think the April fool joke is a genius strike of Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Terrence and Phillip are so funny in this episode. I laughed out so loud at almost every of their scenes. Even the plot with Celin Dion, Sadam, Scott great. I can`t believe I did not like this in the first place. I think everybody who did not like it should give it a second try. I`m sure Matt and Trey never regretted this one, and they are right!
  • a pretty lame episode of south park.

    to sum this episode up in one word-STUPID!!!. this episode is a 20-min adventure with terrance and phillip. the plot goes like this, teerance and phillip are accused of murder by a guy called scott but the jury find terrance innocent. Then saddam hussain contacts scott and says if he smuggles him into canada he'll dispose of scott. Scott tells T & P that terrances daughter has been kidnapped and is in iran. they get the kid and on the flight back saddam is on it. he doesnt kill T & P and invasdes canada turning it into his own country so T & P have to save the day. the plot is quite good i guess but the comedy is just fart jokes and whilst its funny on a 1 minute clip in south park they don't deserve a full episode.
  • well all in all the episode was very mediocre at best. I might just be holding my standards a little to high but it is south park.

    well i found this episode to be funny only because it was an april fools joke. The writing of the plot was not up to par, and everything about the episode lacked greatly. It would have been better if the rest of the crew were incorporated some how in the plot. I watch south park not Terrance and Phillip. The fart jokes can be funny, but a whole episode it does get incredibly old. I was pretty happy when i saw saddam\\\'s face though. It is always great to poke fun at the world leaders of today. Well maybe like 3 years ago, but close enough.
  • "Say, Terrance, let's look for treasure!"

    An April Fools joke from the creators of South Park...This is the Terrance & Philip "TV movie" that was aired in place of the sequel of Cartman's Mom is still a Dirty Slut episode. In this episode, Terrance and Philip must save Canada from Saddam Hussein.

    This was still one of the best episodes from season 2. This episode has clever jokes and witty humor. Ugly Bob, Celine Dion and everything. This is also the first parody of Saddam Hussein.

    This has also different animation style. All the canadians have floppy heads, and they have square-shaped wheels for cars. A great Canada parody!
  • April Fools!

    This episode seems intentionally made to disappoint the fans of South Park, and it still stands as one of the show’s most unpopular episodes. However, I find that it ages quite well—certainly better than the episode we had expected to see in its place. Terrance and Phillip are hysterical, and the supporting role of Ugly Bob is equally amusing. After all this time, this episode has managed to become a favorite of mine, and the fact that it’s the only Terrance & Phillip episode devoted entirely to these two characters makes it worth any fan’s while.
  • Enjoyable, but not that great.

    This was the first episode in the series to not feature the boys at all and I didn't like it that much. It consisted mainly of farts, which are funny, to an extent. The storyline made little sense, but I suppose that is to be expected of South Park. I would not recommend this to anyone who is interested in getting into the show. One of the funniest things about this episode was Ugly Bob. He looked exactly the same as other Canadians, but they all made fun his hideous, terrible looks and forced him to put a paper bag over his head.
  • FooWarning: Contains spoilers.

    South Park replaced part two of the Cartman's mother is a dirty slut for this. Although, some hate this episode completely, I do have some hatred for this episode but I enjoyed it. It's clever and funny. Although, it's not hilarious, I didn't miss at all the old South Park characters. We needed something different, and we got it. Hey, at least it's not the "Pip" episode that will air sooner.

    Saddam wants to take over Canada, and Scot wants to have Terrance and Phillip dead. So, they both team up. In the end, Scott wants Saddam dead with Terrance and Phillip with him. Terrance and Phillip gets a better idea. Bomb the place Saddam will be in with farts!

    This episode was awesome, and I enjoyed it. Entertaining at least.
  • geez people cant you take a joke ???????

    now, i don't know about you but i thought this as genius thing to do. the plot is good and the humor is better. but one thing i don't understand is why people hate it? whyjust because they expected to see "cartman's mom is still a dirty slut" instead! that is no reason to hate an episode. i personally thought that was the best thing trey and matt did. terrence and phillip in : without my anus left people wanting more and made sure they stayed in tune with south park. besides it was april fools day. the only reason i gave it an 8.7 is because i don't really like terrance and phillip butthis episdoe rocked!
  • Funny, but... eh.

