South Park

Season 6 Episode 17

The Biggest Douche in the Universe

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 27, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • 94th Episode

    What does a stapler, a carrot and Kenny have in common? They are all upcoming characters possessing Rob Schneider in his latest movie! It's time for everyone to celebrate this derp-a-derp-a-derping good episode that has so many terrific moments involving the Biggest Douche In The Unverse (officially declared this episode)... John Edward.

    The obviously fake antics of this douche proves just how gullible audiences are, even believing Stan to be a psychic when he was proving how fake John Edward was.

    When the spaceship came down towards the end of the episode, I started to think that the episode would turn stupid but the twist that he was a nominee for Biggest Douche In the Universe was handled very well and I find this episode one of the best.
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