South Park

Season 6 Episode 17

The Biggest Douche in the Universe

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 27, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • Da Derp Dee Derp Da Teetley Derpee Derpee Dumb!

    In this episode, Kennys soul is making Cartmans "Time" run out. And Stan becomes a Psychic because John Edwards is a douche, also Chefs parents try to channel Kennys soul from Cartmans body. And John Edwards wins the "biggest douche in the unoverse award" beating, a retarded robot, an alien and literaly: a giant douche. One of the best episodes ever of South Park.
  • This is just plain brilliance

    When I was younger, Southpark didn\'t do anything for me. I thought it was dumb, obscene and crude. Today I know better. Since german television makes this show unwatchable due to crappy dubbing which kills about every ounce of charme Stone and Parker put into the characters, I got to watch the Episodes on DVD, or on the internet. But Southpark is a show, I happily spend my money on. And \"The biggest Douche in the Universe\" is a perfect example. Not only is the main plot dead funny and the spoiled child like behaviour of Edwards hilarious, but the third Rob Shneider movie trailer is maybe the most funny thing I have seen on TV, ever! The first few times I watched the trailer I almost blew chunks from laughter, and then I got to realize, what fine craftsmanship of comedy these 20 seconds of animation is. While the \"A Stapler\" and \"A Carrot\" trailer are both silly funny, the kind of comedy which you can get from shows like \"Saturday Night Live\" or \"Mad TV\", the idea of not even use proper words to advertise for the new Schneider vehicle is just over-the-top original and I salute to Parker and Stone for this. Thank you guys.
  • Amazing episode. One of my top 5 all time.

    I love this episode. It is hellarious how John Edward keeps on dodging Stan\\\'s questions and insisting that he really is a psychic. What is even funnier is how Stan keeps calling John Edward a douche. The ending is mayeb the funniest I have ever seen on South Park. The fact that he is a nominee for \\\"Biggest Douche in the Universe\\\" is just incredibly funny. The Rob Schneider previews are very funny as well. Matt and Trey clearly took a lot of time in making this episode. This is incredibly creative and it is just so funny and I can\\\'t wait until season 10 continues.
  • 94th Episode

    What does a stapler, a carrot and Kenny have in common? They are all upcoming characters possessing Rob Schneider in his latest movie! It's time for everyone to celebrate this derp-a-derp-a-derping good episode that has so many terrific moments involving the Biggest Douche In The Unverse (officially declared this episode)... John Edward.

    The obviously fake antics of this douche proves just how gullible audiences are, even believing Stan to be a psychic when he was proving how fake John Edward was.

    When the spaceship came down towards the end of the episode, I started to think that the episode would turn stupid but the twist that he was a nominee for Biggest Douche In the Universe was handled very well and I find this episode one of the best.

    John Edwards is the biggest douche in the universe. This episode is the greatest sp of all time! If you don't agree, you're a...fatt-butted pancake head. Douches! Chef's parents! Rob Schneider as a carrot! Do I have to spell it out for you? Are you an r-tard? This is the greatest south park ever and you totally agree with me. Yes you do! Don't give me that! Yes you do! so there!
  • Lackluster storyline, but funny satire of tanked Rob Schnieder movie and flop reality series.

    The story: Chef's parents work to get Kenny's soul out of Cartman's body after the boys leave John Edward's show after feeling that his show was a ripoff. Pretty lackluster. However, I like how the episode makes fun of the tanked talk show "John Edward" where he tries to talk to the dead, and Rob Schnieder's (sp?) tanked movie "The Animal". To make the transition from commercial breaks, a parody Schnieder ad appears. Overall I think this episode is good because of how they make fun of John Edward and Rob Schenider, but the overall story is lacking.
  • Rob Scheider is a stapler!

    I give this episode a ten just for the Rob Schneider sequences. Never mind the whole John Edward plotline; give us more "der!" If you have the DVD, make sure you listen to the commentary because Trey does the Rob Schneider gibberish the whole time...
    They are, of course, poking fun at the lame voiceovers that trailers like this use and that rhythm that they seem to have.
  • The boys go to see a psychic, and Cartman/Kenny is exorcised

    It's good to see someone going after John Edwards with as much of a bite as Matt and Trey do here. We're used to seeing the skeptics on TV (many of them jerks, which really doesn't help, guys), but Stan gets right to the heart of it: "You're not just lying, you're slowing down the progress of all mankind. You: douche."

    That having been said, let's get to the episode: damn. Cartman and Chef's parents really steal the show here, especially in the scenes in which Kenny is exorcised from Cartman's body. (My family is especially fond of making the exclamation "Oh Lord, don't let it get on the curtains!" in that wonderful Chef's-mom way.) Even Rob Schneider isn't safe, although I harbor the suspicion he'd be amused by the treatment he gets here. Hands-down this is one of the best episodes of the sixth season and a series favorite around the house.
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