    This episode would have only gotten a 7.5 from me if it weren't for Catman's struggling to breathe while running back and forth from house to house... oh yea, and I hate Russell Crowe, so that was a plus for the episode too. In this installment, we watch the boys strive as hard as they can to watch Russell Crowe's TV show "Fighting 'round the World" but not because they like the show... on the contrary. No, they're watching it because a preview for their favorite TV show turned movie is going to be aired during the show at some point. Because of different problems they encounter they are forced to run back and forth between locations to find a TV to watch. All in all, not a terribly good episode, but again... if not for Cartman, and my hatred for Russell Crowe this would have easily been a 7/7.5 at best.
  • Terrence & Philip In Not Without My Anus

    This special and rather dark episode really suits the South Park Terrence & Philip atmosphere. Not Without My Anus is a really great episode, never mind the crappy Celine Dion parody... I really enjoy watching T & P in their amazing escapades and piss-take adventures. Ugly Bob is a great character (But he is still hideous) and I really find it revealing and wicked that there is really a daughter that T or P (I don't remember) owns himself.
    This one-off special really is great... even if it was a foolish trick on April Fool's day!

    ;D One of the better episodes.
  • This is the best episode of south park.

    Terrance and Phillip in Not without my anus is by far my favorit episode of south park and i have seen every episode. Even Trey Parker and Matt stone say it is thier favorit episode. The reason it is my favorite episode is because, I always thought that Terrance and Phillip were great characters and they didn't get enoughth cameos(and they still dont)so when I heard there was a all Terrance and Phillip episode I was really happy. There was only one small problom with this episode. Saddam Hussien is in it. Saddam Hussien is my least favorit character in south park. But other than that it was a great episode.
  • Um, they pushed back part 2 for this crap?

    I must say, this was a very poor way to start season 2. They should have made Part 2 has the opener of season 2 instead.

    I obviously hate this episode. It had no humor at all, it was like written by 3 year olds. Jeez, a episode without humour. How much crap is that?

    Now, the plot is clever. However, due of being dull and boring. The plot made the story useless afterwards. They had a good idea, they just made it a bit retarded for a plot-wise episode.

    This episode must not be seen again. I hated this episode, I hate it. I recommend nobody watches it, its not worth your time and this is from a die-hard South park fan.
  • Best Episode All The Rest Are Bad

    The announcers are about to tell us who Cartman's father is but as an April Fool's joke, they are showing us the Terrance and Phillip (T&P) movie "Not Without My Anus", which was commercialized in the previous episode.

    Scott hates T&P because they use fart jokes to be funny, which he hates because they are the lowest form of comedy (to him). He tries to get Terrance arrested by using false evidence, but Terrance is proclaimed innocent. Scott vows to make the two of them pay. T&P then go home to have Kraft Dinner. Meanwhile, Scott gets a call from Saddam Hussein who wants to make a deal: He will get rid of T&P if Scott gets him into Canada. He agrees.

    Outside their home, T&P convince their friend Ugly Bob to keep a paper bag on his head. Inside, Terrance gets a letter saying that his daughter Sally is being held captive in Iran. T&P decide to go rescue her. They go tell her mother, Celine Deon, where she is and the two of them quickly rescue her from Iran. When they get back to Canada, Terrance wants to ask Celine to marry him. Pictures of Saddam are now all around the country. At Celine's house, she was with Bob. She finds out he is ugly, but she is pregnant with his child. Elsewhere, Scott and American soldiers are worried about that Saddam is taking over Canada but he just says to relax (he wants to take over the world). Scott is angry that Saddam did not hold up the bargain because T&P are alive but Saddam doesn't care and orders him out.

