South Park

Season 6 Episode 17

The Biggest Douche in the Universe

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 27, 2002 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Cartman is rushed to the hospital, it appears as though his possession by Kenny is putting him in a bad way, but all the doctor can say is that he is "running out of time." Stan and Kyle go to Chef to find out whether they should care about Cartman's health. They bring Chef up to speed on Cartman drinking Kenny's ashes and his subsequently being possessed by Kenny's soul. Chef accompanies the two boys to the hospital, where Chef recommends that they take Cartman to a medium to find out how they might extract Kenny's soul. The medium Chef wants to see is in New York, John Edward, the television psychic. Cartman, his mother, Chef, Stan and Kyle fly to New York; on board the plane they are treated to a preview for a new Rob Schneider movie: ROB SCHNEIDER IS "THE STAPLER." At John Edward's show, the boys get Edward's attention, but his "reading" of Cartman is brief and offers them no advice. Although Kyle gets spooked when Edwards mentions that his dead grandmother knows he isn't doing what she asked him to do; he tells Kyle to look for four white doves. Chef is discouraged at the results of the television show and decides that they need to take Cartman to see his parent's in Scotland. Cartman, his mother and Chef will go to Scotland, while Stan and Kyle are to go back home to South Park. Stan and Kyle are going to go to their plane, when Kyle sees a poster for Jewleeard, a private school for young Jews. The poster features 4 white birds on it, so Kyle is convinced that this is where he needs to be to fulfill his grandmother's wishes. Skeptical Stan tries to talk him out of it, to no avail. Stan goes to the home of John Edward, to see if he can get Edward to tell Kyle that it was a trick and it was just for fun. Edward believes that what he does helps people; Stan believes tells Edward that he is a stupid douche. When Edward runs away from Stan, he takes it to the next level and nominates Edward for the Biggest Douche in the Universe award. Stan finds some of Edward's books on how to do psychic readings and takes them with him as he leaves.

On the long flight to Scotland, Cartman, his mother and Chef are treated to another Rob Schneider movie, this one is for: ROB SCHNEIDER IS "A CARROT." Stan tells Kyle of his visit to John Edward and what a douche he is. When John Edward's name is mentioned, a crowd spouting the incredible things John Edward has done begins forming around Stan. Stan tries to show them how Edward's trick is done, but the only thing that happens as a result of this demonstration is Stan gets his own "talking to the dead" show. In Scotland, Chef's parents meet the Cartman and his mother. Chef's father identifies that there is indeed another children in there. Chef's mother puts on her ceremonial garments and begins a ritual that will let Kenny's soul go free. Meanwhile, back in the US, Stan's psychic reading show "The Other Side" premieres. Stan tries to tell his audience that it is all a trick, but they just won't believe him, they thoroughly believe that he is psychic. In Scotland, Kenny's spirit is about to break free from Cartman, when the potatoes are ready and Chef's parents found out that they didn't bring a victim child with them, the one who will receive Kenny's spirit. Kenny's spirit breaks free and has nowhere to go as it flies about the room.

Another Rob Schneider trailer is seen, this one is for: DA DERP DEE DERP DA TEETLEY DERPEE DERPEE DUMB STARRING ROB SCHNEIDER. At the Jeweelard School Stan continues to try to convince Kyle about John Edward's trickery. Kyle says Stan is just jealous because Edward is a better psychic than he is. Stan gives up, but as he is leaving he encounters John Edward. Stan continues to call him a douche and John Edward responds by challenging Stan to a psychic showdown, which Stan accepts. Meantime, in Scotland, Chef's mother tries to offer Kenny's soul $3.50 to fly out the window. Kenny's spirit finds a new home in the pot roast that Chef's mother was preparing. They wrap the pot roast up for a return trip to Colorado and Cartman appears to be feeling better. The psychic showdown is about to begin, when Stan tells the audience that he's learned something today, he realizes why they need to believe in John Edward, but he feels that they need to recognize that what John Edward does is a magic trick, and that was is really going on in the world "is much more amazing than this douche." The audience applauds Stan, and Kyle finally sees the light. Stan tells John Edward to get over himself, when Edward claims that he is someone special. The ceiling of the TV studio breaks open and an alien space ship lands on the stage. Five aliens emerge from the ship looking for John Edward. They want to take him back into space, where he has been nominated for award of "Biggest Douche in the Universe." Back at Denver's airport, Chef and the Cartmans realize that they've left the pot roast with Kenny's soul in baggage claim, but they are too late to retrieve it when we find out that: ROB SCHNEIDER IS "KENNY." Out in deep space, John Edward wins the award.

Kenny dies while he was trapped in Rob Schneider's body. He was being chased in the commercial for the Kenny movie and died while having his head pierced through a flagpole.