    Scott calls T&P and tells him that it is their fault about Saddam is in the country and gives them instructions to meet him. At Celine's house, Saddam shows up saying he can make Bob not ugly if he can get into the Canadian football game and have Celine sing the Iranian national anthem. Scott meets T&P and gives them a bomb to strap onto. It will kill them along with the Iranians. This will happen at the game. Phillip thinks of a plan and calls up all the Canadians they know. At the game, Saddam proclaims he is ruler. Just when Celine is about to sing the anthem, all the Canadians put on gas masks and fart. Saddam is knocked unconscious. Then Saddam is torn apart and killed. Scott is disappointed that T&P are not killed and all the Canadians end the movie by singing "O Canada."

    The announcers reassure us that Cartman's father will be reveled the next episode…
  • One of the most underrated episodes of the series.

    This is one of those episodes that a lot people dismissed because they just wanted to know who Cartman's father is. Well, now that we all know, we can kick back and enjoy this episode for what it is.

    First of all, the April Fool's Day prank was brilliant.

    Second of all, the episode itself is brilliant.

    Take a look at the writing. Even though Terrance and Phillip is a show about two people farting on each other, this episode has some of the best writing that I've seen in South Park. T & P's banter is priceless: Terrance: Wow! Scott really hates us, Phillip.
    Phillip: Yes, perhaps he's homophobic.
    (Terrance thinks)
    Terrance: But we're not gay, Phillip.
    Phillip: We're not? Ugly Bob is hilarious. And Scott. Well, Scott's a dick. But hilariously so: "Terrance and Phillip, you two are the most annoying dicks in Canada. I wish you both had cancer, in the head."

    My highest praise for this episode.
  • Aprils Fools Joke. Episode was shown instead of the long awaited \"Cartman\'s Mom is Still a Dirty Slut.\"

    Well, this episode was in all fairness not bad. I was only 9 at the time of this episode\'s first airing, therefore I would not have been angry about the whole joke. I\'m trying to be unbiased when I say that the episode was pretty funny. I can understand why people were pist off when thsi episode came on instead of finding out who Eric Cartman\'s father is finally. Trey and Matt must have found it helarious. The whole tihng is a Terrance and Phillip show and Terrance\'s daughter is abducted by people in Iran and he must go there to get her back. It\'s pretty good I think.
  • A whole episode with only Terrance and Phillip. Will Cartmans father be revealed at the end of this episode?

    Scott hates Terrance and Phillip. He makes plans with Saddam to kill T&P, if Saddam is allowed into Canada. T&P go to Iraq to find Terrances kidnapped daughter. They do as soon as they get there. Saddam doesn't keep his promised to kill T&P, so Scott quickly puts the blam for Saddams new ruleing over Canada on them. Scott wants T&P to sacrifice themselves with a bomb to kill Saddam, but they have other plans. They get everyone in town to bring gas masks to a nation anthum thingy. As everyone puts on their masks except Saddam, they all fart. The fumes kill Saddam. T&P are heros, and Scott is still mad at them. No, Cartmans father is revealed. You have to wait three more weeks (not really since it's on DVD now, but you would have.)
  • Terrance and Phillip must save Canada from Saddam Hussein who gets in with help from Scott.

    I don't understand people who didn't find this episode funny. Perhaps they are angry over not getting to find out who Cartman's father is. Honestly, if an episode was set to air on April 1st and it's South Park, it'd be obvious Matt and Trey would probably pull something... Hah..

    Anyway, I thought this episode was hilarious. Sure it may be lots of fart jokes, but it's funny because it has two funny looking Canadians who are thrilled every time they fart and all the other Canadians are thrilled by it too. Saddam Hussein was also funny because of his Canadian head and "Heeeyy relax guy! You need a break!" and that stupid looking smile of his.

    I thought this episode was great. Terrance and Phillip talk about Kraft dinner and they search for treasure, and the mini ten second songs fit the episode well. This is very well my favorite episode from the second season, because it's all aboot how retarded Terrance and Phillip can get, and their silly little antics.

    Ugly Bob taking of his paper bag and Saddam Hussein and his minions screaming was funny. Wow guy, I'm sorry!
  • Very funny show but wished South Park was on!

    This was an April Fools joke as South Park put
    This on and that it upset many fans of the
    Show but at least they showed a pretty good one of
    Terrance and Philip though they aren't my favorite characters on the show
    As Terrance must learn to get his daughter back from Saddam and the terrorists!
    Too much far jokes here!
  • Episode 14, and now I'll write my reviews for Season 2!

    Terrance and Phillip are one of my top favorite characters from the show. This episode is shown after Part 1 of Cartman's mom is a dirty--you know. But this is one of my favorite episodes from the second season. I know it doesn't show the answer to the cliffhanger but please enjoy this episode, it really great. Good job Matt and Trey on the "April Fools" joke. :)
  • 14th Episode

    Dedicating a whole show to Terrance and Phillip was a huge mistake by Matt and Trey as fart jokes get old fast as did the funny at first Ugly Bob jokes.

    An even bigger mistake to huge fans of the show (I'm only just getting into it) was airing it instead of the conclusion to the Eric's father cliffhanger, which must have angered fans across the world, especially in those countries that didn't air the episode on April 1, thus defeating the whole joke.

    Overall, Terrance and Phillip seem okay but when you see a whole episode dedicated to them and no other characters, you'll realise just how annoying they can get.
  • A great break from form which gets funnier the more you see it.

    The South Park Movie is one of those mint films that just gets funnier and funnier and I think that is also true of "Not Without My Anus". The first time I saw it I found it incredibly mediocre. Maybe with age my sense of humour is going downhill :P but the more I watch this episode the funnier I find it.

    Ugly Bob, the search for treasure and the wonderful villain of the piece Scott are highlights for me but in general the pure silliness of this episode makes it a unique gem of an episode.

    And of course the icing on the cake is how angry it made everyone (including myself) by postponing the revealing and much anticipated "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut".
  • This is one of the greatest episodes of all time!

    I understand that a lot of people were really pissed off because of this episode but I don't really think that you should take it that seriously. It was a good April fools joke and more importantly, a good episode. It had a very good plot and Terrance and Phillip were the main characters this time! It was also unique because this had absolutely nothing to do with the four boys like it usually does. There were different characters like Celine Dion and Ugly Bob, and characters that appear in later episodes such as Scott and Saddam Hussein. I especially liked the end when everyone was singing O Canada before the closing credits. Overall, this was a good episode even if a lot of people hated it.
  • Terrance tries to find his kidnapped daughter in Iraq and meanwhile Saddam and Scott the dick try to stop them from coming back.

    The episode itself is terrible, yet the prank that Trey and Matt pulled with this episode is funny. They obviously made this episode's jokes terrible on purpose to piss the people off even more. Had I been watching south park in 1998 and around the time when the prank was pulled, I'd have probably been angry.
  • One of my personal favorites

    This was one of my favorite episodes ever. Constant fart jokes was a high point. The way Saddam died was another great moment. These are some of the reasons i watch this show: constant and random hilarious moments. Where do Stone and Parker come up with these ideas?!? They are Geniuses!!!
  • Who says fart jokes aren't funny? Matt and Trey pull a fast one on the viewers

    This episode is one of my favorites, despite not having the main characters in it. Simply outrageous situations compounded with continious farting. What more can you ask for? The line "let's look for treasure!" has me cracking up everytime. I guess I was one of the few, who wasn't outraged by the airing of this episode, rather than the revealing of Cartman's father. Some people can't take a joke, I guess.
  • Pretty Silly really!

    After the massive let down of not finding out who Cartman's father was I found it really hard to get into this episode.

    I thought the Ugly Bob jokes were great, but the involvement of Saddam Hussain was a bit ridiculous.

    Even though Terrence and Phillip do have their moments, its nothing compared to the South Park boys. So unfortunately I was very bored by this episode.
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